Exp Legal

Company name
Exp Legal

Mr. Antonello Corrado - Senior Partner

Via Di Ripetta, 141 | 1000 5th Street, Unit 200

Rome, Italy, 00186 | Miami Beach, Fl 33139


Founded in 2015, EXP Legal, with its offices in Rome, Milan, and Miami, is IACCSE premium member and “Antenna” for Rome and Lazio Region and also member of the U.S. based International Lawyers Network. This global connection enables the firm to provide a comprehensive, internationally-focused service.

In a pivotal development in 2024, EXP Legal expanded its horizons through a merger with Polimeni & Bianchi Fasani, PLLC, heralding the creation of a truly international law firm operating across both the USA and Italy. This union enhances the firm’s cross-border legal capabilities, seamlessly integrating the American and Italian business and legal landscapes. This strategic expansion not only broadens the firm’s reach but also deepens its commitment to facilitating international business relationships, solidifying its role as a bridge between these two distinct legal jurisdictions.

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