40,000 sq. ft. Georgia facility expansion


The Italian WAM GROUP, worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing equipment and plant components for bulk solids handling and processing, has been represented in the United States by its own subsidiary since 1985.

WAM USA Inc. is responsible for distribution of the WAM GROUP product range in the U.S. and Canada.

WAM USA Inc. moved in its Georgia Division in 1998 in a fast-developing industrial estate in Lawrenceville near Atlanta, with a large production and warehouse area.

The Georgia plant produces WAM standard screw conveyors and dust collectors in large quantities adapted to the requirements of the U.S. market.

In 2002 WAM USA Inc. opened its Texas Division in Fort Worth.

This facility was selected as a central location to better serve the Southwest, Midwest and West Coast customer base.

In 2021 we couldn’t be more proud to announce the 40,000 sq ft expansion of our Georgia facility, we will be doubling the footprint from its existing approximate 50,000 sq. ft. to approximately 90,000 sq. ft. 

The expansion will include increased space for offices to accommodate the growing workforce, a show room, a new training room and a cafeteria.

The expected completion date is March 31st, 2022.

How is cryptocurrency taxed in the US?

Cryptocurrency can be considered as a form of payment in some cases and an investment in other cases. According to IRS cryptocurrency transactions are taxable like transactions in any other property, therefore they might have to be reported on tax returns.

The IRS treats Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as “property”. Therefore, they are treated like capital gains treatment similar to traditional assets like stocks and bonds.

In some cases, anyway, they are treated as income, so they are subject to income tax.

Some examples:

if cryptocurrency is received through a marketing promotion it is considered: taxable income;

if it’s received as payment for goods or services, it is considered taxable income;

if it’s sold to realize an investment gain, taxes are owed on the gain, as it happens with stocks.

Also, if one cryptocurrency is converted into another, taxes are owed on any gains on the transactions. Taxes are owed only if you realize a profit.

For example, if you buy 100$ in cryptocurrency and sell it at 150$, you have a gain of 150$ and that would be the taxable gain for IRS. If you buy $100 and sell it for $80 you don’t have to pay taxes. You could even utilize the loss to compensate for other investment gains.

The amount of taxes on capital gains also depends on how long you’ve held the cryptocurrency.

If it’s less than one year, the profits are considered short-term capital gains. They would be taxed at the normal income tax rate.

If it’s more than one year, the profits would be considered long-term capital gains, and they would be taxed at another rate, lower, which depends on the annual income you have.

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The challenges of E-commerce in the US

On May 13th, the IACCSE organized the webinar “How to set up an e-commerce for the US market” for CEIPiemonte (Centro Estero per l’Internazionalizzazione della Regione Piemonte), involving over 50 Piedmontese companies representing the sectors of home furnishings, jewelry, clothing and fashion accessories.
3 experts, members of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, shared their advice on legal, fiscal and logistical aspects related to selling online in the USA: Federico Galgano (Cinotti -Galgano Law Firm), Pier Luigi Brogi (BGSM & Partners) e Fernando J Rodriguez (A Customs Brokerage).
Leonardo Dondini, CEO of the Italian fashion company Dalle Piane Cashmere based in Prato, talked about his practical experience in selling his products on Amazon USA.
The IACCSE will continue its regular collaboration with CEIPiemonte on those sectors considered particularly strategic for the Piedmont Region economy on the Florida and Southeast markets.

Meet US: another milestone for the IACCSE

From the 21st to the 23rd of April, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast hosted Meet US, a series of webinars and B2B meetings organized for Italian SMEs wishing to expand their business in the US market.
This online event reached outstanding results:
  • 30 Speakers
  • 161 Italian companies connected to the two industry webinars (interior design; food & wine)
  • 166 Speed meetings organized between speakers and attendees during the third day of the event
  • 12 Institutional partners in Italy that helped us to promote the initiative
  •  4 Articles published about the event on Italian national media
If you wish to watch the recap from the live event, please visit our Business Expert Channel website: https://bec.iaccse.com/interventi-live/.
A selection of footages from the event has been recently published.

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