Why More Companies Are Putting Lego Bricks in the Office

By Skillme Up

This is the title of an interesting article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal (www.wsj.com/articles/why-more-companies-are-putting-lego-bricks-in-the-office-11661638344) some time ago, explaining why “Executives believe that bringing colorful brick toys helps with creativity, anxiety, and communication.

In recent years, businesses have shifted their approach to employee engagement, team building, and skill development through the use of “Serious Play”. So, after two decades and numerous workshops globally, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® seems to have finally achieved the recognition it deserves in terms of universal acceptance as an innovative and effective methodology.

Although using LEGO® bricks in business may seem unusual, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® fosters strategic thinking, idea generation, and effective communication.

It’s rooted in research showing that hands-on, minds-on learning enhances understanding, aligning with the complex adaptive system view of the world.

Since becoming certified in 2016, we been passionate about this methodology, trying to apply/integrate it in various contexts, including sales, which is my field of expertise, creating modules like “handling objections,” “value selling,” and “customer journey.”

This approach engages salespeople who may find traditional classroom settings uninspiring. Salespeople possess vast knowledge about markets, customers, products, and techniques, but often struggle to apply it effectively. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® bridges this gap by activating their creativity and problem-solving abilities, unlocking hidden treasures of insight and innovation.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® revolutionizes thinking processes, unveiling and reshaping ingrained beliefs and values to create a shared understanding.

It fosters creativity and innovation by providing a non-judgmental space for exploring new ideas. Through hands-on building, individuals visually represent abstract concepts, leading to breakthrough insights.

3D construction enables the simulation of real-world scenarios, clarifying strategies previously obscured. This experiential learning enhances problem-solving skills and confidence.

Beyond its practical benefits, LSP also impacts organizational culture, reinforcing core values and fostering unity. This shared experience leads to a more cohesive workplace culture, driving organizational success in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

IF YOU ARE MATURE ENOUGH TO PLAYjoin Skillmeup on Apr 26th for a free demo at the IACCSE office.

Enrollment is limited to a maximum of 12 participants, so secure your spot now!

In the meantime, if you want to learn more, please get in touch with me at rachele.skillmeup@gmail.com.

Omer USA Inc is looking for a Junior Service Specialist

Job Description

Omer USA Inc is currently seeking a highly organized and motivated Junior Service Specialist to join our team. This individual will play a key role in managing inland transportation, coordinating paperwork, and providing support to both our internal team and our valued customers. With a focus on efficiency and effective communication, the Junior Service Specialist will ensure smooth operations within the service department.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Inland Transport Management: Oversee the organization and management of inland transportation, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of goods and services.
  • Paperwork Organization: Handle all necessary paperwork related to service operations, including but not limited to transport documents, service reports, and customer communication.
  • Spare Parts Quotations and Offers: Prepare and provide quotations for spare parts, negotiate prices and terms with clients and keeping contact with main supplier in Italy, and manage the overall spare parts ordering process.
  • Customer Communications: Serve as the primary point of contact for customers, addressing inquiries, providing updates, and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the service process.
  • Technical Support Coordination: Manage incoming technical support calls, log details, create tickets in the CRM system, and assign tasks and calls to the technical team for resolution.
  • Inventory and Spare Parts Management: Oversee the inventory of spare parts, ensuring availability and timely restocking to meet service needs.
  • Warehouse Coordination: Coordinate with the warehouse team to ensure smooth operations, including the receipt, storage, and dispatch of goods.
  • Travel and Service Call Organization: Plan and organize travel arrangements and service calls for technical staff, ensuring efficient scheduling and resource allocation.

Required Skills & Experience

  • Minimum 2 years of customer service experience
  • Experience with Microsoft Office including Excel and Word and CRM System
  • Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Ability to change priorities quickly and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • A team player who works well with others.
  • Detail-oriented: Meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of work, from managing communications to organizing inventory.
  • Ability to travel domestically up to 25% of the time.

