2019 IACCSE General Assembly and upcoming Board elections

The 2019 IACCSE General Assembly will take place on Thursday, May 2 at Istituto Marangoni Miami, 3700 NE 2nd Ave (6 pm). 

Besides the approval of the 2018 Financial Statements and 2019 Budget, as well as the presentation of the upcoming events, the agenda will include the presentation and approval of the amended IACCSE By-Laws.

The main revision regards the executive offices, for which the term has been extended from two to three years for a maximum of two mandates. This change will allow greater continuity in terms of strategy and planning in order to ensure the Chamber’s development.

After the approval of the new By-Laws, the new Board of Directors election process will begin, in compliance with the new By-Laws. The 2019 Board election will take place in May-June, 2019. The expiration of the term for the new Board will be June 2022.

On May 3, all IACCSE members will receive the letter with the instructions to present the candidate statement to run in the upcoming elections for the IACCSE Board of Directors.

Members seeking a position as a Director on the IACC Board must submit the Candidate Statement no later than 5:00 p.m. (EST) on May 17, 2019.

The Election will begin on May 27, when the official ballot with the qualified candidates will be e-mailed to all Voting Members.

Each Voting Member must cast his vote online by 5:00 p.m. (EST) on June 14, 2019.

The Chamber is an asset of our bi-national business community in the Southeast and needs the commitment of motivated entrepreneurs and managers to keep growing and keep promoting Italy manufacturing excellence in the US market.

If you feel that you are qualified to contribute to the growth of the Chamber and to help the Chamber to pursue its mission of promotion of trade relations between Italy and United States we strongly encourage you to apply.

Being a board member means not only to attend the monthly meetings, but also to be proactive in 

introducing new potential members to the Chamber, referring strategic partners for Chambers’ signature events and put at the service of the Chamber, if needed, one’s own professional expertise.

The IACC is a no-profit organization that mostly rely on the participation and enthusiasm of its members to continue to operate. We are looking forward your participation to the General Assembly to work together for the IACCSE evolution and progress! 

NOTICE: 2019 Election for IACCSE Board of Directors


May 3, 2019

Dear IACCSE Members:

We, the Compliance Committee of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce – Southeast, would like to inform you that the elections for the renewal of the Board of Directors will take place during the following weeks.

The purpose of the Compliance Committee, under the direction of the IACCSE Board, is to implement candidacy and election procedures for, and oversee, Directors elections, as provided for in the Bylaws of the IACCSE.

The IACCSE Bylaws provide for a three-year term for all eleven (11) directors of the IACCSE Board. Accordingly, the IACCSE Board has determined that the 2017 Board election will take place in May-June, 2019. The expiration of the term for the new Board will be June 2022.

The election procedure for this year 2019 election is as follows:

Step One: Members seeking a position as a Director on the IACCSE Board  MUST please complete page one (“Eligibility Information”) of the enclosed “Candidate Statement” and return it, no later than 5:00 p.m. (EST) on May 17, 2019 VIA e-mail at info@iaccse.com (subject: Att. Compliance Committee). Statements received after the deadline are null and void. In addition, each candidate may, but shall not be required to, complete page two (the Annex “A”) describing the candidate’s qualification and objectives. The Annex A, if any, must be submitted concurrently with the Eligibility Information. Annexes A that are not submitted concurrently will not be circulated by the IACCSE.  Candidates are solely responsible for ensuring that their Statement arrives timely.  E-mail early to avoid any last minute technical difficulties. Any questions must be submitted in writing and addressed to IACC, Attention: Compliance Committee (info@iaccse.com).  No communication by IACC staff or any person not a member of the Compliance Committee may alter the election procedures.

To be qualified to run for the IACCSE Board, a person:

  1. must be the contact person of one or more Voting Members for more than 13 consecutive months before the elections;
  2.  must be over the age of twenty-one (21) years as of the date of the mailing of this notice; and
  3. Be otherwise in good standing and in compliance with Article 4 of the Bylaws.

