E-MASTERCLASS SERIES: “BACK TO THE ROOTS” with Michelin-starred Chef Christiano Tomei

Michelin-starred Chef CRISTIANO TOMEI
April 28, 2020 | 4pm-6pm EST




About the Masterclass

If you think you know authentic Italian cuisine…Think twice.

Beyond the three magic P’s –pasta, pizza, polenta– there is a vast choice of traditional recipes that omit animal protein. The average everyday Italian diet is very vegetarian-friendly, and the reason for this is the country’s cultural heritage.

Italy experienced opulence only after the industrial revolution. Animal protein until then was a lavish indulgence not all layers of society could afford, especially in the more poverty-stricken, rural areas of the country. Proof of this late 19thcentury austerity is now densely present in the traditional meatless preparation of classic recipes and regional specialties. Italians heavily rely on locally-grown produce and seasonal crop cycles to prepare their daily meals

Michelin-starred Chef Cristiano Tomei walked us through a reinterpretation of everyday Italian favorites.


About Cristiano Tomei

Michelin-starred Cristiano Tomei, is considered one of the most talented chefs in Italy.

He is largely known for his tremendous ability to combining local traditions with foreign influences. His cuisine enhances locally-grown products, recalling his grandmothers’ cooking methods, as well as his deep connection with his Tuscan roots. while interpreting and pairing them with a more modern twist.

He is also known for hosting a variety of cooking TV shows in Italy, acting as a judge on “Cuochi d’Italia” and “Pupi & Fornelli”, and on the “Kitchen Sound show” side by side with Chef Alessandro Borghese. He has a great capacity to entertain the public thanks to his playful and genuine character.

His restaurant – “L’Imbuto” -located in the historic city of Lucca (Tuscany), conquered the Michelin star in 2014. It has little to do with fine dining restaurants. It almost looks like a bistro. There’s not even a menu:”Just say the number of courses and leave it to the chef”. He explains: «Cooking is like jazz: the music score is set, but harmonies are the result of the musician’s improvisation. As chefs, we must offer happiness, our goal is to engage the senses”




The online masterclass was run on the Zoom platform from 4:00 to 6:00 pm EST.

VIP Guests received a home-delivery gift bag containing the ingredients and recipes necessary to prepare the dishes, as well as informative collateral about the products used.

During the two-hour online class, the audience was educated on how to appreciate the selected products needed to create the dishes, while preparing their own recipe from their kitchen.


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The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast is very much involved in promoting the Italian food, beverage and hospitality industry.

This industry represents a significant portion of the Italian exports in the USA as well as an important source of Italian direct investments in major cities throughout North America.

Miami is a fulgid example of how Italian entrepreneurship and investments have shaped the restaurant scene in several neighborhoods.


We support this industry with many projects and services including:

  • J1 Visa for young Italian chefs to train and work in the U.S. for 1 year
  • buyers’ delegations to Italy to meet with local producers
  • Invited journalists and bloggers to travel to Italy to discover and promote Italian genuine products and culinary excellences
  • Organization of business events in USA for Italian companies and importers of Italian products
  • Italian Quality Seal: an official recognition presented only to those restaurants that meet specific criteria of authenticity and respect of the Italian culinary tradition. The “Marchio Ospitalità Italiana – Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo” is conferred through a certification process fulfilled by the IACCSE
  • Signature Events: valuable networking platforms and exposure opportunity for Made in Italy products, restaurants, importers, distributors and their counterparts.




  • The Italian Culinary Tour – Journalists and food bloggers are invited to experience a path of taste in which a 4 course menu is served in 4 different restaurants. The event aims to promote the authentic Italian restaurants in Miami, as well as genuine Italian products. Follow the Italian taste!
    Watch here the video of the last edition:


  • Food Design Contest – A unique event that combines in one night the culinary creations of great chefs with a showroom tour in the Miami Design District. Selected local Italian chefs assigned to distinct furniture showrooms compete for the winning title based on creativity, taste and food plating. Journalists, bloggers and interior designers vote for the best culinary creation.
    Watch here the video of the 2019 edition:


  • The Authentic Italian Table – High-end food and wine festival showcasing the best Italian products and restaurants in Miami. The event consists of a B2B Session for professionals part of the F&B industry only, and a Grand Tasting open to the general public. Business meetings, Food & Wine Contests, Gourmet Experiences and entertainment are the ingredients of this incredible event recipe.
    Watch here the event video:


  • Masterclass – Hospitality industrial professionals are invited to engage with Italian chefs showcasing ther signature dishes using hight-quality DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (Indication of Geographic Protection) labeled products.
    Watch here the event video:


  • E-masterclass Series –  Each e-masterclass hosts a different celebrity Chef that – virtually connected from his/her kitchen – guides the audience through a path of taste revealing the traditions and the culture behind the recipes. A selected number of participants (local media, food bloggers and industry leaders) – invited to interact and cook in real time with the Chef – receive a home-delivery gift bag containing the ingredients needed to prepare the dishes.
    The protagonist of the first episode “Back to the Roots – rediscovering Italian traditional cuisine with a vegetarian twist” was Michelin-starred Chef and TV personality Cristiano Tomei (find the event details here).