About Omer USA Inc.
OMER is the #1 solution in elevation!  OMER provides innovative, safe, and robust designs for light-duty vehicle lifts, heavy-duty vehicle lifts, and parking systems.  Our ALI Certified product portfolio includes one of the largest varieties of HD platform lifts, alignment racks, and scissor-style specialty lifts available in the North American market.

For more details and to apply for this job position, please email your resume to s.poli@omerlift.com  (please make sure to copy info@iacc-miami.com in the same email) 



RAK Porcelain USA (www.rakporcelain.com)

RAK Porcelain specializes in designing and supplying exquisite dinnerware, flatware, and glassware to over 165 countries within the hospitality industry. Headquartered in United Arab Emirates, we manufacture over 24 million pieces of tabletop annually, enabling us to raise the bar of quality and design.  We thrive to create trends, not follow them. We are setting the new standard in tabletop.

Steelite International (www.steelite.com)

Steelite International is the leading manufacturer & supplier of award-winning tabletop, buffet, and lighting solutions for the global hospitality industry. Steelite offers a unique solution for any venue from commercial catering and hotel banqueting to leisure markets and casual restaurants. Serving over 140 countries worldwide, Steelite is committed to providing the best in functionality and design while minimizing the effect on the environment.

TrufflEat&CaviarEat  (www.luxureat.com)

TrufflEat&CaviarEat is a leading company in the Italian gourmet food sector, specializing in high-end products such as fine truffles and caviar. Founded on a passion for authentic Italian cuisine, the company is committed to culinary excellence, offering products that embody tradition, taste, and innovation. In addition to maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability, TrufflEat&CaviarEat values diversity with halal and kosher products and promotes responsible farming practices.

Vignoli Food and Miami Olive Oil (www.vignolifood.com)

Vignoli Food and Miami Olive Oil is a group of companies specialized in producing Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegars, and other Italian specialties, with operations in both Italy and the U.S. They offer a “farm to table” experience with premium quality and competitive prices on a variety of products, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, Infused Balsamic Vinegars and a wide selection of Gourmet olives and Italian Pantry.

Miami Olive Oil & Beyond LLC, based in Miramar, FL, handles on-site bottling and distribution across the U.S. under the brand Di Augusto – Sapori della Vita – and Private label for the Food Service and Retail industries.

Vignoli Food, also located in Miramar, boasts over 25 years of experience in olive oil indsutry, led by Claudio Vignoli, an internationally acclaimed Oleologist, Olive Oil Sommelier, and certified Master Miller.

Their focus is on delivering the essence of Italian cuisine through meticulously crafted products sourced from the finest olives in Italy, employing a unique model of hand-selecting olives while still on the tree to ensure unparalleled quality and adaptability to climate change challenges.


Avignonesi  (www.avignonesi.it)

Avignonesi, part of the Avignonesi Group, aspires to be a good ancestor by nurturing the land, creating a better world, and leading in the context of the “good wine industry”. Their ecosystem thrives on organic and biodynamic agriculture, sustainable distribution systems, and consumer education. With transparency and innovation, they work toward long-term goals. Avignonesi’s commitment extends beyond wine production to hospitality, embodying the ancient Greek concept of “kalòs kagathòs”—the beautiful and the good. Virginie Saverys, the driving force behind Avignonesi, transformed it into Italy’s largest biodynamic winery.

De Cecco (www.dececco.com)

De Cecco is the leader in the imported pasta category in the USA. Their Company has been in the USA for 130 years. Family owned by the De Cecco family, they proudly produced 100% Italian Made Pasta with their De Cecco Method: Best Durum Wheat from around the world, Coarse Semolina, Slow Drying, cold Majella Water & Coarse texture.

Divino Italy (https://divinoitaly.com)

DiVino Italy, with over a decade of presence in the Italian market, specializes in supporting SMEs seeking to expand their product reach internationally. It serves as a vital link between Italian suppliers and international Buyers, facilitating business connections and offering tailored consultancy services. Through active engagement with international institutional bodies and participation in global events, DiVino Italy actively promotes the excellence of Italian enogastronomy worldwide.

