IT: New Office in Downtown Miami,  by Miros Consulting

Miros Consulting, is proud to announce their office’s expansion, in the heart of the city of Miami.

Conveniently located, at 261 NE 1st Street and easily accessible from the neighboring higher education institutions, it will facilitate the attraction of local young talent interested in the IT field and the hiring process of local professionals.

Thanks, to an increased company’s manpower they had been able to maintain their Weston location as their development center, while opening Miami location to effectively been able to serve a larger number of clientele.

Founded by a group of Italian entrepreneurs and experts in the Information Technologies sector, Miros Consulting, Inc., first opened their office in 2014 Weston, FL.

Miros Consulting manages in outsourcing all their clients’ Information Systems, overseeing all the goods and service suppliers involved in the clients’ IT management, including the hiring of IT Executives such as CIO and CTO.

Their services include:

  • MICloud, a platform created to host clients’ data center including data, software, and emails.
  • VoIP System, a virtualization of telephone lines that allows the clients to be independent from physical structures;
  • Computer-Network Security, in order to identify information theft and protect your company’s data from viruses.
  • Video Surveillance, Miros Consulting has partnered with Axis, leader in the field of video surveillance. Axis’ infrastructure allows for the management of cameras without subjecting the company’s network to unnecessary risks, because the cameras do the streaming via SSL.

MagniSmartech, the mattress of the future, by Magniflex

As we get older it seems as though we’re on an eternal quest to find the perfect mattress.  Maybe we need more than just a comfortable mattress.

Magniflex is the largest Italian mattress manufacturer with over 50 years of experience as a business to business operation and a worldwide distribution in about 100 countries.

Magniflex has proudly launched its unique MagniSmartech, an integrated sleep system that has taken its mattresses to the next level. MagniSmartech allows you to learn more about your sleep through the use of sensors that gather data about you and your sleep environment in real time.

The sensors track many parameters like the hours slept, your average heart-rate and respiratory rate and their fluctuations, as well as environmental data like the brightness and noise level of your room. The data and suggestions are available to view the next day in the accompanying app or through a web browser.

MagniSmartech also features an innovative soft wakeup function as well as chromotherapy using LED, but probably the most unique feature is the anti-snore function, which automatically recognizes when you’re snoring and then goes into action adjusting the position of the bed until the snoring stops, at which point it returns to the original position.

Magniflex prides itself of having created the mattress of the future, and continued on its journey of promoting quality sleep with the Made in Italy label.

Simply Italian Great Wines Americas Tour & VINO 2017 

By I.E.E.M. (International Event and Exhibition Management).

I.E.E.M. in partnering up with the Italian Trade Commission to present two premiere wine tastings at the Biltmore Hotel on February 8th.

Over 55 Italian wineries will meet with South Florida Wine Traders.

The IACC Chamber members who are part of the hospitality or wine trade are invited.

All the other members are more than welcome to join for a “brindisi”, from 5 pm to 6.30 pm during the “The Sparkling Life: It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere with Friuli Wineshappy hour presentation, at the terrace of the Biltmore Country Club ballroom.

For registration, please click on the following link: 

IACCSE unveils its projects for 2017

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is more than glad to share with all its members the most relevant initiatives for the newly began 2017.

The agenda for this year will be full of Events and Activities, aimed to highlight the great efforts the IACC has especially made in the following main sectors: Food & Wine, Interior Design, Hospitality, Tourism and Technology & Innovation.

Among the most important initiatives, it is worth mentioning the coordination of two delegations of Buyers from the United States, which will actively take part in two interesting Events in Italy: the “Buy Wine”, 10-11 February 2017, in Florence and the “Mercanteinfiera”, 22-26 February, in Parma. The former, is aimed to foster the interaction between international importers and the excellence of Tuscan wine production; the latter, is an International Fair of modern antiques and antiques trade on the US market.

Going through the year, on April 18-19 and 25-26, you will attend another great Event: The Italian Culinary Tour, which is part of The Extraordinary Italian Taste macro Event and consists of a culinary tour of Italians Restaurants in Miami, aimed to promote the “Made in Italy” campaign on both B2C and B2B scale.

As for the Design, the IACC has planned a two day Event on May 19-20: The Best of Italian Design is addressed to the professional of this sector and is meant to highlight and promote the Made in Italy Design.

