Italian Citizenship by Descent

There are several paths to applying for Italian citizenship, however, citizenship by descent remains one of the most popular ways that many Americans with Italian descent have pursued in recent years.

As a general rule, you can apply for citizenship by descent if your ancestor who was born in Italy was never naturalized or was naturalized after his/her child’s birth abroad, and if none of your ascendants in your direct line of descent ever formally renounced their right to Italian citizenship.

Nevertheless, please note that there are a number of exceptions to these rules. If you would like to learn more about these feel free to read more information here.

In order to apply for Italian citizenship, you will need your family’s vital records. These include birth, marriage, death, and divorce certificates (if applicable) and the ancestor’s naturalization records or proof that he/she was never naturalized.

Once all the vital records have been collected they will need to be authenticated with Apostilles and they will then need to be translated into Italian and submitted to the Italian consulate that covers the jurisdiction where you reside.

When the citizenship application is approved, you will be granted Italian citizenship, you will be registered with the AIRE (Registry of Italian Citizens Residing Abroad) and will then be issued an Italian passport.

Despite the process sounding quite daunting, there are several advantages to holding dual citizenship such as the ability to travel, study or work anywhere in the European Union without any time limitation.

Italian citizens can also benefit from high quality, low cost universal health care and higher education.

Finally, you can reside in Italy for an unlimited period of time and enjoy the country’s lifestyle, its fascinating culture, art and history.


Translating Business, a book written by Matteo Bortalaso

There is no need to move abroad to find different cultures, nowadays almost all corporations have a global, mixed cultures environment.

There may be a situation where an American company is managed by American executives, but it is owned by a Japanese holding, engineering is directed by a German engineer and purchasing is coordinated by a Korean director (that’s the case of one of my biggest customers for example). It is important to understand the different business cultures of the people.

“An easily understood cheat sheet that helps anyone in need of an uncomplicated guide to international business practices in various cultures”.

As an Italian in USA, I had several experiences where I had to win the trust of the customers, hurt in the past by bad Italian habits. The most significant for me was in 1998.

The customer told me: “I had very bad and frustrating experiences with the Italians in the past, it is impossible to have answers on time, they show up asking for business and then they disappear. You visited us six times in about a year and a half, you always replied to our requests on a timely manner, quoted what we asked, and now you are planning to open a warehouse in US to better serve the market. This is showing reliability and commitment, now I trust you and I am ready to work with you”.

It is vital trying not to impose our own way of working, but adapt to the local mindsets in order to expand internationally. The real challenge is to understand, interpret, and translate between business cultures.

I wrote about adapting to different world cultures and the necessary steps to open and run a subsidiary overseas while doing business internationally in my book TRANSLATING BUSINESS (Amazon)



Clevertech announces the opening of a new facility

CLEVERTECH, a leading company in the industrial automation market,has recently opened a new North American location in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida. The 29,000 sq ft facility is to better serve our U.S. clients more efficiently and with a larger number of spare parts.

With offices in Europe and Asia, our global presence and network allow us to offer worldwide customer service and certified software and electrical technicians.

In addition to assembling machines for the North American market, our new facility allows us to run FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). In the near future, we hope to manufacture machines for the U.S. and design a showroom with mockup training.

In addition to fifty external technicians who cover the entire U.S., Canada, and South American, our office in Fort Myers has in-house professional managers and technicians and offers impeccable 24/7 customer service to meet any and all support requests, whether commercial or technical and can be at your location within 24 hours.

CLEVERTECH North America’s incredibly knowledgeable staff assists customers with machine sales, system design, design support, testing, installation, and commissioning of systems, after-sales, and spare parts support.

In addition, local technical support provided by American technicians allows the most complex and difficult customer requests to be met and the presence of a spare parts warehouse in North America ensures reduced delivery times for quick turnaround.

Contact us for more information at 239-301-4445 or

Beghelli Expands its Products Line with the Release of SanificaAria, an Air Sanitzation System that kills Viruses and Bacteria including COVID-19

Miramar, Fla., June 30, 2021 – Beghelli USA, known for their line-up of emergency and commercial and industrial energy savings lighting solutions, recently expanded into the wellness space with the release of SanificaAria.

SanificaAria, the company’s air sanitization system, is Beghelli’s response to COVID-19. Developed at the company’s headquarters in Bologna, Italy, SanificaAria consists of an axial fan intake system that draws contaminated air inside of the closed chamber containing the UV-C source, where the sanitization process takes place.

Proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, SanificaAria can be used in any indoor enclosed environment. The sanitization system comes in two sizes; SanificaAria 30 is perfect for small, personal spaces, while the SanificaAria 200 is a better solutionfor larger, industrial spaces like hospitals, schools and restaurants. The systems are quiet, produce no ozone, can be used in the presence of people and are the perfect step towards providing a healthier personal environment.

*As an added bonus, Beghelli would like to offer 15% off any SanificaAria purchase with code Italy15.

For more information on SanificaAria, visit




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