How to make better decisions for your company thanks to Data & Business Intelligence

by Drive2Data

There are tons of factors to consider when making important business decisions. How popular are your products /services compared to those of competitors? Where, when, why and how do you see some events in the market? What and how is the customer data? What are the consumer habits? What are the market trends?

These are just some of the questions a decision maker might ask. However, having a complete view of all the data needed to improve processes and strategies is complicated if you don’t have the right tools. Data & Business Intelligence is the heart of any data-driven company. It concerns the processes and methods of collecting, storing and analyzing data from business activities. This allows you to have a complete view of your company and helps improve performance.

The advantages of Data & Business Intelligence

Organizations that are hands-on in extracting and processing data gain more benefits. Let’s find out some of them:

  • Identify ways to increase profit
  • Discover critical issues before they become serious problems
  • Optimize decision making
  • Track performance over time
  • Easily identify market trends
  • Analyze consumer behavior
  • Avoid fraud, waste and abuse
  • Share data between different business areas

Your Data, Your Value

Drive2Data entered the American market in 2021 with the mission of saving the future of digital, through innovative solutions that transform data into valuable information for companies.

The company develops Data & Business Intelligence solutions tailored to customer needs to offer them a complete and quality view of corporate data and help them remain competitive in the market.

Trade exchanges between Italy and the United States grew considerably last year

In 2021, the trend of US-Italy trade registered a strong increase (+19.4%) after the decline of -14.4% in 2020, and +2.1% compared to 2019. Italy has therefore succeeded to gain a position among the commercial partners of the USA, passing from the 15th to 14th place, and a position also compared to European countries, passing from 7th to 6th place after Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Ireland, and Switzerland.

In this context, in 2021 exports from Italy to the USA recorded strong growth (+23.4%) compared to the decline of -13.6% in 2020, higher than the world and European average, and gained a position, settling as the 12thsupplier country of the United States, and also gaining market share (2.2%), compared to 2.1% in 2020. 2021 data also marks a significant growth compared to pre-pandemic levels (+6, 5% vs. 2019).

The United States maintains its position as the 3rd destination market for our exports. In comparison of the trade balances with its main competitors, in 2021 Italy recorded trade balance surpluses for $ 39.3 billion with the United States. The total amount of Italian exports to the USA in 2021 accounted for 61 billion dollars. Italian leading sectors were in export towards the United States were Mechanics (+27.2%), Fashion and Accessories (+58%) and Food and Beverages (+18.2%).

For what concerns the performance of the other US import sectors from Italy in 2021, with the exception of the Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (-0.3%) and Transportation (-2.5%), all sectors of the Made in Italy recorded growth compared to the previous year, such as Semi-finished products and components (+43.9%) and Furniture and Construction materials (+32%).

Source: Italian Trade Agency

Promoting Italian shoes’ manufacturers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Italy – America Chamber of Commerce Southeast is currently involved in a project to support 3 Italian manufactures to access the U.S. market.

The three footwear companies from Tuscany region are specialized in the production of women’s sandals, which will be sold on the market at reasonable prices, placing themselves on a medium price range.

The three companies are: Dolcast srl – Victor srl –, Sab Shoes srl – .

During 18 months period the IACCSE is going to manage and articulate program that include analysis of the US market distribution channels, the organization of meetings with footwear wholesalers and retailers, and participation to events and trade shows.


European Tech Seminar: Understanding Blockchain and its uses

On April 27th from 6 pm to 9 pm, the European Chamber’s group in Miami – FrenchGermanItalianBritishSpanish, and Irish Chambers of Commerce – will host its annual European Tech Seminar about “Understanding Blockchain and its uses”.

The event will take place at the Chapman Conference Center at Miami-Dade College – Wolfson Campus (254 NE 4th St. bldg. 3, Miami, FL 33132).