Fresca & Buona (www.frescaebuona.it)

Fresca & Buona, the fresh pasta brand by Pasta Reggia, offers a wide selection of high-quality products. From stuffed to bronze-drawn pasta, it caters to the tastes of all fresh pasta enthusiasts. The brand’s commitment to traditional pasta craftsmanship ensures that each product reflects the flavors of authentic Italian culture. Whether it’s regional specialties or egg-based delicacies, Fresca & Buona delivers excellence using the latest production technologies.

Molino Grassi (www.molinograssi.it )

Established in 1934, Molino Grassi is the story of a family company, who for three generation, have created, developed and given continuity to an ambitious project: to become leaders in soft and durum wheat organic products, focusing using only 100% Organic Italian Wheat and heritage ancient wheat variety, developing relationship with more than 300 farmers around Italy, from Sicily to Piedmont, from Tuscany to Emilia -Romagna. 

Nonna Enterprises (https://nonnalive.com/)

Nonna Live is a culinary platform that offers virtual pasta-making classes, focusing on traditional Italian recipes. Founded by Chiara and her grandmother, Nonna Nerina, the company aims to share the art of homemade pasta with participants worldwide. At Nonna Live, their mission lies in preserving the art of traditional Italian recipes, with a focus on the craft of homemade pasta. Through live and on-demand virtual classes, participants are guided through the step-by-step process of creating perfect pasta. During the 2-3 hour sessions, participants learn to knead, roll, and shape pasta dough, infusing it with love and tradition. Private classes are also available, making Nonna Live a popular choice for team-building experiences among companies like Google, Spotify, Microsoft, and SalesForce.


Pansardo (www.pansardo.com)

Pansardo, a cherished Sardinian family business, brings the aromatic flavors of their island to the United States. Established in 1860, their legacy spans generations, rooted in unwavering commitment to quality. Pansardo liqueur stands out for its unmistakable flavor, achieved through the exclusive use of natural ingredients. Their herb and spice alchemy involves meticulously grinding approximately 70 botanicals, including warm Ceylon cinnamon, elegant Florentine iris, traditional Italian Apennine juniper, thriving Samnite mint, and the crown jewel—saffron. The resulting elixir, marrying herb distillate with saffron, boasts a characteristic yellow hue. Pansardo’s allure lies in its adaptability: sip it neat, enjoy it icy, or elevate cocktails with a dash of Pansardo magic. Embark on a sensory voyage where tradition meets innovation, and Italy whispers its secrets.

Pranzo (www.eatpranzo.com)

Pranzo with a passion for Mediterranean flavors, has curated a selection of handpicked foods that embody the essence of Italian cuisine. Whether customers are seasoned home cooks or culinary novices, Pranzo invites them to eat like Italians and savor the simple pleasures of life. Founded by a team of Italian friends who share a common love for flavorful, simple, and clean dishes that define their heritage, Pranzo’s mission is to bring those cherished flavors to tables while paying homage to their beloved nonna’s culinary wisdom. Pranzo believes in embracing simplicity without sacrificing quality. “Italian food isn’t about laborious cooking; it’s about celebrating ingredients, traditions, and the joy of sharing a meal with loved ones.” Their curated range of products reflects the heart and soul of Italy: Imported Italian Pasta: From linguine to gnocchi, extra Virgin Olive Oil, balsamic vinegar, marinara Sauce, olives, and calabrian Peppers.

Prime Line Coffee and Tea Division (www.primelinecoffee.com)

Prime Line Distributors was founded in 1981, in South Florida by Mr. Gianni Landi, an immigrant from Italy with more than 50 years of experience in the specialty food industry. Mr. Landi brought with him the food culture and traditions of the old world.

His philosophy conveys that cooking is an art, and appreciating the quality and true distinction of fine food is essential. Prime Line welcomes you to enjoy their quality products and their commitment  to offer an excellent service .