The IACCSE wants to help you navigate through the overwhelming
information that is out there, by saving you time and guiding you
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We have created a dedicated space for relief options and
other available resources on important matters related to Covid-19 crisis:

  • U.S. Small Business Administration – DISASTER ASSISTANCE
    Read here
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  • The Beacon Council – COVID-19 UPDATES AND RESOURCES
    Read here
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  • Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico – ECONOMIC SUPPORT FOR COMPANIES IN ITALY (in Italian)
    Read here
  • Consulate of Italy – COVID-19: CONTACTS FOR INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE (in Italian)
    Read here 


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“This moment humanity is going through can be seen as a portal and as a hole. The decision to fall into the hole or go through the portal is up to you. If they repent of the problem and consume the news 24 hours a day, with little energy, nervous all the time, with pessimism, they will fall into the hole. But if you take this opportunity to look at yourself, rethink life and death, take care of yourself and others, you will cross the portal.”
-White Eagle, indigenous Hopi elder, March 2020
Dear IACCSE Members and Friends,
As the spread of coronavirus has touched just about every aspect of our daily lives, we at the IACCSE fully understand our responsibility to keep doing what we do best: support our Members and our business community through information, collaboration, and innovation.
During this time of social distancing, to ensure business continuity, we are working harder than ever on new forms of online engagement and virtual tools available to you: webinars, virtual business breakfasts, the business expert channel (a valuable video marketing tool soon available to you), to keep maximizing your exposure and promotion in the market.
We are going through this only if we stay together, day by day, doing our part in working to make a positive impact on our community in a moment in time when it is vital to stay united.
Being aware of what you can share in terms of expertise and being connected with other entrepreneurs, is what matters the most today.
It is crucial to support one another and stick together by sharing ideas, and leveraging the IACCSE’s assets available to each one of you (website, social media pages, newsletter and other), in order to stay responsive and resilient in the midst of  the current COVID-19 crisis and to plan a new growth once the emergency is over.
The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce mission is to act as your beacon.
In times like this one, the Membership to the Chamber becomes an even more powerful ally, making you feel part of a group, a community in which no one stands alone, yet is part of a robust business network defined by creativity and integrity. 
We therefore encourage you to keep supporting each other, stay connected with the Chamber, taking an active role and participating whenever possible to our initiatives, especially in these unprecedented times.
We are deeply grateful for those of you that have showed continued support and partnership and for being with us, as we work through this emergency.
We are here for you.

Tommaso Cardana
Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on contractual obligations

By EXP Legal


The spread of Covid-19 pandemic is having a strong impact on contractual relationships, as it poses the question of the legitimacy of a delayed or a missed fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by the parties under the contract.
The Cura Italia Decree explicitly provides that the compliance with the containment measures is always assessed for the purposes of excluding the liability of the obliged party pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1218 and 1223 of the Italian Civil Code. Such provisions exclude the liability for damages compensation when the obliged party proves that the failure or delay was caused by the impossibility of the performance deriving from cause not attributable to him.
It follows that, as long as the objective possibility of the performance remains, the obliged party is always liable. Only when the impossibility of the performance occurred, and this may depend also on prohibitions arising from legislative or administrative measures (i.e. factum principis), the obliged person is admitted to the release proof aimed at demonstrating that the impossibility is absolute, objective and unsurpassed, related to force majeure or to unforeseeable circumstances.
It seems reasonable to conclude, therefore, that the extraordinary and unpredictable nature of the spread of the epidemic from Covid-19 can be interpreted as a force majeure cause, like, for example, cyclones, floods, earthquakes, wars, etc., that would exclude the liability on the assumption that the obliged party proves that the performance has become objectively impossible due to the containment measures imposed by the extraordinary legislation (factum principis).
Should the performance not be objectively impossible, the obliged party may invoke the excessive burdensome of his performance asking for the termination of the contract or the reduction of his obligation, pursuant to Articles 1467 of the Italian Civil Code.
Contact info@explegal.it for more details and information.

The impact of COVID-19 on Transfer Pricing Policies

By BGSM & Partners 


The Covid-19 outbreak has led many companies to adopt new strategies aimed at optimizing their business and their financial management. In particular, multinational companies are advised to review their business models by which they operate globally, and it is also advisable, consequently to the first operation, to adapt the transfer pricing policies to the changed economic scenario through special means (as reasonable arrangements), in compliance with the arm’s length principles.
In this context, the importance given by an appropriate documentation, that allows to support the applied transfer pricing policies, is enhanced.

The economic crisis has also had important consequences on cash flow, on EBIT (E
arnings Before Interest and Tax), on sales made and on multinational groups’ value chain.
Therefore, this economic uncertainty should lead companies to consider the possibility of using means aimed at establishing the most appropriate transfer pricing adjustments.
Economic crisis could also have an impact on those companies that have drawn up Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) with terms and conditions that are currently difficult to fulfill.
Therefore, these companies may not be able to fulfill the provisions agreed with the financial administration for the determination of transfer prices.
In this case, it will be necessary to re-define the agreement’s terms in order to include critical assumptions’ clauses that allow to make a more flexible choice about pricing methods or, in any case, it will be necessary to include clauses that provide for an express flexibility of the agreements.

TREND Group response to COVID-19 to support the community

by Trend Transformations 


TREND Group and TREND Transformations are doing their part to fight the spread of Corona Virus by way of manufacturing and delivering lightweight tables covered with etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces, to be used as a safe and effective workstation surface for COVID-19 treatment check-in and administrative workspaces.

These tables are made of engineered stone materials (quartz) which are then treated with an antimicrobial finish to increase emergency response personnel and patient safety.
Finished tables to be used at critical care sites as front-line workstations and check-in points, information station, command center workspaces.
Tables are being distributed to:
  • Hospitals – outdoor testing, reception and assessment points, mobile command centers
  • Fire stations – outdoor testing, reception and assessment points, mobile command centers
  • Community – converted public and private facilities set up as testing centers
TREND Group and TREND Transformations are playing an essential role in our community by protecting front-line and first respondersservicing patients and coworkers at critical touchpoints to help reduce the spread of the virus.

If you know of entities or places that can benefit from the use of these safe tables, please contact them at: (954)296-0085 or ricardow@trend-transformations.com.

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