Frascione Gallery

Company name
Frascione Gallery

Mr. Federico Gandolfi Vannini - Owner

256 Worth Avenue, Unit O

Palm Beach, FL, 33480


The Frascione collection was born in 1893 from the passion of Enrico Frascione. With an activity that has lasted for over a century now, it is currently in the fourth generation of the family. In 2009, under the guidance of Federico Gandolfi Vannini, Enrico’s great-grandson, the Frascione Arte Gallery was opened on Via Maggio in Florence. Federico, carrying on a family passion, has managed to enrich and expand the century-old heritage.

The gallery specializes in Italian paintings from the 14th to the 17th century, with a particular preference for works from the Tuscan school. Important art historians frequently collaborate with the gallery, and the most significant research results are published by the gallery itself in a series called ‘Cahier’. Through targeted exhibitions and setups, it contributes to the cultural life of the city.

Over the years, it has built a network of relationships with European, Asian, and American museums and private collectors.

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