ORIGINI Italia Program 2019 EDITION

For the year 2019/2020, the MIB School of Management of Trieste, under the patronage of MAECI and in collaboration with ICE / ITA Agency for the promotion and internationalization of Italian companies, will organize the “Origini Italia” management training course for young descendants of Italian emigrants residing abroad, particularly in non-European countries.

The aim of the course is to encourage the collaboration between Italian companies and citizens of Italian origin in the world, in order to allow participants to know the land of origin of their ancestors, rediscovering their culture, history and language, and at the same time facing experiences of an entrepreneurial and managerial nature in collaboration with important Italian companies, also with a view to creating future relationships between Italy and countries of origin.

Registration is free and the organizers guarantee participants the cost of travel, accommodation and meals for everything the period of the course itself, which lasts 5 months (from 28 October 2019 to 4 April 2020).

More information on the course content and admission requirements, along with online registration forms can be found on the website: https://mib.edu/en/programs/executive-programs-for-individuals/origini-italia

The deadline for submitting applications is set for July 21 p.v.

Find below Call for Proposals 2019-2020.

New IACCSE Board of Directors (Term 2019-2022)

Miami, June 19, 2019

We are pleased to announce the new Board of Directors of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACCSE) for the term 2019-2022 as a result of the elections among all our members.

We would like to thank all candidates for their active participation to the life of the Chamber and all members who took time to cast their ballots. The elections closed with 111 casted ballots ( 45.7% of all the members with the right to vote). The IACCSE By-Laws establish a minimum quorum of 33% of voters. 

In compliance with the Chamber’s By-Laws, the new Directors met yesterday to determine the executive positions, specifically President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

The members of the new IACCSE Board of Directors are:

Tommaso Cardana, Tomson Hospitality 

Antonello Di Giovanni, Trend Group 
Executive Vice President

Fernando Rodriguez, A Customs Brokerage, Inc.
Vice President

Giovanni Rivera, Fincantieri Services USA  
Director, Treasurer

Stefania Poli, JAS Forwarding USA 
Director, Secretary of the Board

Edoardo Arslan,Dodo Arslan LLC 

Costantino Cicchelli, Barba Skin Clinic / Barba Dermatology

Claudio Da Soller, Pininfarina of America Corp. 

Gianluca Fontani, Man-Super! 

Mattia Liverani, IJ Florida LLC 

Vincenzo Nunziata, Savino Del Bene USA

We would also like to acknowledge the candidates that were not elected at this time: Vittorio Bonomi (Enolgas USA Inc.), Giacomo Bossa (Secure Title and Trust LLC), Frank Di Rocco (Merrill Private Wealth Management), Mattia Mazzega (DB Group America LTD), Danilo Nanni (Studio Nanni), Alberto Polimeni (Moris & Associates), Riccardo Romano (Bufarella LLC), Paolo Stefanini (Investment Gist LLC) and Gianni Toniutti (Tosolini, Lamura, Rasile & Toniutti LLP). Their commitment to help the Chamber in its mission is vital to the dynamism of our non-profit  organization.

The 11 elected Board Members (5 of them at their first term) represent a wide range of industries: from design to hospitality, from logistics to marketing, to marine and cruise industry.  

With the support of all our members, we look forward to building an even stronger, vibrant and united Italian Business Community in the US Southeast,  which will effectively continue to promote the quality of Made in Italy products and services.  

For any suggestions please feel free to contact the Chamber at info@iaccse.com.


Nevio Boccanera
Executive Director
Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast

Authentic Italian Table – Food Design Contest: a great success! May 15th, 2019

It has been a great success for the “The Authentic Italian Table- Food Design Contest” organized by the Italy – America Chamber of Commerce Southeast at the Miami Design District on May 15th.

More than 300 guests participated to the event, and especially 5 top Italian Chefs, 10 experts among food critics, food bloggers, influencers and designers, 4 wine importers/distributors and other companies from the food industry.