San Marzano (www.sanmarzano.com)

San Marzano is more than just a winery; it represents a lifestyle brand that embodies a sense of culture, joy, and celebration. Renowned for an artsy, experimental style that infuses wines with a unique personality that goes beyond a single terroir, it embodies a different approach to winemaking in Puglia, rooted in dual core values: respect and modernity. Respect for the land and a tradition deeply rooted in agriculture, with a refined winemaking approach that delivers elegance and a clean taste. The winery was pivotal in elevating the prestige and reputation of Primitivo, crafting world-class wines and iconic labels that can compete internationally with the most important appellations.

Oleificio Sardelli S.p.A (https://sardelli.it)

Oleificio Sardelli S.p.A. is a company founded in 1956 by Guido Sardelli specialized in production and marketing of best quality olive oils and still exclusively owned by the Sardelli family. Oleificio Sardelli also offers wines and oils produced by Fattoria di Doccia, a wide organic farm owned by Sardelli family in the heart of Toscany.


Strega Liqueur (www.strega.it/en)

Created in 1860, Strega liqueur is one of the most famous Italian liqueurs, it is unique and unmistakable for its taste, thanks to the exclusive use of natural ingredients. Its processing starts with the grinding of about 70 herbs and spices, they are being selected from all over the world, and each one of them has unique properties. Among these herbs we find Ceylon cinnamon, Florentine iris, Italian Apennine juniper, Samnite mint, which grows along the riverbanks in the whole region. The liqueur gets its characteristic yellow colour from the precious Saffron that is added to the herb distillate. Its unique, yet versatile flavour can be enjoyed in many ways: neat, icy or mixed in more sophisticated long drinks and cocktails.

Unox (www.unox.com)

Inventor of the First ever self-washing Speed Combi Oven, UNOX is a leading global manufacturer of professional ovens specializing in Combi and Speed oven technologies as well as Service Temperature Food Preservation Systems. UNOX creates and offers state-of-the-art ovens, services, and experiences, inspired by Inventive Simplification and driven by the pursuit of perfection. UNOX, The taste of building success.



Acqua Panna San Pellegrino (www.acquapanna.com/us)

450gradi (https://450gradipizzerias.com/)

Casa D’Angelo (https://cangelomulberry.com)

Gelato&Co (https://florida.gelatoeco.com/)

Gioia Eat (https://gioiaeat.com)

Il Duomo dei Sapori (https://ilduomodeisapori.com)

La Leggenda (https://laleggendapizzeria.com)

Mamma Leone Bakery (https://mammaleonebakery.com/)

Mastri Birrai Umbri (www.mastribirraiumbri.com)

Martini & Rossi (www.martini.com/us/en/)

Mosaico (https://mosaicosomi.com/

O’Munaciello (www.munaciello.com

Orvino Wine (https://orvinowine.com)

Pasta e Basta (www.pastaebastaofamherst.com)

Pasta Market Handmade (https://pastamarkethandmade.com)

Paolo Fontanot (https://paolofontanot.com)

Portosole (https://portosolemiami.com)

Rosetta Bakery (www.rosettabakery.com)

Salumeria 104 (www.salumeria104.com)    

Sardomare Catering & Events (https://sardomarecatering.com/)

Sophia Design District  (https://sofiamiamidd.com)

Spiris (www.sprispizza.com)    

Valdo (https://it.valdo.com)

Voga Italia (https://vogaitalia.com)

Zucca (https://zuccamiami.com)


Foodie Tribe (https://foodietribe.com)



Meet US Roadshow 2024 | March 18-21, 2024

WHEN March 18 – 21, 2024

WHERE Napoli, Roma, Prato, Treviso

The IACCSE is getting ready to organize the 4th edition of the “MEET US Roadshow in Italy” in March 2024. 

The initiative, which will be held in four important Italian cities: Naples (March 18th) – Rome (March 19th) – Prato (March 20thand Treviso ( March 21st), is intended for those Italian companies interested in exploring new opportunities in the US market: attendees will be provided with detailed information on topics relating to strategic, commercial, administrative, financial, and fiscal matters linked to the expansion of Italian businesses in the US market.

