Members Help Desk

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide new and improved membership benefits, the IACCSE is offering a Help Desk. This is a free peer to peer service that serves as a platform for facilitating personalized advice sessions among IACCSE members. 

Some members have already offered their expertise and made themselves available for brief orientation sessions through our service:

  • Mr. Alessandro Antezza, General Manager, AA Lifestyle LLC, Area of expertise: Business Development
  • Ms. Clarissa Carlucci, Owner, Carlucci Collective, Area expertise: Business Development and Marketing
  • Mrs. Carolina Mata, Commercial Banking VP, BankUnited, Area of expertise: Financial Services
  • Mrs. Elena de Martis, Secretary, BGSM & Partners, Area of expertise: Accounting & Taxes
  • Mr. Tommaso Morelato, Owner, Toscana Divino, Area of Expertise: Hospitality
  • Mr. Graziano Sbroggiò, Graspa Group, Area of Expertise: Hospitality

Please send an email to indicating the expert you would like to schedule a session with. The Help Desk service will receive the inquiry from you and will promptly put you in contact with them.

Through this initiative, the IACCSE is committed to strengthening and reinforcing the ties among entrepreneurs and executive of our business community, while providing valuable opportunities for professional development and growth. 

If you are a IACCSE Member and would like to be included in the list of our experts, make yourself available for brief orientation sessions for other members. Please send an email with your name, title, company, and area of expertise to

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