The initiative was organized within the frame of the True Italian Taste project (www.trueitaliantaste.com), aiming to promote the authentic Italian food and cuisine among American influencers and consumers.

The event started at 6.30 pm.
During the Food Design Contest five of the top Italian chefs based in South Florida  competed with a signature dish for the winning title. 
 The competing dish expressed the chef’s personal interpretation of “food design”, from the aesthetic to the conceptual aspect, always referring to a common inspiration: the Italian culture and the use of authentic Italian ingredients.
After a very tight competition, Fabio Vaccarella of Celebrity Chef Events, with his “Paccheri alle due Sicilie”, won the Authentic Italian Table- Food Design Contest.
Every showroom hosted a themed food tasting paired with Italian wines and liquors. 
These are the guest chefs who took part to the competition:
* Claudio Lobina, chef at  Puntino Key Biscayne – performing at Poliform showroom;
* Andrea Marchesin, chef at  Toscana Divino – performing at Hausscape showroom;
* Fabio Vaccarella, chef at  Celebrity Chef Events– performing at Minotti Cucine showroom;
* Rocco Mauriello chef at  Palat – performing at Natuzzi showroom;
* Vincenzo Manzo, chef at  Doma – performing at The Linea Studio showroom.
A special thanks to all participating chefs, for creating an assortment of wonderful design dishes.

The winning chef was proclaimed by a panel of judges formed by 10 experts among food critics, food bloggers and designers:
– Dodo Arslan, Dodo Arslan Studio | Designer
– Alejandra Cangas, The Hungry Post | Food Blogger
– Doreen Colondres, Celebrity Chef, Cookbook Author , Wine Educator
– Stella Ford, Museum of Contemporary Art Miami | Director of Development
– Valentina Mussi, Sweetportfolio | Food Blogger
– Victoria Pesce Elliott, Restaurant Critic, Food Writer
– Rachel Santos, The Cultured Local | Food Blogger
– Lucia Schito, Salone del Mobile di Milano | Director North America
– Gretchen Schmidt, Edible South Florida | Editor
– Daniela Ava, Food Blogger, South Florida Food Blog.
The winner was awarded with a precious Gold plated serving pan donated by Agnelli USA.
Thanks to the all the partners including: Gra’it Grappa, ItalCibus, Italwine usa, Tomson Hospitality and Veritas Marketing & Distribution.

Why Businesses Need to Embrace Video Content

By Axford Creative

In the world of online marketing, you’ve probably heard that “Content is King.”

Content certainly is king. Content ranges from text contents on blogs, info graphs, eBooks, case studies and videos. We feel many businesses have yet tapped into the immense resource this offers for your customers, but also broadens your sales reach.

Why You Need to Tap into the Video Content Goldmine

Video content has a huge share of what attracts the attention of people online. We know that today human beings have a very short attention span. Those who can capture and retain other’s attention for more than 3 seconds thrive.

As a business owner using the internet to attract customers (organically or other), you need video content. And here’s why:

1. Videos help with Sales & Conversions

Some marketers record 49% faster increase in revenue than others. Do you know why? The former use video content and the latter don’t. There is no easier way to drive home your point, relate with your customers on an emotional level, and build trust than through a video. In the end, this will translate to more online sales.

2. Videos make people trust you (better)

A key factor to businesses growing their online sales is by establishing trust. In the absence of a regular brick and mortar office or store front, people find it harder to trust unknown online businesses. Videos establish credibility, and a personal connection to a person, going beyond a company name.

57% of customers said they felt more comfortable making a purchase after viewing a video.

3. Google gives preferences to video content

When optimizing your content for search engine, videos gives you an edge. Video gets people to spend more time on your web page. If people spend longer times on your page, it means you have engaging and relevant content. Eventually, Google recognizes this and ranks you higher on search results.

There’s no reason your company should ignore the influence of videos on the internet. YouTube now records 2 billion users, and 75 million people in the U.S. watch videos every day. You should tap into this goldmine for your business.

You can find more useful articles to grow and promote your business online by visiting Axford Creative’s online blog section.

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