The number of people and businesses moving to Florida from other U.S. States grows

According to the New York Post, the number of people moving to Florida during the first months of 2022 is even higher than during the same period in 2021, when record numbers had already been reached. In particular, the Miami metropolitan area is a big beneficiary of migration, very often qualified, involving skilled workers and entrepreneurs especially in the financial and new technology sectors.

            Looking at the swap in driver’s licenses, which are the main identity document in the U.S., there were thousands of transfers in the first 4 months of 2022 alone, specifically:

  • New York to Florida – 61,728 license swaps (+12% compared to 2021 and +55% compared to 2019);
  • New Jersey – Florida – 10,580 license swaps (up 9% from 2021);
  • Connecticut – Florida – 4,119 license swaps (+4% over 2021);
  • California – Florida – 9,645 license swaps (up 18% from 2021);
  • Pennsylvania to Florida – 8,412 license swaps;
  • Illinois – Florida – 8,149 license swaps.

            This internal migration is driven by a number of factors that have been amplified by the pandemic, most notably the expansion of remote work, which has allowed many professionals who have relocated to Florida to be able to take advantage of a lower cost of living, lower taxation, and year-round outdoor living.

            This dynamic has also been enhanced by a major campaign to reposition Miami as a technology hub, particularly in the areas of blockchain, start-ups, cryptocurrency, and in the financial field. Not surprisingly, large companies such as and the hedge fund Citadel have moved their headquarters to Miami.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, financial firms that have opened offices in Miami over the past 18 months represent around 2 trillion in assets. In addition, Miami is home to the so-called “10 unicorns,” or start-ups valued at more than $1 billion.

            The city is experiencing great expansion in the area of funding new start-ups, in fact, venture capital funding in the Miami metropolitan area has doubled the figure since 2021, and has reached more than $4.6 billion. Overall, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2020 alone there were more than 106,000 applications for opening new companies in Miami-Dade County, which is an increase of more than 24% over 2019, which was the record figure at the time. This figure was even surpassed with a new record of over 135,000 new applications in 2021.

            This trend is expected to continue in the coming years as Miami is making major investments to position itself at the level of other world economic and business capitals, including hosting events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix or the 2026 Soccer World Cup.


Strategic Partnership Announcement

by Nova Sidera Metal Forming

Grotnes, Inc., based in Niles, Michigan, and Nova Sidera Metal Forming Srl, based in Castell’Alfero, Italy and in Miami Florida, announce the launch of a Strategic Partnership between them.

Both companies have a rich tradition of producing precision metal forming equipment with Nova Sidera specializing in Metal Spinning Lathes and special machines for metal deformation and Grotnes focusing on its core technologies of Expanding, Shrinking, Spinning and Roll Forming.

The companies are recognized and trusted leaders for metalforming systems and assembly solutions for the automotive, lighting, aerospace, forging, packaging, and industrial sectors with machines located in over 40 countries throughout the world.

Mike Walker, President and CEO of Grotnes, commented: “We are extremely excited about the partnership with Nova Sidera. This strategic step allows us to provide our customers with a more complete metalforming solution center, a stronger local support structure for customer service and spare parts and allows both companies technical teams to explore new product development initiatives.”

Elena Tasso, President of Nova Sidera stated: “The entire Nova Sidera team is excited about the partnership with Grotnes, we believe that a cooperation with a company that shares the same values and technical attitude will bring new solutions to our customers, a very responsive, US-based technical service and support, and a unique interface for metal forming and packaging industry needs”.


L&S with Forma e Funzione consolidates its leadership in the furniture lighting sector

by L&S Lighting Intelligence

L&S Lighting, controlled by Clessidra Private Equity through the Clessidra Capital Partners 3 fund, announces the acquisition of Forma e Funzione srl.

Founded in the 1960s, with headquarters in Varese, Italy, exporting to more than 40 countriesForma e Funzione specializes in lighting products for the furniture and household appliances sector and has established itself as a reference point in the furniture market.

“With this new operation we further consolidate our presence in the lighting sector, a business characterized by significant growth potential linked both to the growing attention to emotional light, but also to sustainability and energy saving” – comments Andrea Ottaviano , CEO of Clessidra Private Equity SGR.

With the integration of Forma e Funzione, the L&S Group – that today has over 500 employees worldwide5 global production centers in Italy, Germany, China and the United States – aims to exceed 130 million Euros in consolidated turnover by the end of 2022.

The Group’s development plan aims at creating value through growth on the domestic and international markets, with synergies both in the innovation of products and lighting systems, through the sharing of best practices and technological know-how and thanks to the ability to propose customized lighting solutions to a network of customers which include the most important brands in the furniture sector.

“I am pleased to start the collaboration with the management and with the entire Forma e Funzione team, a company with which we share values, a solid experience and a recognized track record in the industry” – adds Pietro Barteselli, CEO of L&S.

Read the full article here:

Pininfarina opens New York City Office

by Pininfarina of America

International icon of Italian style and award-winning design firm, Pininfarina, is pleased to announce the opening of an office in New York City.

“We believe that New York is a key epicenter of creativity and design innovation in the United States, and we are thrilled to be bringing Pininfarina’s human-centric, forward-thinking design approach into the fold,” says Silvio Pietro Angori, Chief Executive Officer at Pininfarina Group, of the firm’s decision to open a second office in the United States, after Miami.

“With our unique proposition of 360-degree-service capabilities and commitment to design excellence across all disciplines––from product and industrial design to architecture and interiors, from nautical to any kind of mobility solutions––we see this location as an exciting opportunity to continue building on the groundwork we’ve laid as a company and as a premium exclusive brand,” says Claudio Da Soller, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Pininfarina of America.