The European Tech Seminar represents a great opportunity for members to listen and connect with our guest speakers:

  • Diogo Duarte, Product Managerat Coinbase
  • Roberto Machado, CEO, at Betablocks
  • Laura Gabrysiak, Sr Manager Data Products & Solutionsat VISA
  • Martin Laub, Head of Digital Services at Telefonica Global Solutions

The European Tech Seminar will provide useful information on the blockchain applications, the cryptocurrency world and the vibrant fintech community in Miami.

After the seminar, networking will take place during the cocktail, featuring food and wine, including Italian bites, courtesy of O’Munaciello and Rosetta Bakery.

Understanding Blockchain and its uses | April 27, 2022




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Consorzio Olio Toscano IGP (

The Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil Consortium was officially founded on November 13, 1997, by Tuscan olive growers. Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil offers maximum certainty of authenticity. The consortium safeguards each bottle with its signature, by checking the supply chain, which rigorously takes place in Tuscany, from the harvest to the packaging. Toscano PGI extra virgin olive – a unique cultural heritage of the Tuscan territory- is safeguarded by the Protected Geographical Indication since 1998. The Consortium will be present at the event with 10 member companies presenting their authentic Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil.


The delegation of companies participating with the Consorzio are:


Bove Gabriele (

Palazzo Bove is an elegant 15th century residence, located on the top of a village immersed in the suggestive hills of Lucca (Tuscany). The garden, the palace and the lemon house are ideal locations for holidays, events and ceremonies. BOVE IGP extravirgin olive oil is produced with passion in our olive groves.


Frantoio Pruneti (

For over than 160 years we have been taking care of our 30 000 olive trees, in Chianti Classico. The Excellence of our 4 collections of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the fruit of the passion and commitment we invest every day to extract tasty, healthy and natural Evoo. We promote all around the world a correct Culture of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a “Art of Bienvivre”, respecting the health of our Planet and all Pruneti “lovers”. It is the essence of the 100% Pruneti Art of Healthy Living in Chianti Classico, the art of the good, beauty, healthy and well done to explore in the Pruneti Collections.


Il Forte SRL – Idea Toscana (

Idea Toscana is the ambassador of Tuscan quality excellence in the world. The company was founded in 2002 and is specialized in the production of natural and organic cosmetics for skin and body care, following the best Tuscan manufacturing tradition. Knowledge and flavors, aromas and colors, a healthy lifestyle and the artisan excellence, these values are transmitted and included in our products.


La Torre SRL Soc. Agricola (

The farm la torre is entirely organic and covers about 180 ha of land with its over 6000 olive trees, 14 ha of vineyard and 40 ha of land for grain producing extra virgin olive oil igp toscano, chianti wine and flours. We also have an accommodation for 30 people and a restaurant.


Oleificio Sardelli spa (

Oleificio Sardelli S.p.A. is a company founded in 1956 by Guido Sardelli specialized in production and marketing of best quality olive oils and still exclusively owned by the Sardelli family. Oleificio Sardelli also offers wines and oils produced by Fattoria di Doccia, a wide organic farm owned by Sardelli family in the heart of Toscany.


Società Agricola Le Rogaie di Pietro Poggi & C. snc (

LE ROGAIE – a Tuscan name for brambles  – is a young company whose aim is to take care of nature, its inhabitants and itsfruits. Our work is oriented towards the production of quality goods that are both linked to tradition and sustainable for theenvironment.





Impero Wines Distributors (

Impero Wine distributors USA has been present in the wine Industry for over 16 year. It Imports and distributes nationwide, specializes in Italian Wine with a focus on quality and price. Impero wine distributors USA is using a unique method to protect and support a network of entrepreneurs who work alongside as partner and collaborators by sharing their knowledge and experience across the country.



Orvino Wine Imports (

The Orvino Wine family of wines began with roughly 40 labels, all from Italy. With strong partnerships and family connections in all regions in Italy, the Orvino Wine portfolio only continues to get stronger. Orvino Wine prides itself on being able to offer highly sought after and recognizable labels, at a value unparalleled by other wine regions in the world.