Four days and four conferences to inform and support all those Italian companies interested in exploring new business opportunities in the USA while taking advantage of the experience of the IACCSE and selected speakers.

We would like to thank all the companies that have contributed to the organization of these event.

They are: 

A special thank you goes to the local partners of our 4 sessions: 

Regione Campania (Department of Productive activities), 




Confindustria Toscana Nord

Camera di Commercio Treviso-Belluno 


The event will be a great opportunity for Italian SMEs to learn more about the most important aspects relating to expansion on growing markets such as the US Southeast.

For more information about the program and registrations please visit the webpage: https://bec.iaccse.com/meet_us_2024/

Please note: registration is free of charge, but is mandatory.

Access is reserved to representatives of Italian companies interested in exporting or investing in the USA. 

The Best of Italian Design 2024 | 5th Edition

WHEN  Fall 2024 – Dates TBC

WHERE  4141 Atrium (4141 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137)


(local industry professionals, architects, interior designers, general contractors, and developers) 

Bookings will open soon.

The Best of Italian Design is a unique event dedicated to celebrating and displaying the most prestigious Italian brands and Made in Italy high-end products.

The event is created for those Italian design companies interested in meeting with local industry professionals, architects, interior designers, general contractors, and developers.

Here the video of the 4th edition of The Best of Italian Design in the Miami Design District


The 5th edition of The Best of Italian Design includes:

  • THE TALKS – discover the newest trends in the industry, presented by renowned speakers.
  • FURNITURE DEALERS ROUND-TABLE – attend the discussion on the challenges and opportunities of the South Florida market.
  • BUSINESS MEETINGS – meet with Italian furniture manufacturers.
  • SHOWROOM EXPERIENCE – tour the Italian showrooms open for a synergic party to celebrate “Made in Italy” craftmanship.
  • COCKTAIL DESIGN NIGHT – industry professionals and exhibitors celebrate Italian excellence in design, networking informally, and tasting design-inspired cocktails.


  • 2:30pm-4:30pm | THE TALKS (4141 Atrium) – DESIGN INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS ONLY
    Renowned interior designers and real estate developers present the newest trends in the industry.
    Networking between Italian design companies and local professionals.
  • 6:00pm-8:00pm | COCKTAIL DESIGN NIGHT 
    Trade networking while tasting top local mixologists’ design-inspired signature cocktails.






Watch here the video testimonial of The Best of Italian Design:


Miami, Autunno 2024



Nel 2022 l’export italiano verso gli USA ha registrato una forte crescita (+12,7%) rispetto al 2021, con un valore 69 miliardi di dollari, il miglior risultato di sempre.


In particolare, nel 2022, le esportazioni italiane di arredo ed edilizia negli Stati Uniti hanno raggiunto la cifra di 4 miliardi di dollari, con una crescita del +18% rispetto all’anno precedente, posizionando l’Italia al sesto posto tra i fornitori di arredo. In particolare, registrano crescite importanti i Mobili (+25%), le Sedie (+25%), il Vetro (+22,8%), l’Illuminazione (+16,1%) e le Ceramiche (+11,5%) (Fonte: ICE).

Per molti brand d’arredo Miami risulta ormai essere il primo mercato, superando sia New York che Los Angeles. Il mercato del real estate dell’area metropolitana di Miami è tra i più dinamici ed in crescita a livello mondiale. Il Miami Design District è il quartiere con la più alta concentrazione di showroom di arredo di alta gamma in tutti gli Stati Uniti. Miami rappresenta inoltre un punto di riferimento in ambito distributivo e logistico per l’America Latina.

È proprio per dare visibilità alle eccellenze del design italiano sull’importante piazza di Miami che la Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast organizzerà, il prossimo autunno 2024 nello spazio 4141 Atrium nel cuore del Miami Design District, la quinta edizione dell’evento “The Best of Italian Design”.

Circa 150 architetti, rivenditori e interior designer americani verranno invitati per una giornata di incontri B2B, seminari e networking con le imprese italiane.