Composed of a diverse team from nine different countries, Pininfarina of America has doubled in size since it was first established in Miami in 2014, tripling its volume of business in the last three years alone. In 2021, it received the prestigious Great Place to Work Certification™––an employee satisfaction-based recognition of the firm’s commitment to cultivating an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates wellbeing, ingenuity, and creativity––which has further inspired an unprecedented 50% year-over-year growth for the first half of 2022.

The New York City team will be responsible for broadening the firm’s reach in the region––tasked with bringing the brand’s holistic, human-centered ethos to new collaboration and partnership opportunities across the United States in Product and User-Experience Design, as well as Architecture, Interiors, Nautical, Aviation, and Transportation Design and Mobility Solutions.

From left to right: Claudio da Soller , Senior Vice President of Pininfarina America; Silvio Pietro Angori, Chief Executive Officer of Pininfarina Group; Paolo Trevisan, Head of Design of Pininfarina America


Friuli Venezia Giulia Week in Miami

A promotional week entirely dedicated to the Friuli Venezia Giulia region will be held in Miami from October 25-30, 2022. The initiative aims at promoting food and wine specialties from this Northeastern Italian region, as well as its tourist destinations, from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea.

During this week there will be two presentation and dinners: the first one dedicated to South Florida tour operators, and the second one dedicated to local F&B importers and distributors. Both dinners will feature typical Friuli recipes paired with the region’s excellent wines. The initiative is organized in collaboration with the Regional official agency Promo Turismo FVG.

Moreover, four gourmet markets in Miami will be involved in these promotional activities. Inside each market, there will be a corner for the display and tasting of typical food products, including Prosciutto San Daniele and Montasio cheese.

Finally, two happy hours open to IACCSE members and local food lovers will be organized in collaboration with two gourmet markets in Downtown Miami and in South Beach.

If you are a food importer or a tour operator and would like to attend the Friuli Venezia Giulia Week in Miami, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at




2022 Elections for IACCSE Board of Directors

July 8th, 2022,

Dear IACCSE Member

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce – Southeast, would like to inform you that the elections for the renewal of the Board of Directors will take place during the following weeks.

For this purpose, the Compliance Committee, under the direction of the IACCSE Board, will implement and oversee the candidacy and election procedures for the Directors elections, as provided for in the Bylaws of the IACCSE.

The IACCSE Bylaws provide for a three-year term for all eleven (11) directors of the IACCSE Board. Accordingly, the IACCSE Board has determined that the 2022 elections will take place in July – August, 2022.

Therefore, the expiration of the term for the new Board will be July 2025.

The procedure for this year’s elections is as follows:

Step 1: Members seeking a position as a Director on the IACCSE Board MUST complete page one (“Eligibility Information”) of the enclosed Candidate Statement and return it, no later than 5:00 p.m. (EST) on July 26th, 2022 VIA e-mail at (subject: Att. Compliance Committee). Statements received after the deadline are null and void. In addition, each candidate may, but shall not be required to, complete page two (the Annex “A”) describing the candidate’s qualification and objectives. The Annex A, if any, must be submitted concurrently with the Eligibility Information. Annexes A that are not submitted concurrently will not be circulated by the IACCSE.  Candidates are solely responsible for ensuring that their Statement arrives timely.  E-mail early to avoid any last-minute technical difficulties. Any questions must be submitted in writing and addressed to IACCSE, Attention: Compliance Committee (  No communication by IACCSE staff or any person not a member of the Compliance Committee may alter the election procedures.

To be qualified to run for the IACCSE Board, a person:

  1. must be the contact person of one or more Voting Members for more than 13 consecutive months before the elections.
  2. must be over the age of twenty-one (21) as of the date of the mailing of this notice; and
  3. Be otherwise in good standing with his/her member dues and in compliance with Article 4 of the Bylaws (member conduct).

Step 2: The Compliance Committee will hold a meeting between July 26th and July 28th to review all timely Statements and approve all qualified candidates to run for the Board. An approval of candidacy notice will be forwarded via email to the eligible candidates shortly thereafter.

If you feel that you are qualified to contribute to the growth of the Chamber and to help the Chamber to pursue its mission to promote trade relations between Italy and United States of America, we strongly encourage you to apply. Please note that being a board member means not only to attend the monthly meetings, but also to be proactive in introducing new potential members to the Chamber, referring potential sponsors for Chambers’ signature events and put at the service of the Chamber, if needed, one’s own professional expertise. The IACCSE is a no-profit organization that rely on the commitment of its members to continue to grow and to pursue its mission.

Step 3: The voting process will begin on July 29th, 2022 when the official ballot with the qualified candidates (and their Statements) will be e-mailed to all Voting Members. Each Voting Member will vote online through a THIRD-PARTY secure system that ensure secrecy. Neither the IACCSE nor any candidate can access ANY voting information.  Members must vote by 5:00 p.m. (EST) on August 29th, 2022.[1]

Please note that neither candidates nor members may campaign by referring to other candidates unless the other candidate has approved such reference in writing by notifying the IACCSE.  If any candidate or member violates this rule, the candidate will automatically be disqualified, and member sanctions may apply.

At the present time, we encourage all qualified candidates to please fill out all sections of the enclosed Statement and timely return it by the above July 26th deadline.

Sincerely yours,

IACCSE Compliance Committee

Mr. Luca Cancellieri CPA

Mrs. Ilaria Cacopardo, Esq.

Mr. Giorgio Polacco, Esq.

[1].   The IACCSE reserves the right to extend this deadline for exceptional circumstances.  


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