Leadership Training on Nov 6th (by K2USA,LLC)

On November 6th,  Mr. Paolo Ruggeri, founder of  K2USA, LLC | OSM International Group, will offer a leadership training in Miami Beach.

See the invitation below for further details.

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The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACC) – Puerto Rico Chapter is organizing a Trade Mission to Puerto Rico in occasion of EXPO Puerto Rico 2015 (www.comercioyexportacion.com), an annual international event promoted by the Departamento de Desarrollo Economico y Comercio (DDEC).

The mission will include not only a visit to the Exhibition but also one-to-one business meetings organized by the DDEC, networking sessions, cocktails and seminars.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the business connections of the Chamber, to discover the fiscal advantages of establishing a business in the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and to meet potential business partners in the Island.

Here you can find the full program and reserve your space for this upcoming mission.

Puerto-Ricos-El-Morro-Fort website


The IACC presents in Miami Consorzio Vini Lugana DOC

The Lugana Tutelage Consortium has been pursuing its mission to monitor, defend and promote Lugana D.O.C. wines ever since it was founded in 1990. As a promoter, the Consortium also seeks to raise awareness and add value to the Lugana brand by participating to the most important national and international trade fairs, and by organizing events apt to educate and enhance the public’s recognition of the image and quality of Lugana wines.

Consorzio Vini Lugana will present their wines during two events that will be organized in Miami with the support of the Italy America Chamber of Commerce.  On November 17th wine importers and distributors will be invited for a tasting of Lugana D.O.C. wines and food pairings at the Miami Culinary Institute in Downtown.

On November 18th atStrada in the Grove Restaurant in Coconut Groove will take place an event open to wine collectors and connoisseurs. It will be an unique opportunity for visit, meet, taste and smell the wines from one of smallest Italian wine regions, with a one and only indigenous grape: Turbiana. Lugana territory is located between Verona (Veneto region) and Brescia (Lombardy) areas around the south portion of the wonderful Lake Garda.

RSVP for the events at rsvp@iaccse.com specifying to which event you will attend.


Wine Tasting of Lugana DOC from Italy (Only for Trade – Nov 17th)


Wine Tasting of Lugana DOC from Italy (Nov 18th) 


Giving Business Owner Peace of mind thanks to an aptitude test made in Italy (by K2 USA)

Lately the main Italian economic newspaper “Il Sole 24 Orerecognized the excellent performance in the US market of a Made in Italy aptitude test created by Human Resources pioneers Paolo Ruggeri and Andrea Condello.

Hiring mistakes can be costly in terms of missed sales opportunities and adverse customer relations. More importantly, such mistakes can prove to be highly detrimental on the staff’s morale and productivity. This is a challenge the even the most experienced business owners have to come to terms with. It is precisely to address this universal need for peace of mind that Paolo Ruggeri and Andrea Condello, co-founders of Open Source Management consulting company, have crafted a comprehensive personality assessment tool, the I-Profile Analysis.

Along with a multitude of personnel management and training techniques, thanks to the I-Profile Analysis Mr. Ruggeri and Mr. Condello have been able to help countless business owners avoid hiring mistakes and grow a successful a profitable business built upon its main asset: people. Active for over a decade, OSM has today a world-wide presence with offices in Italy, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, England, Bulgaria and, of course, the United States with the OSM U.S. branch, K2USA.k2 sito

The I-Profile technology, born from a study conducted by sociologist Thomas Stanley, is simple and incredibly accurate. In fact, the assessment is able to highlight a current or future employee’s strengths and weaknesses, assess whether he/she shares your company values and determine whether he/she will contribute to the company’s success. Depending on the score, the individual’s ability to cope with pressure, stay motivated and build long-term relationships can be assessed and addressed. In other words, our I-Profile Analysis enables business owners to hire people for character and to determine how much it will “cost” to address any identified weaknesses.

Click here to read “Il Sole 24 Ore” article.

Self-employment tax application to LLC members (by Piero Salussolia P.A.)

Recently, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) released an Advice Memorandum, addressing whether members of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), which acted as a management company (the “Management Company”) can be treated as limited partners for purposes of the Self-employment Tax (“SeT”), when such partners perform “extensive services” for the company. The Advice is significant because the application of said tax to LLC’s distributions has been unsettled for years.

salusso sitoThe Management Company in the Advice acted as an investment manager of a family of funds, performing a wide range of services, which generated income. The Management Company opted to treat all of its members as “Limited Partners” for purposes of the SeT, consequently the members did not pay Set on their share of the company’s income.
The IRS rejected the Management Company’s position relying on legislative history and two recent judicial decisions. The legislative history indicates that the purpose of the limited partner exception is to exclude from taxable wages earnings that are of an investment nature. In the first decision, the court held that partners of a law partnership are not Limited Partners because the lawyers received income based on the legal services performed on behalf of the firm. In the second decision, members of an LLC subjected to SeT only the share of company’s income received as compensation (excluding the rest). The court concluded that because the members actively participated in the company business, all of their income was subject to SeT.
In its Advice, the IRS applied these decisions to the Management Company, observing that its members performed extensive services soall the LLC earnings were not of an investment nature and the members were not to be treated as “Limited Partners” for purposes of the SeT exemption.