Ruffino (

Ruffino is a multifaceted business centered on the production of quality Italian wines, whose mission incorporates the key requirements of contemporary agriculture. An established producer of top Tuscan wines with over a hundred years of history, which continues to provide the basis of its popularity, more recently the company extended its vision beyond these historic Tuscan estates with wines that achieve their highest expression in Veneto, whose terrain is especially suited to the production of quality Prosecco and white wines.



Palazzo di Varignana ( )

Palazzo di Varignana is an award-winning Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with historical olives from Emilia-Romagna, recognized and appreciated around the world for its unique tasting profile, commitment to excellence, and attention to sustainability. Recipient of 3 Gold Awards at the 2022 New York International Olive Oil Competition, Tre Foglie Gambero Rosso, Bibenda, Gran Olio Slow Food, Japan Olive Oil Prize, it has been included among the 500 best oil production companies in the world by the FLOS OLEI 2022 Guide. Founded in 1705, the site of Palazzo di Varignana is also an elegant destination nestled in picturesque hills around Bologna, the gastronomic capital of Italy and epitome of true Italian lifestyle.




Valdo USA (

Valdo is a family-owned winery located in Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded in 1926, Valdo is one of the most historic and trusted brands specialized in premium Prosecco and Italian sparkling wines, blending tradition with innovation. Passion for quality and strong commitment to sustainability are the key company values driving Valdo into the future.





Acetaia Giuseppe Giusti (

Since the seventeenth century, the Giusti family has been producing Balsamic Vinegar, passing down a recipe that creates a complex harmony of flavors and a product of excellence, appreciated all over the world. Creating an exceptional balsamic vinegar depends on the competence, experience, attention to detail and the lengthy period of aging. Proud of a know-how which has been refined over its 400 years family history, Giusti combines both its respect for tradition with a sense of local corporate responsibility and a modern and sustainable production philosophy.



Consorzio Prosciutto di Parma (

The production of genuine Parma Ham is the story of a special relationship between man and nature.With its full-bodied flavour and silky texture, Parma Ham is a world-class specialty food. Favoured by discriminating chefs, this ham from the heartland of Italy enhances appetizers, pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches and entrées.


Irinox (

Irinox was established in 1989 in Corbanese, in Italy, and is internationally-renowned for specializing in blast chillers and shock freezers. Their Italian-made products are entirely manufactured in their plants, in a 9,000 m2 area on the outskirts of Treviso. Irinox has introduced the concepts of rapid cold and high quality preservation in the world of catering, pastry, ice cream, bread making and the food industry.



RAK Porcelain USA (


RAK Porcelain is the fastest growing tabletop company that specializes in the manufacturing and supply of exquisite quality Porcelain Tableware, Stolzle Glassware and Sola flatware to the Global HORECA industry.



Rational USA (

With market-leading technology, RATIONAL is committed to bringing you outstanding food quality, optimized work processes, and high potential savings in terms of space, money, energy, and raw materials. Covering 90% of conventional cooking applications, the iCombi Pro and iVario Pro cooking systems make an unbeatable team for your kitchen.



Sambonet Rosenthal (

Established in 1856, Sambonet has been creating collections which consolidated the company’s attention to design and is now a leader in the production of high-quality design tabletop and kitchen, destined for both the retail and the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.




Shaw Ross (

Founded in 1968 as a boutique wine and spirit importer representing a handful of brands, Shaw-Ross has grown into one of the nation’s leading importers representing over 30 suppliers from around the world. Shaw-Ross is able to offer to its clients a wide range of interesting and unique products that are relevant today.



SouthWest Florida Pansardo (

Pansardo LLC DBA Pansardo Italian Food Specialties is the Ambassador in Southern Florida for all the great food and life style of Sardinia, Italy’s Longevity Blue Zone Island, one of only five in the whole world, our everyday diet based on Bread (including crackers and breadchips) Cheese and Wine and to finish some very fine almond and filled Pastry.