Durante l’evento sono in programma discussioni stimolanti condotte da influenti protagonisti dell’industria dell’architettura e del design. Inoltre, i partecipanti avranno l’opportunità di partecipare a incontri B2B e ad una serata diffusa di networking organizzata in diversi showroom italiani all’interno del Miami Design District.

Il programma della quarta edizione del The Best of Italian Design si articolerà come segue:

*   Sessione B2B: apertura area expo e incontri tra espositori e visitatori professionali

*  Seminari: incontri sul settore arredo design nel Sud della Florida

*   Networking Cocktail: una serata diffusa tra gli showroom italiani di design del Miami Design District per continuare gli incontri tra operatori in compagnia di cocktail a base di liquori italiani.

Per maggiori informazioni sull’evento ed iscrizioni:


Le aziende italiane interessate a partecipare come espositori possono anche contattare la nostra Camera di Commercio all’indirizzo: marketing@iacc-miami.com

Ente organizzatore:

L’Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACCSE) con sede a Miami è una organizzazione statunitense senza scopo di lucro, ufficialmente riconosciuta dal governo italiano, che si dedica alla promozione del commercio tra gli Stati Uniti e l’Italia. Fondata nel 1991, la IACCSE fa parte di Assocamerestero, l’associazione delle Camere di Commercio Italiane all’Estero. La Camera annovera una base associativa di circa 250 imprese, di origini sia italiane che americane. Alcuni dei marchi più rappresentativi del “Made in Italy” negli USA sono tra gli associati. I settori in cui operano i soci sono i più vari, dall’arredo-casa alla ristorazione, dalla meccanica alla logistica.


Dieci by Pininfarina

Marjalizo Realty, boasting over 40 years of experience in Panama and internationally, stands out as an undeniable reference. Our dedication, knowledge, and commitment have positioned us as experts in providing exceptional real estate solutions. Our new luxury project, designed by the Pininfarina firm, promises to be one of the most exclusive housing and investment options in

Valdo USA

Valdo is a family-owned winery located in Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded in 1926, Valdo is one of the most historic and trusted brands specialized in premium Prosecco and Italian sparkling wines, blending tradition with innovation. Passion for quality and strong commitment to sustainability are the key company values driving Valdo into the future.

Barakat + Bossa

Barakat + Bossa is an international firm which has been protecting business and their owners in litigation and arbitration since 2004. The company focus on business matters such as partnership disputes, non-competes, corporate litigation, real estate, breach of contract and financial fraud. In 2020, the firm was renamed Barakat + Bossa after a merger between Brian Barakat & Giacomo Bossa.

Bianchi Fasani Law

Bianchi Fasani Law P.A. is a full service law firm that specializes in Tax & Estate Planning, Corporate, Real Estate and Litigation. The attorneys at Bianchi Fasani Law P.A. have experience advising high-net-worth families and closely held businesses on U.S. and international tax planning matters, income, estate, and gift tax planning. Additionally, the Firm’s corporate law team, have counseled international and domestic companies on multi-million-dollar deals, mergers & acquisitions, and U.S. and foreign entity formation for asset protection and tax planning. Finally, the real estate attorneys at the Firm have extensive experience in real estate transactions and title law representing buyers, sellers, investors, foreign nationals, and developers for all of their Florida real estate needs, including providing title and closing services, facilitating 1031 exchange transactions, drafting and negotiating real estate contracts, and assisting them with FIRPTA issues.

MDM Hotel Group

MDM Hotel group, an example setter when it comes to hospitality, prides itself on managing five hotels from the world’s brand leader, Marriott International. Committed to genuine hospitality, they distinguish themselves by nurturing and building strong and lasting relationships with fellow associates, guests, partners, and their local community.

Their portfolio of premium hotels is made to accommodate both the business and leisure traveler, featuring four different brands to surely meet any guest needs. They thrive by making each stay an unforgettable experience by providing an exceptional detail-oriented service that will surpass the highest of expectations. All their award-wining properties offer a unique and convenient location at the trendiest neighborhoods in the Magic City, giving their guests the chance to see all that Miami has to offer, additionally their portfolio just concluded a multi-million-dollar renovation to elevate guests’ experience into new heights.