Entering last quarter of the year: Second best season for local Real Estate market (By EWM International Realty – Ilaria Belloni)

It is well known in South Florida that right after Labor Day ends, the second best quarter of the year begins for real estate. Making the end of the year a great season for buyers and sellers. Named Top Residential Producer in Coral Gables and South Miami within EWM, Ilaria shows in the second week of September 2015 that the market is highly active and that she can sure do the job. Her negotiating skills and more than 16 years experience position her amongst the top agents. She will care for the contract deadlines, guide the whole process from beginning to end, price accordingly and make transactions happen.  ewm sito

The market has been active consistently now for about 3 years, and still today we see a steady increase in sales and price in Miami Dade. This market motivates sellers to get their highest value as buyers are constantly spilling into the city either international or domestic.
What are we expecting to happen in the the approaching peak season? What economic factors will influence this growth trend in Miami Dade?
Once again the Fed’s decided not to raise the rates. The question now is, how many more months will it take for them to hike. Experts differ on the result and some believe the US economy is still not ready for this increase while others say it is about time. But looking at the international panorama with the economic instability in Europe and China, the wariness in stocks is high on wall street.
Overall, will this affect our local real estate market? Maybe prices and valuation will correct its self as the stock market has, but the fact that Miami is one of the US highest growing metropolitan areas gives us a sense that the demand will not cease any time soon.

XIII Edition of Cinema Italy

The Cinema Italy Festival is going to take place at the Regal Cinema in South Beach on October 8th-13th.

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACC) will celebrate the beginning of the festival during its welcome dinner for the new Italian Consul General of Italy in Miami, Hon. Gloria Bellelli on October 7th at Cibo Wine Bar in South Beach. You can see the invitation of the welcome dinner here.
The price of the dinner includes also a ticket for the opening movie of Cinema Italy “Se Dio Vuole (God Willing)” at Regal Cinema and the pass for the following Opening Night Party at the fabulous Delano’s pool.
Ten new, current season films will be screened in competition for the Best Film Award at the Regal Cinema South Beach.
A diverse mix of romance, comedy and drama features the lineup, showcasing this year’s most awarded films such as
  • Noi e la Giulia, 2015, marking the return to the big screen of actor/directed by E. Leo
  • Perez, 2014, a powerful drama noir Directed by E. De Angelis and featuring Luca Zingaretti
Explore the full film program, trailers & more here.
Click here to secure your passes now.

Last days to reserve your advertising space on our upcoming .it magazine ” Real Estate Investments in South Florida for Italian Buyers “

“Real Estate Investments in South Florida for Italian Buyers” a 100 pages guide targeting Italian investors in the US will be published on January 2016. IT-Volume 10 Issue1_Dic_2014_low_Cover

The guide will feature articles in English and Italian as a special edition of our catchy and contemporary .it Italian Trade Magazine.  

3,000 copies will be printed and distributed for free throughout our network, including the Consulate General of Italy, law firms, CPA firms and cultural associations. It will be also available for free downloading at the IACC website (more than 1,500 unique visitors per month).

Do not miss this opportunity! Contact now the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce to reserve your ad space. Only few days left to reserve your advertising space.

Please see the Media kit for further information here

Italy’s marina network as a gateway to its natural and cultural heritage

For the first time the IACC is collaborating with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Italy for the project called Signa Maris, aimed to promote cultural and natural offerings of the Southern Italy via its ports, particularly those ports in the Regions of Calabria, Campania, Puglia (Apulia) and Sicilia (Sicily).

The project Signa Maris interprets the marinas located along the Italian coast as gateways to the territory, and invites tourists traveling by boat to avail themselves of the cultural and natural heritage within easy reach of any given touristic port.

Several presentations of the project are planned in different international cities by the network of the Italian Chambers in the World.

In November the IACC will be in charge of organizing in Miami a presentation for travel press and tour operators.

See the video presentation of the project here

More information here: www.signamaris.com


–          This initiative has been financed within the Interregional  Operative Program “Attrattori culturali, naturali e turismo” 2007-2013 with community resources coming from the European Regional Development Fund;

–          The initiative has been promoted from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism – Secretary General – Intermediate Organis PoIn “Attrattori culturali, naturali e turismo”- Line II.2.1, within the frame of the project named “Promozione, promo-commercializzazione e sensibilizzazione di aree di attrazione culturale delle regioni convergenza anche con vie di accesso aeroportuali minori”;

–          This specify initiative is aimed to promote the territories “Polo Montagne Blu” and relative touristic itineraries.


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