Strategic Partnership Announcement

by Nova Sidera Metal Forming

Grotnes, Inc., based in Niles, Michigan, and Nova Sidera Metal Forming Srl, based in Castell’Alfero, Italy and in Miami Florida, announce the launch of a Strategic Partnership between them.

Both companies have a rich tradition of producing precision metal forming equipment with Nova Sidera specializing in Metal Spinning Lathes and special machines for metal deformation and Grotnes focusing on its core technologies of Expanding, Shrinking, Spinning and Roll Forming.

The companies are recognized and trusted leaders for metalforming systems and assembly solutions for the automotive, lighting, aerospace, forging, packaging, and industrial sectors with machines located in over 40 countries throughout the world.

Mike Walker, President and CEO of Grotnes, commented: “We are extremely excited about the partnership with Nova Sidera. This strategic step allows us to provide our customers with a more complete metalforming solution center, a stronger local support structure for customer service and spare parts and allows both companies technical teams to explore new product development initiatives.”

Elena Tasso, President of Nova Sidera stated: “The entire Nova Sidera team is excited about the partnership with Grotnes, we believe that a cooperation with a company that shares the same values and technical attitude will bring new solutions to our customers, a very responsive, US-based technical service and support, and a unique interface for metal forming and packaging industry needs”.


L&S with Forma e Funzione consolidates its leadership in the furniture lighting sector

by L&S Lighting Intelligence

L&S Lighting, controlled by Clessidra Private Equity through the Clessidra Capital Partners 3 fund, announces the acquisition of Forma e Funzione srl.

Founded in the 1960s, with headquarters in Varese, Italy, exporting to more than 40 countriesForma e Funzione specializes in lighting products for the furniture and household appliances sector and has established itself as a reference point in the furniture market.

“With this new operation we further consolidate our presence in the lighting sector, a business characterized by significant growth potential linked both to the growing attention to emotional light, but also to sustainability and energy saving” – comments Andrea Ottaviano , CEO of Clessidra Private Equity SGR.

With the integration of Forma e Funzione, the L&S Group – that today has over 500 employees worldwide5 global production centers in Italy, Germany, China and the United States – aims to exceed 130 million Euros in consolidated turnover by the end of 2022.

The Group’s development plan aims at creating value through growth on the domestic and international markets, with synergies both in the innovation of products and lighting systems, through the sharing of best practices and technological know-how and thanks to the ability to propose customized lighting solutions to a network of customers which include the most important brands in the furniture sector.

“I am pleased to start the collaboration with the management and with the entire Forma e Funzione team, a company with which we share values, a solid experience and a recognized track record in the industry” – adds Pietro Barteselli, CEO of L&S.

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Pininfarina opens New York City Office

by Pininfarina of America

International icon of Italian style and award-winning design firm, Pininfarina, is pleased to announce the opening of an office in New York City.

“We believe that New York is a key epicenter of creativity and design innovation in the United States, and we are thrilled to be bringing Pininfarina’s human-centric, forward-thinking design approach into the fold,” says Silvio Pietro Angori, Chief Executive Officer at Pininfarina Group, of the firm’s decision to open a second office in the United States, after Miami.

“With our unique proposition of 360-degree-service capabilities and commitment to design excellence across all disciplines––from product and industrial design to architecture and interiors, from nautical to any kind of mobility solutions––we see this location as an exciting opportunity to continue building on the groundwork we’ve laid as a company and as a premium exclusive brand,” says Claudio Da Soller, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Pininfarina of America.

Composed of a diverse team from nine different countries, Pininfarina of America has doubled in size since it was first established in Miami in 2014, tripling its volume of business in the last three years alone. In 2021, it received the prestigious Great Place to Work Certification™––an employee satisfaction-based recognition of the firm’s commitment to cultivating an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates wellbeing, ingenuity, and creativity––which has further inspired an unprecedented 50% year-over-year growth for the first half of 2022.

The New York City team will be responsible for broadening the firm’s reach in the region––tasked with bringing the brand’s holistic, human-centered ethos to new collaboration and partnership opportunities across the United States in Product and User-Experience Design, as well as Architecture, Interiors, Nautical, Aviation, and Transportation Design and Mobility Solutions.

From left to right: Claudio da Soller , Senior Vice President of Pininfarina America; Silvio Pietro Angori, Chief Executive Officer of Pininfarina Group; Paolo Trevisan, Head of Design of Pininfarina America


How to make better decisions for your company thanks to Data & Business Intelligence

by Drive2Data

There are tons of factors to consider when making important business decisions. How popular are your products /services compared to those of competitors? Where, when, why and how do you see some events in the market? What and how is the customer data? What are the consumer habits? What are the market trends?

