The official USA pre-launch event of the Worlds’s Fair, Milan Expo 2015

An event celebrating the United States’ support and participation in the 2015 World’s Fair to be held in Milan, Italy themed “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” from May through October, 2015.

On March 12th the Miami-Dade College (MDC) in Downtown Miami will host a day-long forum to explore America’s relationship with the “Old World”, and how the food, health and identity of people on both sides of the Atlantic have and continue to evolve in a parallel yet inseparable process.  Shared modern day concerns faced by our society and their interrelationship with nutrition and sustainable development will guide the discussions and attempt to shed light in long-term solutions.

For members of the IACC, MDC will allow IACC Members to attend the 3 panels (2 in morning, one in the afternoon) without charge. The program and times for the panels which will be held at the Chapman Center at the Wolfson Campus Downtown. When arrive just announce that the person is a IACC member and the Conference charge is waived.

Moreover for the VIP Awards Luncheon + Conference, while price is $200. , for IACC members and a guest can purchase at a cost of $125. The VIP Awards luncheon will be open seating at Freedom Tower.

Register for the conference here: