Exclusive distribution agreement for USA and Canada

Saffronegg is pleased to announce that they have recently signed an exclusive distribution contract with Styl’editions, a world-renowned Italian company that produces a range of high quality wallpapers.
The founders, Marco Bruzzi and Monica Melotti, have been internationally recognized for their successful design development and project management. Known for their architectural and holistic approach to design, they meticulously curate and execute every detail – the result being stunning rooms and spaces.
Their work and projects have been featured in Vogue, Miami Magazine, AD, Interni, Abitare, ForbesFinancial Times, Elledecor, and New York Social Diary, to name a few.
Styl’editions is a new brand proposed by Stylgraph, a leading company and reliable partner of the most important flooring and upholstery companies in the world, designing surfaces with over 30 years of experience.
With the purpose to make your space a sanctuary for your soul, Saffronegg sources and curates timeless, beautiful and yet practical wallpapers that spark conversation, and have a story to tell. The wallpapers combine the traditions of artisan decor with a uniquely thoughtful and imaginative point of view.
You can learn more about Saffronegg and also purchase their wallpaper, by visiting:
Saffronegg: www.saffronegg.com
Styl’editions: www.styleditions.it/en
Facebook: www.facebook.com/saffroneggwallpaper
Instagram: www.instagram.com/saffroneggwallpaper

Returning to Work After COVID-19

Although many jobs may remain remote, certain jobs may eventually return to a traditional workspace environment.
According to the American Psychological Association, returning to work will be challenging for both businesses and employees. Many workers will enjoy returning to the workforce and being surrounded by colleagues while other employees will be apprehensive. Employees may be concerned with health, getting back to a routine, or personal issues outside the workplace.
Organizations should prepare for these concerns and provide guidance, coaching, and special programs to allow employees to adjust to returning to the workplace. Even with a structured plan and policies in place, some businesses may need assistance. One consideration would be to bring in an outside party that is skilled in solving complex problems in the workplace. Industrial-Organizational Psychologists, also known as I-O Psychologist are trained professionals that study human behavior in the workplace.
I-O Psychologists assist leaders in developing effective management skills and methods to improve employee engagement. They can assist in helping employees adjust to new work protocols and mediate issues with work-life balance.
I-O psychologist can assess the workplace to develop a plan that can ensure that is aligned with the specific needs of the organization. The anticipated result is a healthy work environment that provides engagement and job satisfaction to the employee while accomplishing organizational outcomes.
If you are interested in learning more about Industrial-Organizational Psychology and finding out how the practice can assist your business, contact Dr. Cynthia Kelly with Genesis Professional Services in Atlanta. Email: ckelly@gpscareers.com Phone: 770-704-6701 Web: www.gpscareers.com

Two Webinars for Italian Design Companies

The IACCSE has planned two interesting webinars dedicated to the furniture industry and the interior design market in the US.
On September 21st, the furniture distributor ‘The Linea Studio’ and an architectural firm ‘One Design Build’, both located in South Florida, will share with the attendees their expertise and views about the US market and how it is evolving. The event has been organized in collaboration with Centro Estero of the Piedmont Region within the “Made in Piemonte Luxury & Design” campaign, a project focused on assisting furniture manufacturing companies located in the area around the city of Turin that want to expand their horizons to the US market. Subsequently to the event, the two South Florida design experts have arranged virtual one-on-one b2b meetings with a group of selected Italian furniture producers.
On October 8th, the IACCSE has invited three prestigious speakers from the furniture and design industry who will discuss their perception of opportunities after the Covid-19 crisis, dispensing valuable advice and practical tips on how to approach the US market. The webinar will be held in collaboration with Unioncamere, the association of Chambers of Commerce in Italy, as part of the project ‘Stay Export’.
The speakers are representatives from well known brands, and they will be announced soon.

First-ever online networking event by the 5 Italian Chambers in the U.S.


The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast is excited to announce its inaugural edition of Vitality, the first-ever online networking event connecting members of 5 official Italian Chambers in the U.S. organized in collaboration with our sister chambers in New York, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles.
Vitality will be hosted on a cutting-edge platform through which the attendees will have the opportunity to search and filter people they would like to connect with, and schedules video calls for one-on-one meetings.
The event will take place on October 1st from 12:00PM to 2:30PM.
If you are a member, ask for your special code to register for free to the event sending an email to projects@iacc-miami.com.
If you are not a member, the registration will cost $25. Click on the following link to register: https://www.italchamber.org/civicrm/?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm%2Fevent%2Fregister&id=318&reset=1
STEP 1: Create your profile – Include: 1) your bio, 2) your expertise (#offer) and 3) your needs (#ask).
STEP 2: Set up one-on-one meetings – send and/or accept invites for one-on-one video calls with registered attendees.
STEP 3: Connect on October 1st – you will receive a personal schedule of your meetings. It will tell you who you will meet and when. A couple of minutes before each meeting, you’ll receive a personal reminder via SMS.
Sponsors of Vitality receive tremendous visibility on the Italian Chambers’ network, both during the event and on the Chambers’ social media channels.
We are excited to present you with a robust offering of sponsorship opportunities that are envisioned to help you reinforce and grow your brand among the Italian Chambers’ network.
We offer 3 levels of sponsorships:
  • Silver Sponsor ($500)
  • Gold Sponsor ($750)
  • Platinum Sponsor ($1000)
For more information about sponsorship and benefits please contact us at marketing@iacc-miami.com
Sponsors to the event:

Funding your Investment in the U.S. with SIMEST

SIMEST is the government-owned Italian organization which has supported the internationalization of small and medium Italian companies since 1991. It brings together all the instruments to sustain Italian enterprises that wish to compete and grow internationally. In particular, SIMEST supports its clients through its whole expansion cycle abroad, from the initial assessment of opening up to a new market, to the growth and expansion through direct investments. SIMEST offers loans, characterized by 40% block grant that goes up to $100,000, which can be used for multiple purposes:

·        Feasibility studies

·        Entry programs on foreign markets

·        Capitalization for exporting companies 

·        Temporary Export Manager (TEM)

·        E-Commerce

·        Participation in fairs and exhibitions

·        Technical assistance programs


SIMEST’s loans, with an interest that, today, is as low as 0,089%, vary from €150.000 up to €4.000.000, according to the Italian headquarter’s investment strategy towards foreign markets.

Are you a member of the Chamber with an Italian company’s subsidiary in the U.S. and you would like to obtain more information about how to obtain these funds?

The IACCSE can help you process your application and follow up with SIMEST throughout the procedure with little effort required on your part.

For more info, send an email to projects@iacc-miami.com.



TUESDAY – SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 | 4:30pm-6:00 pm EST

On Tuesday, September 15th , The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACCSE) has proudly held the IACCSE e-masterclass series“Prosecco DOC: a journey through the Italian bubbles tradition and passion”, an online masterclass that gave attendees the opportunity to discover four authentic Italian Prosecco DOC labels thanks to the contribution of importers and distributors operating in Florida, as well as the participation of industry experts.

The e-masterclass was part of the “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” campaign, promoted by the Italian Government and devoted to the promotion of ‘Made in Italy’ products and the education of American consumers on protected denominations.

Prosecco is the world’s most exported Italian wine and the US market alone accounts for 21% of the exports outside of Italy (second only to Europe), with Florida representing a significant share.

During this online event – moderated by Doreen Colondres (Celebrity Chef, Wine Educator, and Cookbook Author) – a panel of experts from the industry shared their expertise and experience in the wine world, with a particular focus on the Prosecco DOC market opportunities and main trends in Florida:

  • Miguel De Arregui, Director of Food and Beverage, Mandarin Oriental Miami
  • Alessandra Esteves, Director of Wine Education, Florida Wine Academy
  • Jennifer Schmitt, Head Sommelier, Zuma Miami
  • Dieter Xiao, Restaurant Operations and Development Manager, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

The e-masterclass allowed the audience to learn not only about the technical characteristics of each of the presented wines, but also to take part to a journey through the many different aspects that revolve around Prosecco DOC and its legacy in the Italian lifestyle, culture and cuisine. Its territory of origin, the best plates to serve it with, how to create cocktails with Prosecco, are just examples of the themes that the presentations included:

Torresella Prosecco DOC
represented by Kristina Sazama, Wine Educator, Santa Margherita USA

Conca d’Oro Prosecco DOC
represented by Paolo Perillo, Co-owner and Sommelier, Italwine USA

Mille Prosecco DOC
represented by Cristina Mistri, Owner, RDL Wine

Marca Oro DOC Brut
represented by Matteo Bolla, Business Development Manager, Cantine Valdo

The panel of experts, that prior the event received the wine box with the Proseccos, were interactively involved through a live wine tasting.

The initiative was also open to a public of wine lovers that had the opportunity to participate to the masterclass as spectators and learn about Prosecco DOC and the characteristics of each of the four presented wines, as well as to take part to the tasting by purchasing the wines prior the event at the gourmet market:  Origini Italian Market  , Miami (FL)

To watch the full video, click HERE


Contact us at marketing@iacc-miami.com to discover how to partner with
us for the next appointment of the IACCSE e-masterclass series.





TUESDAY – SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 | 4:00pm-5:30 pm EST

On September 1st 2020, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast held ‘The Authentic Italian Table: Northern Italy’s Rustic Cuisine’, a virtual event arranged through Zoom in which participants had the opportunity to enjoy flavors and views from Northern Italy.

The event was part of the ‘The Extraordinary Italian Taste’ campaign, promoted by the Italian Government and devoted to promote ‘Made in Italy’ food products and the Italian authentic restaurants.

Carlo Donadoni, President of the Italian Chefs Federation – USA Delegation, and Angelo Masarin, Chef of ‘Salumeria 104’ restaurant in Miami, led the participants through a culinary experience aimed to discover the most typical Italian dishes. Prior to the event, a selected public of food bloggers and influencers received a food box containing the necessary ingredients to be able to follow along the chefs’ instructions and cook in real time from the comfort of their kitchens on the day of the event.

The three-course menu made of a starter, one first course and a dessert and wine pairing was prepared using products of protected designation of origin (PDO) and products of protected geographical indication (PGI) coming from Italian lands like Montasio cheese PDO, rice PDO from Vercelli area, extra virgin olive oil PDO from Riviera Ligure, and Grana Padano cheese PDO.

In addition, besides the food products and their flavors, the stars of the event have also been the Italian locations and views, presented by a representative of the Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT).

Thanks to our partners:

  • Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT).
  • Italian Chef Federation – USA Delegation
  • Salumeria 104 Restaurant (Miami, FL)

To watch the video recap, CLICK HERE



Contact us at marketing@iacc-miami.com to discover how to partner with
us for the next appointment of the IACCSE e-masterclass series.



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