These are just some of the questions a decision maker might ask. However, having a complete view of all the data needed to improve processes and strategies is complicated if you don’t have the right tools. Data & Business Intelligence is the heart of any data-driven company. It concerns the processes and methods of collecting, storing and analyzing data from business activities. This allows you to have a complete view of your company and helps improve performance.

The advantages of Data & Business Intelligence

Organizations that are hands-on in extracting and processing data gain more benefits. Let’s find out some of them:

  • Identify ways to increase profit
  • Discover critical issues before they become serious problems
  • Optimize decision making
  • Track performance over time
  • Easily identify market trends
  • Analyze consumer behavior
  • Avoid fraud, waste and abuse
  • Share data between different business areas

Your Data, Your Value

Drive2Data entered the American market in 2021 with the mission of saving the future of digital, through innovative solutions that transform data into valuable information for companies.

The company develops Data & Business Intelligence solutions tailored to customer needs to offer them a complete and quality view of corporate data and help them remain competitive in the market.

Peroni Passport Campaign

Peroni is helping fans make their wanderlust a reality with the Peroni Passport, an opportunity to win passport renewal upgrades and a dream trip to the Amalfi Coast where the “Live Every Moment” campaign was filmed.

One lucky fan will win $20K to upgrade their next trip to the Amalfi Coast, while an additional 50 fans will win the funds to renew their passport ahead of future travels.

For those looking to bring a bit of Italy to their homes, 500 fans will win the funds for a six-pack of Peroni.

For a chance to win, fans can enter the sweepstakes by visiting now through 5/15/2022.

The latest Peroni commercial campaign can be seen by the following link:

Air Europa announces codeshare flights with ITA Airways

Beginning June 15, 2022, Air Europa increases flights to daily from Miami to Madrid and beyond, with 40 destinations in Europe. Via our hub in Madrid, we connect to Rome and Milan.
 In addition, Air Europa has formed an agreement with ITA Airways. With this alliance, Air Europa is now able to place its code on flights operated by ITA Airways between Madrid and Barcelona, and Rome, and on several of its domestic routes from Fiumicino to twelve Italian cities, such as, Brindisi, Bologna, Bari, Catania, Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Lamezia, Turin, Trieste, and Venice.
Air Europa’s new Business Class offers a product that is special and classic, with your well-being always as a priority.
  • Sustainability is one of the pillars of Air Europa’s Business Class, since its planes consume up to 20% less fuel, which results in lower emissions; and because it has cutting-edge technology, it generates an acoustic impact that is up to 60% lower
  • Lower cabin pressurization, which reduces jet lag, and a seating layout that gives all passengers direct access to the aisle
  • The range of menus has been created by Martín Berasategui, the only Spanish chef awarded with 12 Michelin stars.
With the experience of its more than 30 years of history, Air Europa aspires to offer safer, more comfortable, and precise air travel thanks to the development of new technologies and a staff that always accompanies the passenger to offer the best service.
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MSC announced the expansion of its Charleston County operations


On February 10MSC USA, the United States cargo shipping arm of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a global leader in transportation and logistics announced the plan to expand its Charleston County operations.

With an investment of more than $13.7 million , the expansion will create 135 new jobs increasing its local footprint to a total of more than 500 employees.

The South Carolina Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to the project. The council also awarded Charleston County a $1.2 million Set-Aside grant to assist with the costs of site preparation and building construction.

Our Mount Pleasant branch, like many other MSC USA branches in the United States, is set to grow exponentially. The decision to expand in the region is a testament to Charleston County’s exceptional talent and resources. We would like to thank Charleston County Economic Development, alongside the state of South Carolina, its Governor, and the mayor of Mount Pleasant for their community and business-friendly policies, which have made it possible for MSC USA to grow and flourish locally. We’re excited about the opportunity of drawing more talent to Mount Pleasant by continuing to invest in our workforce there.” said MSC USA President and CEO Fabio Santucci

Located at 700 Watermark Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, MSC is adding 25,000 square feet adjacent to the existing building and relocating corporate functions from its northeastern headquarters to complement the expansion locally.

Founded in 1970, MSC has 524 offices across 155 countries with over 100,000 employees worldwide. MSC USA opened in 1985 and has been serving the U.S. market for over 35 years. With access to an integrated network of road, rail and sea transport resources which stretches across the globe, MSC’s shipping line sails on more than 230 trade routes, calling at over 500 ports.

