IACCSE WEBINAR “I trend della ristorazione italiana e della distribuzione agroalimentare negli USA nell’era del Covid-19”

The COVID-19 emergency strongly affected the Ho.Re.Ca. industry in the United States. The consequences of this unprecedented event – between challenges and opportunities – are giving rise to new trends that will have a great influence on the restaurant world and on the distribution of agri-food products.

Thanks to the participation as keynote speakers of Italian entrepreneurs operating in the United States, with this webinar the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast aimed to provide first-hand information on the evolution of the industry to Italian SMEs interested in the US market. 

The webinar was organized within the frame of “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” campaign, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and focused on protecting the authenticity of Italian agri-food products abroad, as well as supporting Italian companies in approaching new markets.


Watch here the full video of the webinar:


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