Robert Allen Law

Robert Allen Law is best known for its experienced team of attorneys and counsel that understand and help guide clients through legal and other challenges and complexities involved in all yachting and superyacht matters, including constructing, buying, selling, chartering, and financing. A leading superyacht law firm, Robert Allen Law is a reference to its peers and is a respected player in the industry for many reasons, including (i) the Robert Allen Law yacht law team was the primary drafter of the International Yacht Brokers Association (“IYBA”) Purchase and Sale and Listing Agreements, which have become the standard industry forms in the United States and are increasingly used in cross-border transactions, (ii) our yacht attorneys are frequent contributors to yacht industry publications and are regularly invited to speak on yacht law topics at superyacht and yacht industry events around the world, and (iii) the firm serves as principal legal advisor to some of the largest yacht manufacturing groups and some of the most prominent businessmen and entrepreneurs in the world.

Snaidero Cucine

Snaidero America is a group of experienced and skilled professionals with decades of experience in cabinetry, millwork, and multi-unit projects in the American market. Snaidero America provides turn-key service Nationwide. Design, field measurement, delivery, installation, and after-service. With Snaidero America, you will have a one-stop-shop experience.

Liquore Strega

Created in 1860, Strega liqueur is one of the most famous Italian liqueurs, it is unique and unmistakable for its taste, thanks to the exclusive use of natural ingredients. Its processing starts with the grinding of about 70 herbs and spices, they are being selected from all over the world, and each one of them has unique properties. Among these herbs we find Ceylon cinnamon, Florentine iris, Italian Apennine juniper, Samnite mint, which grows along the riverbanks in the whole region. The liqueur gets its characteristic yellow colour from the precious Saffron that is added to the herb distillate. Its unique, yet versatile flavour can be enjoyed in many ways: neat, icy or mixed in more sophisticated long drinks and cocktails.


ZOMMA Group is a full-service, boutique-style firm dedicated to building robust and productive client relationships. They strive to make every customer feel right at home and have the added benefit of assisting them to achieve their financial goals. They are a comprehensive, Florida-based accounting and advisory firm that serves all of your business needs. Whether you need your tax returns filed, financial review, tax consultation, a general tax audit, tax preparation, an estate plan, a trust deed, or even business consulting, the ZOMMA Group can accommodate  your needs.



October 19 – Miami Design District
(4141 Atrium Space)

2:30pm-4:30pm | THE TALKS 

Tommaso Cardana,
President, Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast

Hon. Michele Mistò,
 Consul General of Italy in Miami

Presented by Italian Cultural Institute
A conversation with Stefano Pujatti, Principal, ELASTICOFarm and winner of Italian Architectural Prize 2023

Presented by ASID Florida South
A conversation with Carla Guilhem, Principal, Carla Guilhem DesignMarty Lowe, Principal, Marty A. Lowe DesignAllison Lorenzo-SanchezPresident, ASID Florida South (moderator)

presented by IIDA South Florida

A conversation with Chris Mitchell , Design Director | Senior Associate | Studio Director, Gensler Stefano Pujatti, Principal, ELASTICOFarm – Anabella Smith, Partner, Director of Interior Architecture, Zyscovich –  Midori Shim, President, IIDA South Florida (moderator)  

presented by Italian Trade Agency 

Carlo Angelo Bocchi, Trade Commissioner, Italian Trade Agency – Miami office

presented by Istituto Marangoni Miami
A conversation with Daniele BuscaVP Strategic Sales Development | Creative Brand Director, Scavolini USA – Davide CremeseManaging Director- Americas, Molteni&C – Thais Fontenelle, Showroom Director, Minotti Miami   – Josefina GiordanoCEO, Artepatio – Francesco Farina, CEO, B&B Italia USA – John J. Jenkin, CEO, Kartell US – George Lakis, Showroom Manager, Linea StudioThelma Lazo-Flores, Dean of Interior Design, Istituto Marangoni Miami (moderator)



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