Bottega Giusti : a new retail format

by Giusti USA

Founded in 1605 in Modena, Giusti is the oldest Balsamic Vinegar producer in the world.

Today, the company is guided by the 17th generation of the Giusti family. Claudio Stefani Giusti directs a team of over 50 employees with passion and an innovative enthusiasm, pursuing important expansion goals.

Giusti closed the 2021 financial year with a €11 million revenue, representing an impressive 35% growth rate on 2020. International markets now represent a 65% share of the company’s final revenue.

Giusti has invested in the implementation of specific geographic based strategies, team members’ professional growth, new international company branches with local recruitment, and constantly supports the diffusion of the culture of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, promoting its use as a standout ingredient in applications ranging from appetizers to desserts, through to mixology.

Moreover, in 2021, Giusti’s international presence in Seoul (Korea) and New York City was expanded to include two new foreign branches in Hong Kong and Munich (Germany).

Giusti has also embarked on a novel retail format “Bottega Giusti, where visitors are invited to taste and appreciate the complexity of balsamic flavors and its unique history, surrounded by ancient casks and unique tools. The first Giusti branded store was unveiled in 2019 in Modena city’s central square, followed by a second flagship store in the famous street of Via Spadari, Milan in December 2021. Giusti will be celebrating its third “Bottega Giusti” in the heart of Bologna later in 2022.

In 2022, Giusti will also embark on an ambitious renovation of its headquarters, with an innovative and modern expansion of the production area (3000m2) with a smart, efficient and – most importantly – sustainable architecture. This strategic investment, about €5 million, is tailored to support Giusti’s future growth, improve employees’ wellbeing, and create new work opportunities for the local community.

Styl’editions – 2022 Collection

by Styl’editions USA

Styl’editions USA is pleased to announce the launch of the 2022 collection from Styl’editions, a world-renowned Italian company that produces a range of high quality wallpapers.

Styl’editions USA partners, Marco Bruzzi and Monica Melotti have been internationally recognized for their successful design development and project management. Known for their architectural and holistic approach to design, they meticulously curate and execute every detail – the result being stunning rooms and spaces. Styl’editions have won many awards both in Italy and internationally.

Their work and projects have been featured in Vogue, Miami Magazine, AD, Interni, Abitare, Forbes, Financial Times, Elledecor, and New York Social Diary, to name a few.

Styl’editions is a new brand proposed by Stylgraph, a leading company and reliable partner of the most important flooring and upholstery companies in the world, designing surfaces with over 30 years of experience.

With the purpose to make your space a sanctuary for your soul, Styl’editions creates timeless, beautiful, and yet practical wallpapers that spark conversation, and have a story to tell. The wallpapers combine the traditions of artisan decor with a uniquely thoughtful and imaginative point of view.

Styl’editions USA will be presenting their 2022 collection at the upcoming European Chamber’s business networking cocktail event on March 10th in Miami.

You can learn more about Styl’editions by visiting:




New The 2022 Tax Filing Season – Time to Claim Excess FIRPTA Funds

By Salcedo Attorney at Law

Upon us is a new year and with it comes the start of the 2022 tax season. If you were a foreign seller of U.S. real property in 2021 and were subject to the FIRPTA income tax withholding, you will now be able to apply and possibly get all or part of the withholding back by filing a U.S. tax return and requesting a refund. The amount of gain (or loss) realized, along with other factors such as whether the property was depreciated, will determine whether and how much you will receive.

There is an “expedited” procedure to obtain a partial or full refund of withheld FIRPTA funds, the application for a withholding certificate (Form 8288-B). However, due to the IRS’ well-known processing delays, our firm advises clients, especially those selling property in the second part of a calendar year, to simply remit funds to the IRS via the normal procedure (Form 8288-A).

As to the specific filing requirements, a NRA seller has to possess a U.S. tax identification number to apply for a refund and file Form 1040NR, the U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return. Note that if you remitted FIRPTA funds to the IRS and you did not have an ITIN at that time, a form W-7 should have been filed requesting that an ITIN be assigned to you. Make sure to inquire with your tax professional on the status of that request.

If you are unsure about the details or have lingering questions, the time to act is now. You should contact your Certified Public Accountant or other tax professional well in advance of the April deadline to avoid the classic bottleneck effect that can cause delays or unnecessary stress.

Fabio Giallanza is a partner with Salcedo Attorneys at Law P.A. He focuses his practice in corporate and commercial transactions. He holds an LLM in Taxation from the University of Miami