Areus provides the IACCSE with top technology to purify air in office space

by Vimi LLC

Vimi LLC is an official distributor of Aerus, an American company located in Texas, established in 1924 as Electrolux which then became Aerus in 2003. The products Vimi LLC distributes are Air Purifiers that use ActivePure technology proven to kill COVID-19 on surfaces according to FDA-complaint lab.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce currently enjoys one of our most popular machines, the Beyond Guardian Air, it covers an area of up to 2,000 sq. ft.

ActivePure Technology is the most powerful surface and air purification technology ever discovered, and the only one in its class recognized by the Space Foundation as Certified Space Technology and inducted into the Space Foundation Hall of Fame in 2017. It has been engineered based on technology originally developed by NASA. ‘ActivePure Technology’ continuously disinfects surfaces and air 24/7, minimizing contamination, recontamination and cross contamination in real time. It is safe to use in occupied spaces, and works without chemicals or ozone, breaking down viral contaminants into harmless byproducts.

Vimi LLC distributes products that have a technology demonstrated in independent lab studies to kill COVID-19 indoors and gets the world back to work, back to school and back to life in a safer manner. Their machines work in real time to destroy 99.98% of new COVID-19 viruses reintroduced to the space, after just seven hours of installation.

If you would like more information about our product or contact us you can visit our links bellow:


A Renaissance of e-Learning and Digital Training

by Digital Tales

Like most industries, Learning and Development is struggling in the current environment, having to cope both with severe budget constraints and challenges connected to remote work. Yet training employees and growing their skills has never been more critical for companies across the board, not only to support their staff out of office but also to ease them back to a potentially different workplace.

Every cloud has a silver lining, though, since these distressed conditions have provided opportunities to test or further acknowledge the advantages of distance and digital learning. It is not just a matter of facilitating social distancing in these troubled times, but rather a chance to experience alternative or complementary approaches to training, which are proving as effective as traditional classroom learning or even more, as is the case with Virtual Reality: a recently-published study by pWC (The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training in the Enterprise – June 25, 2020) has shown that VR training, already known to be effective for developing and practicing hard skills in a safe and dynamic environment (equipment operation, maintenance, etc.), is also great for teaching soft skills. As a matter of fact, it is both more effective (4 times faster) and more cost-effective (52%) than traditional training methods.

Other trends, such as A.I. or Gamification applied to learning, are also disrupting the L&D industry, and solution providers like Digital Tales constantly strive to improve the conversion of information into knowledge through active engagement and cutting-edge technologies. That is why it is now launching on the US market its gamified and VR-ready Learning Management System, leveraging over 10 years of experience at the side of companies like Bulgari or Vodafone, Digital Tales blends the well-known Italian creativity and attention to detail with tailor-made execution, delivering a bespoke platform to make training truly memorable.

An image illustrating the graphical user interface for Digital Tales’ VR Soft Skills Simulator

The IACCSE launches the “Business Expert Channel”

The “Business Expert Channel” is the new video guide designed to support the internationalization of small and medium Italian companies to the U.S. market. Conceived as an online channel for entrepreneurs, the Business Expert Channel has the objective to gather insightful information provided by recognized professionals and experts, while making them easily accessible, free, and useful.

The projects, ideated by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACCSE), consists of a digital library made of an exclusive collection of short videos on legal, tax and trade issues.

The channel uses the website as main platform.

The published videos will then reposted on the IACCSE social media and by the public and private partners who support the project.

Lawyers, accountants, and consultants with an extensive knowledge of the United States share, through this platform, recommendations and suggestions to correctly approach a market that is certainly complex, extremely competitive and with high operating costs, but also full of opportunities like only few others in the world.

The videos are in Italian and address the most common topics related to international trade and investments. All the videos are available to the website users at no registration costs, and they can be easily shared.

The project starts with seven in-depth topics, followed by many more that are still underway.