In other words, the IACC has planned an intense 2017 focusing on the growing interaction between US and Italy, by scheduling, among other things, many co-branding activities and B2B and B2C experiences, which will encourage the development of this strong relationship.

Download here the overview of the Projects 2017:

Italy-America Chamber of Commerce – Projects 2017

2016 IACCSE Pillar Award

Choosing to be a member of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce (IACCSE) is not only a clever choice for one’s own business but it is also a statement. It means that an entrepreneur is engaged with his or her own community, that he or she is willing to cooperate with other business’ owners in order to build an organization devoted to foster ties between Italy and the USA, as well as to support new entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Endeavors that eventually will be successful and will create jobs in the region, helping communities to flourish.

On December 7th 2016, in occasion of the traditional IACCSE Holiday Dinner, longstanding members of the Chamber received a well-deserved recognition.

During the night, the IACCSE Board of Directors has honored with the IACCSE Pillar Award the following companies:

20 years Membership Anniversary:

  • Maya Enterprises, Inc.

15 years Membership Anniversary:

  • Finley & Bologna, International 
  • InterAmerican Hotels Corp.

10 years Membership Anniversary:

  • Savino Del Bene USA, Inc.

5 years Membership Anniversary:

  • Shutts  & Bowen
  • Evolution Travel USA, Inc.    
  • GLF Construction Corporation
  • Cibo Wine Bar
  • Enolgas USA Inc. 
  • Sara Coen Giovanelli
  • Monique Troncone, CPA, PA
  • IBS Insurance Group Inc.
  • LF of America Corp. (subsidiary of Lameplast, Spa)

Furthermore, there was a recognition to the new Premium Members of the Chamber for their generous support in 2016:

  • De Sousa Import, LLC
  • The Miami Football Club.


Mr. Diego Cagol, Maya Enterprises, Inc., celebrating 20 years of IACC Membership


Mr. Chandler R. Finley, Finley & Bologna International, celebrating 15 years of Membership


Expanding internationally is a great opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises, but  the legal and contractual aspects, which may be different from country to country, require deep analysis and organization

Here is a list of the main international trade payment methods recognized by the International Trade Administration.


The buyer (importer) sends the payment before receiving the goods. Upon receipt of payment the seller (exporter) ships the goods and related documentation to the buyer.

Open Account

The seller ships the goods and relevant documentation directly to the buyer who agrees to pay the bill at a future date (usually 30 to 90 days).

Documentary Collection

The exporter entrusts the collection of the payment to his bank, which will send the commercial documentation relating to the goods to the importer’s bank, along with instructions for payment. The buyer will be requested from his bank to make the payment. The documentation will be then used to clear the goods.

Letter of Credit

It is widely used, as it offers a guarantee issued directly by banks.

An L/C is a commitment by a bank, on behalf of the buyer, that payment will be sent to the exporter upon presentation of the shipping documents (invoices, certificates of origin, bills of lading, etc). Key clause is that the documents fully comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the letter of credit.

There are also other methods and can be combined with each other in many ways. Each presents different levels of risk for a part rather than the other. And to minimize them it is useful to rely on a solid banking system to monitor the situation.

For more information, please contact us at




The Astaldi Group has won in California, the contract for the improvement of the I-405 in Los Angeles. The contract is valued at US$ 1.2 billion. This is a major and new success for the Astaldi Group, which is aiming to consolidate its presence in the United States by extending its activities to the West Coast. Astaldi holds a 40% stake in the project.

The contract calls for the design and construction of the improvement works for 22 kilometres of interstate highway. The complexity of the works, which also includes the construction of 35 bridges, is accentuated by the need to maintain the infrastructure in operation for the entire duration of the activities.

The works, commissioned by the OCTA Orange County Transportation Authority, will be financed with local, state, and federal funds. The works have a duration of 6 years, and will be carried out in joint venture with the Spanish Group OHL (holding a 60% stake).

The Astaldi Group has been present in the United States for more than 20 years through its ACC Astaldi

Construction Corporation, and operates mainly in states on the East (Florida) and West (California) Coasts.

Winning the I-405 contract brings to a total of approximately US$ 580 million of backlog in execution in the United States.




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