Impianti presents Taggalo, the smartest metrics for retail device 3 in 1 (By Impianti USA Corp.)

At Impianti USA Corp., our mission is to bring Italian innovative technologies overseas, while providing our Italian clients from the Public and Private Sector with the best American solutions in the IT and ICT field.
With this goal in mind, we are pleased to announce that Impianti is the US distributor of Taggalo, the game changer for the collection and management of customers’ conversion metrics.
Together with Taggalo, Impianti will participate to the NRF Big Retail Show in NYC on January 17-19, the biggest and most important retail show of the Americas that sees the participation of the most prominent and influential brands of the retail and fashion industry.
Retail’s BIG Show is NRF’s flagship industry event held annually in New York City. The four-day event offers an enormous EXPO Hall full of technologies and solutions for the retail industry.
Taggalo is a smart micro-optical sensor with Video Face Recognition, Wi-Fi and Beacons integrated all in one solution. It allows retailers and restaurants to collect real-time conversion metrics both inside and outside the store. It also offers an online dashboard for monitoring and comparing data that will ultimately help retailers build more effective and targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.
Taggalo ‘tags’ the physical space by gathering extremely precious demographic data, such as the number, gender and age of people passing by the window, stopping by it , entering the store, visiting a specific store area, and or purchasing merchandise.
Impianti is excited to be part of this influential event with one of our most cutting-edge solutions.
Should you be interested in learning more about Libra Taggalo, pleasecontact us at, We offer 20% off on any plan to IACC members and for clients introduced by IACC members.

Marchio Ospitalita’ Italiana 2016 – Become an ambassador of Italian cuisine!

The 2016 selection process of “Ospitalità Italiana – Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo” is about to start. Marchio Ospitalita’ Italiana, created by Unioncamere and with the support of the Italian Government , is a seal of quality, conferred to truly Italian restaurants around the world. (

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACC) is in charge of the selection of local restaurants in the Southeast of the United States serving authentic Italian cuisine, for the certification of those eligible for the “Marchio Ospitalita’ Italiana” which is conferred only to the best and authentic Italian restaurant annually.

During the last 4 editions over 1,500 Italian restaurants have been certified all over the world by the network of the Italian Chambers. 30 of them in Florida and Puerto Rico.
Don’t miss out the opportunity to become an ambassador of real Italian food.
We are now open to receive new applications for the 2016 edition. The deadline is March 30th.

Restaurants’ owners interested in receiving this official certification from the Italian Government, should contact Mr. Andrea Paglialunga at

The award ceremony will take place at the end of May and more the 200 guests every year attend it. Generally the Consul General of Italy consign the golden plaques to the owners and chefs of the certified restaurants.



Simply Italian Great Wines

On Wednesday February 10th 2016, will take place the 6th edition of the event “Simply Italian Great Wines” (  taking place at the suggestive Freedom Tower in Downtown Miami.

This edition of Simply Italian Great Wines will be attended by almost 40 Italian exhibitors and plenty of importers, distributors, retailers, restaurants’ owners, sommeliers and journalists, making it one of the most prominent trade wine tastings in Florida.
The IACC will be present at this event bringing new buyers who will have the chance to enjoy offerings, seminars, and hundreds of labels from various Italian wineries and regions. This is a unique opportunity to taste the best wine Italy has to offer.

South Florida’s hospitality professionals (restaurants’ owners, sommeliers, wine distributors, and specialized media) can register to the event for free by February 5th sending an e-mail with their contact information (name, title, company, telephone, e-mail) to

Let us know also if you are interested in having an exhibition table and we will try to accommodate your last minute request.

Free Seminar “Develop leadership skills and discover the champions within your company” (By K2USA,LLC)

Discover how to gain more from your company’s resources. K2USA will show you the way to zero-in on your best resources and to manage them successfully.

Our strength is 25 years of successes in business planning.

We will illustrate to you in practice which are the actions that aided our clients achieve success. One of our clients will act as testimonial and share with us his case history.

SPEAKERS: Andrea Lombardi Vittoria Luchini

WHEN: FEBRUARY 11th 2016 at 1.30 p.m.

LOCATION: Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast – Meeting room One Biscayne Tower | 2 South Biscayne Blvd., suite 1880 | Miami, FL 33131

For registration and more information send an email to by February 5th, 2016




A campaign has been launched in North America to promote authentic Italian food products

Italy is the European country with the largest number of DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) food products recognized by the European Union. A demonstration of the excellent quality of our products and above all of the strong bond linking the Italian foods to their territory of origin.

The EU’s system of Geographical Indications, in fact, fosters the production system and the local economy; it protects the environment, since the inextricable link with the territory of origin requires the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.

At the same time, thanks to the European Certification greater guarantees are given to consumers through a level of traceability and food safety standards higher than other products.

A food heritage unique in the world for breadth, variety and quality excellence that claims:

  • 275 DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), STG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) products;
  • 523 DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin), DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin), IGT (Indication of Geographic Distinctiveness) products.

Unfortunately, every year about 54 billion Euros ($58.8 billion) are spent by consumers around the world to buy products with images and brands that evoke Italy but are not actually related to authentic Made in Italy production, a figure representing more than the double of the value of real Italian exported food products.

