SESANV leverages USA, Caribbean and LATAM market (by SESA NC USA Corp.)

SESANV continues to leverage USA, Caribbean and LATAM markets through its Miami – Americas Headquarters offices.

We are now entertaining talks with Operators from multiple countries in the Caribbean Region who are interested in our VoWIFI (Voice over WIFI) Solution.  This solution allows customers to seamless manage phone calls from WIFI environments. The purpose and benefit is to dramatically improve the caller experience in these markets where the Mobile infrastructure is inadequate and or insufficient. This can be paramount during times of natural disasters such as Hurricanes and or Earthquakes.

SESANV has also commence business activities in South America more specifically Peru and soon to follow Colombia and Ecuador. SESANV is planning to open up subsidiaries in South American countries in order to serve this market to its fullest necessities and capabilities. These subsidiaries will receive technical and staffing support from our current SESA do Brasil branch under guidelines and directions from SESANV’s Americas Headquarters hereby in Miami. SESANV’s solutions of interest for the South American market are: Network Analytics, Network Integration, and VoWIFI. VoWIFI serves as an instantaneous solution to the problem of under capacitated mobile network(s). The second stage of this operation is to suit and robust the network(s) with purpose built hardware elements in addition to SESANV’s solutions.

SESANV is also commencing to leverage the North America market as we are currently holding conversations with Operators and we do foreseen an increase in business activities for this market during the second and third quarters ahead.

Court’s ruling on electronic data (by Gunster)

Gunster lawyers Joseph L. Raia and Michael B. Green recently obtained a seminal decision from a California Appeals court ruling that courts can compel Google to produce emails of an account holder, where the account holder gave lawful consent to the disclosure. 

The court rejected Google’s argument that the Stored Communications Act (18 U.S.C. § 2702), (1) gave Google the discretion to refuse to disclose the email, despite the account holder’s consent; and, (2) shielded Google from all civil discovery subpoenas. In a thoughtful and well-reasoned opinion, the court accepted Gunster’s analysis of the statute and explained that the lawful consent of the account holder excused Google from the statute’s prohibition against disclosure. The court distinguished the many cases ruling that civil discovery subpoenas were not an enumerated exception to the prohibitions in the SCA. The court also accepted Gunster’s argument that a court can compel an account holder to provide lawful consent to the disclosure of emails. An account holder cannot prohibit disclosure of relevant evidence by putting the evidence in an email account and then refusing to voluntarily disclose the email.

The decision expands the conversation on rights to electronic data, including who controls that data, in the post-Snowden era, and may have broader implications for other stored communications providers, including Facebook, AOL and the like. 


Pubblicato il Catalogo dei Servizi 2015

Il Catalogo Servizi della Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACC), favorisce lo stabilirsi di relazioni tra la Camera e i suoi clienti (Imprese, PA) sulla base di criteri trasparenti e chiari.

Il Catalogo descrive le attività a sostegno dell’internazionalizzazione delle imprese e dei territori italiani definendone i principi di gestione ed erogazione. Benché non esaustivo, il Catalogo offre all’Impresa e alle Pubbliche Amministrazioni un quadro dei servizi offerti e dei loro costi.

I costi espressi all’interno del Catalogo però sono da considerarsi come valori medi di riferimento e non possono sostituirsi ad un preventivo specifico che sarà fornito al momento della richiesta del servizio.