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È in fase di pubblicazione, da parte della Regione Lombardia – Finlombarda S.p.A., il nuovo bando «Linea Internazionalizzazione plus».

L’intervento, che mira a finanziare programmi integrati di sviluppo internazionale per potenziare e/o consolidare la presenza e la capacità di azione delle PMI lombarde nei mercati esteri, è stato strutturato in modo da poter rispondere in maniera efficace alle esigenze del tessuto imprenditoriale locale a seguito dell’insorgere della situazione di emergenza causata dalla pandemia da COVID-19.

Questo nuovo intervento prevede un contributo massimo di € 500.000, a copertura anche del 100% delle spese ammissibili, di cui l’80% sotto forma di finanziamento a tasso zero con durata compresa tra i 3 e i 6 anni, ed il restante 20% sotto forma di contributo a fondo perduto.

Tra le spese ammissibili:

  • partecipazione a fiere internazionali, anche virtuali;
  • istituzione temporanea di spazi espositivi all’estero; esposizioni virtuali;
  • azioni di comunicazione all’estero;
  • spese per lo sviluppo di siti web e per l’accesso a piattaforme on line, anche per l’e-commerce;
  • consulenze relative al progetto di internazionalizzazione;
  • spese per certificazioni estere;
  • spese per il personale dipendente impiegato nel progetto di internazionalizzazione, nella misura forfettaria del 20% del totale delle spese di cui ai punti precedenti;
  • spese generali forfettarie nella misura del 7% del totale delle spese di cui ai punti precedenti.

Le agevolazioni sono concesse a tutte le PMI, iscritte al Registro delle Imprese ed attive da almeno 24 mesi, con sede legale o operativa (attiva) in Lombardia, con esclusione di quelle operanti nei seguenti settori: agricoltura, attività immobiliari, attività finanziarie e assicurative.

L’importo minimo finanziabile è pari a € 40.000. Le domande saranno selezionate tramite una procedura valutativa a sportello, sino ad esaurimento fondi.

Come accaduto in occasione della precedente e analoga misura agevolativa, la gestione della procedura sarà affidata a Finlombarda S.p.A. e le modalità e le tempistiche per la presentazione della domanda saranno resi noti con il bando di prossima pubblicazione.

Lo Studio EXP Legal è a disposizione delle imprese, sin da subito, per la valutazione dei progetti di sviluppo estero e la presentazione delle domande di accesso al Bando «Linea Internazionalizzazione plus».

Avv. Stefano Rossi

Covid-TESTED flights between the United States and Italy

Italy’s Official Gazette has published Ordinance signed by the Ministers of Health, Transport and Foreign Affairs, authorizing the start of a trial of “Covid-tested” flights between some U.S. airports (New York JFK, Newark Liberty and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson) and Rome Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci airport.

This is a very important development for bilateral relations, and is aimed at promoting air travel connections between Italy and the United States, in full compliance with high levels of health safety both for travelers, and our country.

Passengers who test negative after meeting the following conditions will be able to enter Italy without needing to undergo health surveillance or a 14-day period of self-isolation: travelers who get a negative rapid antigenic test directly at the airport in the U.S., or who present a negative PCR or antigenic molecular test certificate issued within 48 hours before their departure. In both cases, these must be followed by second (negative) test carried upon arrival in Rome Fiumicino airport, in designated facilities that have already been set up.

Equally, flights departing from Italy to the United States will be able to board passengers who have tested negative. Upon arrival, passengers will have to comply with the updated recommendations of US authorities.

Airlines operating connections between the interested airports are considering starting “Covid-tested” US-Italy flights as soon as in the next few weeks.

Cybersecurity and 5G

by Digitance

Smart cities, self-driving cars, advanced home and building automation, digital healthcare, augmented reality, virtual reality. These are just a few examples of innovative applications that 5G mobile networks will make available in the near future.

5G will offer ultra-high transmission speed with low latency and will be able to provide services to a huge number smartphones and IoT devices.

It is, therefore, essential to secure the full and continuous operation of 5G networks and protect them from attacks that may lead to critical disservices or to the disclosure of personal and confidential data.

But, nowadays, there is a significant lack of adequate skills, both in private companies and public administrations. Hence the need to train a generation of technicians and managers able to efficiently support 5G cybersecurity in terms of infrastructures, applications and data.

In order to tackle these challenges, CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario delle Telecomunicazioni) and Digitance have signed a MoU in Rome (Italy) on 2020.10.12, joining their effort to deliver a Continuing Education Program on 5G Cybersecurity.

The program will address both public administrations and companies aiming to invest in training technicians and managers on fundamental security issues of 5G infrastructures and applications. It will be supported by the most advanced training methodologies and with a total interchangeability between face-to-face and remote teaching. This way, it will answer not only to the needs of the present socio-health emergency, but also to the efficiency and optimization issues of all its users.

Current time schedule to training kick off is March 2021.

Finally, CNIT and Digitance intend to align, as far as possible, methodologies and contents of this initiative to what is proposed by the UN Agenda 2030, in terms of Sustainable Development.

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Barakat + Bossa created to serve business legal needs locally and in many jurisdictions

by Bakata+Bossa 

Brian Barakat and Giacomo Bossa have formed Barakat + Bossa, a business law practice combining their extensive expertise in Partnership and Business Disputes, Contracts, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Non-Competes and Fraud to serve clients in Florida, the United States and Europe. The firm will be headquartered in Coral Gables, where Barakat has many community ties including his current Chairmanship of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. Bossa, having practiced in Italy, Spain, Belgium and the United States will head up International and Real Estate cases.

Barakat + Bossa will provide services in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Czech and Mandarin with plans to add more as growth occurs. They offer a depth of cultural knowledge in different jurisdictions which is highly valued for today’s global business interactions. Before this new partnership, Barakat was the principal at Barakat Law, founded 15 years ago and Bossa was formerly with Morris Law in Miami.

The need for the new firm was evident to both partners who have helped hundreds of their clients with business disputes for years in the Miami area. As many entrepreneurial companies grew, their legal needs expanded – often with cases outside the area and into other countries. Plus, many companies had business opportunities overseas and required help about legal issues and other details involved with such contracts.

“Our goal is to provide aggressive and professional legal counsel to solve business problems in the most cost-effective way,” adds Giacomo Bossa. “We want to maximize profits and minimize

risks for our clients both locally and wherever they have business interests outside our area.”

Barakat + Bossa is located at 2701 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Suite 202, Coral Gables, FL 33134.

Contact the firm via 305-444-3114 or at

More details are available on the Barakat + Bossa website: B2B.Legal

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