Steelite USA (

Steelite International is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of award winning tabletop and buffet solutions for the hospitality industry. Listening to customers has allowed them to offer innovative solutions in china, metal, glass, wood and melamine. Servicing over 140 countries, they are committed to offering the best in functionality and design, while minimizing the effect on the environment. Steelite International proudly produces over 500,000 pieces of tableware every week – 140,000 of those are cups, which weigh the same as 5 double decker buses.



Tartufo d’Istria (

Tartufo D’Istria serves the global cuisine with the best quality fresh truffles and gourmet tartufo products on the market, constantly focusing on the demands of our customers, who wish to be supplied with good quality fresh products, in a longer season, and with new delicacy species, that were unknown in the culinary industry.



Zia Pia Imports (

Zia Pia is a boutique importer specializing in fine, authentic regional Italian foods. Our suppliers are non-industrial, family-owned producers who combine traditional principles of authenticity and flavor with Italian design and style to create superior products, beautiful on the inside and out.





Acqua Panna & San Pellegrino ( –

Acqua Panna is a water that’s worth savoring. Crafted by nature for an unmistakable taste, filtered drop-by-drop through the sun drenched hills of Tuscany since 1654. The balanced and unmistakable taste of Acqua Panna makes it the finest water to savor at the best tables. Acqua Panna is Tuscany captured in a bottle.

“Tastefully Italian” is how San Pellegrino describes itself. Two words to introduce a dimension full of taste: of course, the unmistakable taste of S.Pellegrino, with its gentle bubbles and fine mineral balance. But from a wider perspective, its the idea of living life in good taste, seen as the Italian sense of style and quality.



Gelato & Co (

Their gelato is made with the very best, real ingredients, in their raw and most natural form – everything is made from scratch. Ready-made” ingredients including colorings, flavorings, and preservatives have no place at Gelato & Co. No GMOs either. By using real ingredients, Gelato & Co achieves full-bodied texture and flavor in their gelato. They aim to embody the farm to table concept” using organic produce direct from local farmers whenever possible.



Gelato-Go (

Gelato-Go’s secret is the meticulous search of the best ingredients used in each of their recipes, imported from their homeland of Italy or fresh fruits grown by local farmers. Gelato-Go serves its costumers a healthy and quality product which contains only natural and artisanal components. Taste their products is to feel the delicious & true flavors of Italy with less calories.



Gioia Eat (

With many years of journey in the hospitality industry, Gioia Eat has made a mark for itself in Hollywood, FL. Gioia Eat-Tasteful Italian kitchen, seafood to die for, and traditional but also modern Pizza Restaurant. At Gioia Eat they pride themselves in using the freshest ingredients and quality products. Their dishes are made with great attention to the recipes keeping in mind the authentic taste and flavors of the cuisine.




Incanto Events (

At Incanto Events Bakery you will explore the taste of their organic and natural products. Their ultimate goal is to bring on the table fresh and tasty ingredients, thanks to their delicious recipes. Quality is the best recipe you can choose, and that is what Incanto Events chooses every day.



Made in Italy (

Made in Italy is the real Italian truck established in 2017 by Lucia and Juan. The two chefs met at the Centrale. Lucia worked as a Pasta Maker and Juan as a Pizza Maker. The love for family traditions, cuisine and Italian history led them to the Made in Italy project. They could continue to tell their story for hours, but when the classic dishes become legendary, the description of their craftsmen becomes superfluous since it is all there, in their culinary productions.



Mercato Miami (

At Mercato’s you can find some of the most known typical Italian produce to do your groceries the real Italian style: good wines, different kinds of pasta, tomato sauces, several kinds of cheeses, extra virgin olive oil and much more. Enjoy the Italian taste at Mercato’s!