The first seven videos you can watch in our platform are:

  • How to create a US corporation

Presented by Alberto Polimeni and  Giacomo Bossa, of Barakat +Bossa Law Firm

  • Investors Visas

Presented by Gianni Mendes Toniutti of TLRT International Law Firm 

  •   Models of internationalization and incentives

Presented by Antonello Corrado and Stefano Rossi of  EXP Legal

  • Distribution agreements with US dealers

Presented by Alberto Polimeniof Barakat +Bossa Law Firm

  • Real Estate planning and protection

Presented by Beatrice Bianchi Fasani of Bianchi Fasani Law, PA

  • Debt collection procedures

Presented by Giacomo Bossa, of Barakat +Bossa Law Firm 

  • The USA – Italy tax treaty

Presented by Giuseppe BrusaCPA of G.C.  Consultants

If you are a professional interested in sharing your expertise and knowledge for the next Business Expert Channel video, contact for further information.


IACCSE 30 Years Anniversary 1991-2021

Next year will represent an historical moment for the IACCSE as 2021 will mark 30 years since the Chamber was incorporated back in March 2021.

Moreover, we all hope we will have another reason to celebrate as the whole world will slowly approach to a gradual return to the normal life that we all are missing, leaving this challenging year behind.

Since we would love to commemorate this milestone with our community, we will give the opportunity to 4 of our members to establish an exceptional partnership that will last throughout the upcoming year thanks to a series of special events that will culminate with the Italic Award Gala. This prestigious event, organized in December, recognizes leading Italian and Italian-American personalities’ contributions to the Italy-US trade relations.  

Some of the several benefits of the partnership are:

  • Special networking events organized entirely by the Chamber at the partner company’s office, including catering service and invitations, to be celebrated in the first half of the year;
  • Special advertising announcement campaign on IACCSE social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – dedicated to the 4 companies with a visibility of over 6,000 followers;
  • Partner company’s logo will match the Chamber’s 30th Year Anniversary logo in all communications & invites that will be mailed out throughout 2021;
  • ‘Premium Sponsorship’ package for the Italic Award Gala 2021 event which includes: table for 8 people at the dinner / event, display of the partner company’s logo in all communications relating to the Gala and during the evening, invitation to the stage to receive the commemorative plaque of the partnership, brief testimonial of the partner’s representative to be projected on the main screen, one full page advertising in the official Gala program, complimentary Exhibitor Table in the EXPO area of the Gala venue.

In order to take fully advantage of this opportunity, please make sure to express your interest by and no later than December 15th, 2020.

Download HERE the package to find out all the benefits of the partnership!

Shall you want more information, please contact us at

XX Week of the Italian Language in the World

The IACCSE is glad to support the Consulate General of Italy in Miami in the organization of the XX Week of the Italian Language in the World: “Italian between word and image: graffiti, illustrations, comics”.




An event brought to you by



Join the IACCSE on its upcoming webinar

“Il settore dell’arredo-design negli Stati Uniti: trend di mercato per le PMI italiane”

that will take place on Thursday, October 8

from 4:00 pm till 5:00 pm (Miami time) | 16:00 – 17:00 (Italian time)

Three prestigious speakers from the furniture and design industry  will discuss their perception of opportunities after the Covid-19 crisis, dispensing valuable advice and practical tips on how to approach the US market.

The webinar will be held in collaboration with Unioncamerethe association of Chambers of Commerce in Italy – and Assocamerestero, as part of the project ‘Stay Export’.




• NEVIO BOCCANERA, Executive Director, Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast


Sharing experiences from the American market by:


• GIACOMO ROSSIBusiness Development Director, Listone Giordano USA




•Introduction to the American market and important data regarding the Italian furniture exports

• Useful advises to operate in the American market correctly

• How to establish fruitful relationships with American interior designers and architects

• Market trends and opportunities


For registration and information about the Unioncamere event visit:

Download HERE the event flyer.

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