If we focus on North America market, the estimated damage that the so-called phenomenon of Italian Sounding causes to Italian companies reaches 27 billion Euros ($29 billion), since only a product out of ten turns out to be authentic Made in Italy.

The Extraordinary Italian Taste” brand, launched by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economic Development, was created with the objective of stemming the spread of Italian food products imitations as much as possible; promoting the authentic Made in Italy under one brand.

The related consumers’ awareness campaign planned in North America is aimed at promoting and enhancing Italian products through the diffusion of a greater knowledge on the specific characteristics and authenticity, with reference both to the places of origin and to the nutritional and certifying aspects. The production processes and unique areas of origin that characterize Made in Italy are in fact an essential and distinctive element for the products.

In addition, the campaign is designed to encourage a better distribution of Made in Italy products already present in the area and to facilitate the entry of new ones. As a matter of fact, the difficulty in finding some products, due to a disadvantageous distribution, remains a major cause for the choice of Italian Sounding products by consumers in North America.

To achieve these objectives, the Ministry of Economic Development will draw on the expertise and work of the Italian Chambers of United States, Canada and Mexico (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City) coordinated by Assocamerestero, the Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad.

Among the different initiatives, there will be Educational Tours in Italy for journalists/opinion leaders, Masterclasses for food importers designed to promote awareness of genuine goods and certification processes, and finally, B2B meetings among Italian producers and US distributors and guided tours to Italian food companies.

Besides that, there will be promotional events in the States where the Chambers work. In particular, in Florida, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast will take part with a booth at ​​the South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SBWFF), one of the largest and most popular festival in the wine and food sector, with over 60,000 visitors (February).

In May, in Miami, will take place the “Italian Restaurants Week“. It is a week in which specific menus based on IGP – DOP products will be proposed in 10 selected restaurants. The Chamber will be in charge of coordinating a local media campaign and distributing informative material with the aim to inform and engage a significant number of customers.

Finally, in July, the Chamber will have a booth at the FAND (Florida Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics) Annual Symposium, in Orlando. In addition to promoting the benefits  of authentic Italian food among the hundreds of nutritionists and dieticians attending the event there will be a break-out session with an Italian diet expert nutritionist and an Italian chef.


Click here and watch the the video realized for the promotion of “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” campaign in occasion of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (February 26-27-28th, 2016).


The Extraordinary Italian Taste” is a project funded by the Ministry of Economic Development and implemented by Assocamerestero in collaboration with the network of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad present in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Project partners: the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) and the Italian Association of Geographical Indication Consortia (AICIG).


Watch “The Extraordinary Italian Taste – US Commercial” :


Promozione Loghi




2016 will be a special year for the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACC) as we will celebrate, with a rich calendar of initiatives, the 25th anniversary of this fine institution.

In 1991, when the Chamber was established, the Italian community in the US Southeast was made up of a few thousand people, now there are more than 30,000 Italians living here. Entrepreneurs, researchers and managers who have greatly contributed to the advancement and prosperity of this part of the world.  In the same way, Italian products have become more and more popular and exports from Italy have growth year after year.

IACC Anniversary logo and tagline


The Chamber, has undoubtedly given its small contribution to this process. During the last 25 years, the IACC has helped hundreds of firms to access into the new market. Only in 2015, the IACC has provided information and orientation to almost 150 entrepreneurs; it has brought to different trade shows in Italy 85 US importers; it has organized business meetings for 6 delegations of Italian companies in Florida and it has promoted a dozen of local events where the main topic was Italian culture and economy.


Despite a current situation in which the public support to the Italian Chambers in the world has been dramatically reduced, the IACC has managed to successfully face the transition into a dynamic organization that drags its lifeblood from its clients and from over 200 corporate members that support it. By the way, the number members reached in 2015 represents an all-time record for our association.


We will soon announce the 2016 calendar of events that will reach its culmination in October in Miami, with a Gala that will celebrate “the Best of Italian creativity and design in the US”.


AlabamaPam_webFlorida-based Trend Group, the world’s leading producers of glass mosaic, gold mosaic and Venetian enamel and its sister company Granite Transformations sponsored the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship Tailgate at the University of Phoenix by displaying Pam, a magnificent life-size gold mosaic elephant in front of the Stadium. Pam stood in support of the Alabama Crimson Tide, whose mascot “Big Al,” is an elephant. Valued at $150,000, the stunning figure took 12 mosaic artists more than a year to create. Pam weighs 2,710 lbs. and measures 7 ft. wide, 16 ft. high and 27 ft. long. Pam became a social media star in the days building up to the game, as fans from all over the country posted their selfies and photos on twitter and facebook with the tag #AlabamaPAM.


Founded in 2000 in Vicenza, Italy, Trend is more than just a mosaic producer. At the company’s heart lie the finest Italian traditions of glass-making and style coupled with the innovative and creative spirit of today’s most celebrated designers, architects and artists. Trend’s headquarters for the United States is located in Miramar, Florida. More at


Trend’s sister company Granite Transformations is a global full-service home and business remodeling franchise, offering a wide selection of luxurious yet affordable alternatives to traditional countertops, mosaic tile backsplashes, cabinets and floors. Granite Transformations’ unique resurfacing process involves fitting countertops directly over existing ones. More at

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