Magniflex contributes to IACCSE with Face Masks Sells

By Magniflex USA

Italian mattress giant, Magniflex, has dedicated part of their focus to quality, washable, Made in Italy face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Magniflex is committed to supporting the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce during this tough time by offering face masks to its members at wholesale price and has pledged to donate $1 per each sold mask to the Italian Chamber as a contribution to help support their initiatives that promote Made in Italy during this time of need.


Face Mask with Italian Flag and adjustable ear laces:

– $6.99 per mask, sold in 5-pack

– Minimum order 5 masks

– Shipping included with USPS

– Faster UPS shipping – $4.99 surcharge for orders of 5, free for orders of 10+ masks

– $1 per mask will be donated to IACCSE


Face Mask in Blue with adjustable ear laces:

– $5.99 per mask, sold in 5-pack

– Minimum order 5 masks

– Shipping included with USPS

– Faster UPS shipping – $4.99 surcharge for orders of 5, free for orders of 10+ masks

– $1 per mask will be donated to IACCSE


The face masks are made in 95% cotton and 5% spandex and can be washed up to 10 times when using common detergents. Additional colors and customizations (e.g. personalized logo) are available for orders of minimum 250 pieces.

Throughout the pandemic Magniflex was proud to donate face masks to the Forest Firefighting Surveillance Service (VAB – Vigilanza Antincendio Boschivo), which works hard every day to deliver groceries to the elderly and less fortunate. To show continued support and gratitude Magniflex also made a donation of face masks to the Meyer Hospital in Florence during the COVID-19 crisis.

These masks are great for the service, restaurant, and hospitality industries.


For more information on pricing and ordering please contact


The “virtuous” behaviours: a first step towards security

By Digitance 


COVID-19 emergency has forced governments, in many countries around the world, to impose drastic measures of social distancing. One of the main consequences of this decision was the immediate increase in the use of ICT technologies, in order to fill the inconveniences imposed by this distancing.

For example, educational institutions have replaced face-to-face classrooms with remote teaching. Companies immediately began to use the “Smart Working” methods in a massive way. The ordinary citizens, forced into their homes, have used video communication as an alternative to direct socialization.

Digitance believes that human factor always remains the fundamental element in every activity, in every process. Its centrality is indisputable.

Human behaviours are a crucial element in every analysis, in every situation.

The massive use of ICT tools, in the past few months, has brought public attention to the increasingly frequent and pressing actions of hackers who, taking advantage of the situation, have become progressively aggressive.

Apart from any technological disquisition, a “first line of defence” against hacking actions can undoubtedly be represented by some “virtuous” personal behaviours towards tools and technology applications.

First, in the use of “social media”, we should never describe our habits, our lifestyles and, above all, we would never talk about our possible absences from home and from office. This is information that hackers would know how to exploit.

We should learn how to build “strong” passwords, wisely using the full range of available characters, including special ones. We should never use full names connected to us and not even places or dates.

We should create our own personal password rotation policy. We would try not to keep the same password for more than a month on the same application and create our own archive of passwords and rotation criteria, which we will keep outside of our PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.

As far as possible, we should avoid using free email services, web conferencing, VoIP, etc. … the so-called “no-cost economy” does not cope with security. Free platforms are the preferred target of hackers, who take advantage of the intrinsic weakness of the platforms themselves.

As soon as possible, we should equip ourselves with a system for encrypting our data, our hard disks, in order to decrease their vulnerability.

These are just a few small tips, which can however start to define a virtuous behavioural model, that could be a robust base to start building – with the help of a specialized company such as Digitance Group – a real Security Management System.



The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is pleased to give its support to  an innovative charity arts initiative, presented by our Member 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery (Rome – Miami).
This promising initiative is called Art4breath, a global live-streaming charity auction from international artists in quarantine whose  whose proceeds will go towards the purchase of respiratory devices for as many hospitals worldwide on the front line in the fight against coronavirus.
These will be:
  • 1 Hospital in Europe
  • 1 Hospital in US
  • 1 Hospital in India
  • 1 Hospital in Africa
Art 4Breath is at the same time a unique collective, conceptual art work on a global scale created by Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal with 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery.
The project features inspired artists that will create an artwork from their studios and everyone canfollow on the YouTube Channel “Art4breath” and on Instagram #Art4breath and have a chance to see the artwork(s) from birth to conclusion.
The auction will take place on May 11th, 2020 online on the Artprice platform.
All profits will be directed toward research activities and toward the purchase of respiratory devices to support the COVID-19 emergency.


Your support can make a difference!

 For more information visit:


The Art of Cryptocurrency

Crypto Currencies have recently gained enormous popularity amongst the general public. With each passing day, more and more companies are radically accepting crypto currencies in their payment systems, paving way for an economic revolution. However, the average consumer’s understanding of what are also known as cryptocurrencies is limited.
Many financial analysts can explain what a cryptocurrency is or how a blockchain works.  But for art dealers, the most relevant question is: what do cryptocurrencies have to do with the art world?
Albeit quietly, art business is rapidly adapting to the new “gold rush”.
On June 14, 2018,  Āto Gallery sold a painting for 150 Bitcoin – equivalent to around $1.25 million. On October 11th, Christie’s announced that their sale of the Barney A. Ebsworth Collection in November will the first auction to incorporate blockchain technology. This marks a huge shift towards the application of blockchain technology given the influence Christie’s has as a major auction house. Austrian Museum of Applied Art/Contemporary Art is the first museum to buy art using Bitcoins.
Tech entrepreneurs envision the Blockchain networks they create will expand the base of art buyers beyond the current stable of purchasers.
Blockchain in the art market also promise that, for instance, within the context of auctioneering, there will never be a concern as to whether a potential bidder has funds to actually obtain a piece she has bought. The transparency a Blockchain network brings to the ledgers of its users ensures a punter must have sufficient funds to transact any business through the network.
Blockchain can actually democratize fine art investment, improving provenance and reducing forgery, and creating a more ethical way to pay artists. The digital currencies are most appropriate for international buyers who prefer to “cut out the middleman”. This approach attracts Bitcoin “billionaires” who need to translate the value of their digital hordes into physical assets.
The art world is slow to change, especially to a concept as difficult to grasp as new terminology like cryptocurrencies, tokens, coins, blockchain. But for sure we will hear more and more about it in the next few times as well as new applications for blockchain technology pop out.
[11 HellHeaven] Art Gallery is ready for cryptos! Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin CASH (BCH), Dai (DAI), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), USD Coin (USDC) are currently accepted, according to the buyer’s preference.

Times are challenging. But connecting with one another isn’t.

As part of our mission to ensuring our Members are making the most of their Membership, especially in these times that our journeys together become virtual and main events have been postponed, we want to remind that now more than ever we are a business community and that it is worthwhile cultivating the benefits of the IACCSE Membership.

How? By playing an active role, engaging in business conversations, sharing experiences and creating synergies one to another. Bottom line, proactively reaching out to each other.

Our community is made of 300+ companies, spread out across the U.S. Southeast, representing key segments ranging from travel and transportation, fashion & design, construction, food & beverage, retail to professional services and other.




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Only together we thrive.
If we maintain an open line of communication and if we support each other we are stronger, and we can make a positive impact in our local communities.

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