Step Two: The Compliance Committee will hold a meeting between May 20th and May 24th to review all timely Statements. The IACCSE Board will approve qualified candidates to run for the Board. An approval of candidacy notice will be forwarded via email to the eligible candidates shortly thereafter.  If you feel that you are qualified to contribute to the growth of the Chamber and to help the Chamber to pursue its mission to promote trade relations between Italy and United States of America, we strongly encourage you to apply. Please note that  being a board member means not only to attend the monthly meetings, but also to be proactive in introducing new potential members to the Chamber, referring potential sponsors for Chambers’ signature events and put at the service of the Chamber, if needed, one’s own professional expertise. The IACCSE is a no-profit organization that mostly rely on the commitment of its members to continue to grow.

Step Three: The Election will begin on May 27, 2019 when the official ballot with the qualified candidates (and their Statements) will be e-mailed to all Voting Members. Each Voting Member will vote online through a THIRD-PARTY secure system that ensure secrecy. Neither the IACCSE nor any candidate can access ANY voting information.  Members must vote by 5:00 p.m. (EST) on June 14, 2019.[1]

Please note that neither candidates nor members may campaign by referring to other candidates, unless the other candidate has approved such reference in writing by notifying the IACCSE.  If any candidate or member violates this rule, the candidate will automatically be disqualified and member sanctions may apply. 

At the present time, we encourage all qualified candidates to please fill out all sections of the enclosed Statement  and timely return it by the above May 17th deadline.

Sincerely yours,

IACCSE Compliance Committee

 Luciana Salinas, Esq.

Fabio Giallanza, Esq.

Lorenzo Arca, Esq.


[1].              The IACCSE reserves the right to extend this deadline for exceptional circumstances.   

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Italian Citizenship Assistance (ICA) is a consulting firm which provides Italian citizenship consulting services not only to US citizens but to citizens of other countries through our offices in the US and Italy.

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Authentic Italian Table – Food Design Contest

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce will present on May 15th   “The Authentic Italian Table- Food Design Contest” at the Miami Design District 

The initiative is organized within the frame of the True Italian Taste project (www.trueitaliantaste.com), for the promotion of authentic Italian food and cuisine among American consumers.

Hosted in a one of a kind setting – five of the most prestigious Italian furniture showrooms located in the Miami Design District – the event will start at 6.30 pm.

During the Food Design Contest five of the top Italian chefs based in South Florida will compete with a signature dish for the winning title. 

The guest chefs are:

Claudio Lobina, chef at  Puntino Key Biscayne – performing at Poliform showroom;

Andrea Marchesin, chef at  Toscana Divino – performing at Hausscape showroom;

Fabio Vaccarella, chef at  Celebrity Chef Events– performing at Minotti Cucine showroom;

Rocco Mauriello chef at  Palat – performing at Natuzzi showroom;

Vincenzo Manzo, chef at  D?ma – performing at The Linea Studio showroom.

The competing dish will express the chef’s personal interpretation of “food design”, from the aesthetic to the conceptual aspect, always referring to a common inspiration: the Italian culture and the use of authentic Italian ingredients.

Every showroom will host a themed food tasting paired with Italian wines and liquors (thanks to our beverage sponsors Gra’It, Italcibus and Italwine). 

A selected group of lifestyle and food bloggers will be invited to join this unique tour that combines food and designtastiness and beauty, in a perfect match.

Ten experts, invited as judges of the competition, will proclaim the winner who will be awarded with a precious gold plated serving pan donated by Agnelli USA.

Each chef will received a custom-made jacket courtesy of Tomson Hospitality.

Alitalia is the official global partner of the Authentic Italian Table events that are taking place this month of May in Asia, North America and Europe with the organization of Assocamerestero and the local Italian Chambers of Commerce. 

If you are a food industry professional or a media representative, you can attend the event by sending your complete contact information to: staff@iaccse.com

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