‘O Munaciello (

Recreating and interpreting traditional Neapolitan dishes, O Munaciello is a full-menu restaurant and pizzeria located in the MiMo district of Miami. The restaurant has its roots as one of the most celebrated restaurants in Florence, Italy.O Munaciello uses local produce and fine imported goods to create dishes found nowhere else in the South Florida region. Its pizzas are even baked in a made-to-measure brick oven handmade in Naples, Italy. Their commitment to authentic cuisine, outstanding service, and a unique atmosphere make O Munaciello a unique addition to the Miami culinary scene.



Piadina 305 (

Bringing the best piadina riminese to Miami! Long time friends Alex and Daniele have over 40 years combined experience in the food and hospitality industry serving up to top food and service. The first Piadina shop in Lake Maggiore was started by Alex, his brother Mattia and his father, Bruno Palumbo in 1998. Mattia still owns and operates Piada Planet today.



Rosetta Bakery (

Rosetta Bakery has been conceived with the intent to be an official ambassador of the Italian art of baking, a genuine mix of history, highest quality ingredients exclusively Made in Italy and timeless traditions. Rosetta Bakery is all about the quality of the ingredients and the highest standard in terms of production processes: each store has a live menu” made of fresh products constantly baked in the kitchen which has a glass wall that allows people not only to be customers but also the audience of an unexpected show.



Santa Margherita USA (

Santa Margherita USA is a fine wine import company representing premium and ultra-premium wine estates from Italy. Since their founding in 1935, Count Gaetano Marzotto dedicated his life to establishing Santa Margherita and its estates as one of the leading ambassadors of Italian wine excellence around the world. With the establishment of Santa Margherita USA in 2016, they proudly carry on his vision in the United States.



Spris (

20 years ago, Spris Pizza concept was born. Today, with their high quality ingredients plus the world-class pizzaiolos, they now have multiple locations: Lincoln Road, Midtown, South Miami, The Wharf, The Carousel Club and their Spris Ape Truck for events!



Top Wines Import (

Top Wines Import was founded in 2012 by Antonino Nigrelli who embraces his passion for wines from all over the world, he is personally and intimately involved in the careful selection of each wine from vineyard to the customer’s glass. The Company’s Portfolio, represent Wines from many countries around the world, such as Italy, France, Argentina, Chile, etc. Always focusing in Quality, Authenticity and Personal Experience, they are focused on showcasing true terroir-driven experiences from the most reputable wine regions in the world.



Toscana Divino (

Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.

They believe that eating well contributes to an unsurpassed quality of life and wholeheartedly embrace the proverb, “S/he who eats well, lives well.” For this reason, they don’t cut corners. They only source and serve high-quality food beginning with as many local ingredients as are available because they know that seasonal and locally sourced food has the most flavor and nutritive value. They complement these ingredients with Made in Italy products for additional taste, texture and aroma, because Italian products are strictly governed by consortiums with rigid quality standards that guarantee their superiority. Toscana Divino and its chef Andrea Marchesin, will feature 2 Gourmet Experiences during the Grand Tasting, organized in private rooms of maximum 30 people.



Verace Artisan Pizza (

Let’s party together with Verace Artisan Pizza! They’re a mobile wood fired pizza catering company, which means they bring the party to you! They make Artisan pizza the way it’s been made in Padova, Italy for many years. Their menu is chef-driven featuring local, fresh, and organic ingredients. Their traveling pizzeria arrives with a talented Pizza Chef to surprise the guests with acrobatic pizza skills, while freshly preparing to serve them.

Peroni Passport Campaign

Peroni is helping fans make their wanderlust a reality with the Peroni Passport, an opportunity to win passport renewal upgrades and a dream trip to the Amalfi Coast where the “Live Every Moment” campaign was filmed.

One lucky fan will win $20K to upgrade their next trip to the Amalfi Coast, while an additional 50 fans will win the funds to renew their passport ahead of future travels.

For those looking to bring a bit of Italy to their homes, 500 fans will win the funds for a six-pack of Peroni.

For a chance to win, fans can enter the sweepstakes by visiting now through 5/15/2022.

The latest Peroni commercial campaign can be seen by the following link:

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