Campania Week in Miami | In Store Tastings


Four gourmet markets in Miami will be involved in these promotional activities. All food lovers and friends of the Chambers are invited to stop by and taste Campania Region typical food products. The activity will take place from:

Tuesday, November 28th to Saturday, December 2nd

1:00pm – 7:00pm at

Casa Tua Cucina

70 SW 7th St, Miami, FL 33130

Mercato Miami

460 NE 28th St, Miami, FL 33137

Origini Italian Market

6709 Bird Road, Miami, FL 33155

Prima Classe Italian Market & Cafe’

842 1st St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Campania iconic food & wine products:


Campania, a region renowned for its diverse and flavorful wines, boasts several exceptional grape varieties.

The Campania Week in Miami brings to you 4 varieties of its wines:

The prominent Aglianico grape, thriving in volcanic soils near Mount Vesuvius, produces robust and age-worthy red wines with notes of dark cherries and spices, often dubbed the “Barolo of the South.”

Falanghina, a native white grape, yields crisp wines reflecting the sunny terroir, characterized by green apple and citrus flavors with a touch of minerality.

The ancient Fiano grape contributes to Campania’s wine heritage, producing complex white wines with a delightful blend of floral, honeyed, and nutty notes.

Pallagrello Bianco is a wine that enchants with its floral and citrus notes, revealing aromas of cedar and grapefruit that delight the palate. But what makes this wine truly unique is its structure, which characterizes it as a full and round wine, enriched by a surprising minerality.


Campania, blessed with fertile volcanic soil and a warm Mediterranean climate, produces tomatoes that are a culinary delight and a testament to the region’s agricultural expertise.

The renowned San Marzano tomatoes, grown near Mount Vesuvius, are elongated, sweet, and meaty, making them ideal for Italian sauces and canning.

For the preparation of peeled tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes are generally used. These, after careful washing, are boiled for at least two minutes, to facilitate the peeling process. Once peeled they are introduced into cans and sealed. Often the final cooking takes place inside the tin itself, to ensure longer preservation.


Campanian pasta showcases the region’s rich agricultural heritage and culinary expertise.

The region is also famous for making artisan dried pasta, handmade by professionals, to ensure that only the best ingredients and processes are used to produce a quality product. The process of making artisan dried pasta is slower, but it consists of hand-mixing the ingredients, rolling and extruding the dough, and drying the pasta at low temperature.

Gragnano, a small town in Campania, is renowned for producing pasta from this town using durum wheat semolina, water, and a meticulous drying process. What sets Campanian pasta apart is its rough texture, which allows sauces to cling to every strand, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors in every bite.

Campania week brings to you:

Penne rigate is a tube pasta which is cut diagonally on both ends like the end of quill pens. Penne rigate is a variant of penne pasta which has furrows or ridges on the penna’s surface. heavier meat ragùs and chunkier tomato sauces.

Fusilloni is a thick, spiral or corkscrew shaped pasta. Because of its twists, it has grooves that are good for holding onto sauce. This type of pasta is perfect with meat or ricotta-based sauces which its coil are able to hold.


Rooted in centuries-old traditions yet embracing modern innovation, Campania represents the soul of Italian coffee culture.

Campania coffee is a cultural experience. The beans, cultivated in the fertile soils around Mount Vesuvius and along the picturesque hills of Campania, are handpicked to ensure only the finest quality. Once roasted, they exude a bold flavor profile, blending the earthiness of the region’s soil with hints of citrus, creating a cup of coffee that is both robust and invigorating.

In every café and home across Campania, you’ll find a unique approach to brewing this beloved elixir. Whether you prefer the strong kick of an espresso shot or the velvety smoothness of a cappuccino, Campania coffee caters to every taste bud.

With every sip, you’re not just tasting a beverage; you’re savoring the essence of Campania, where passion, tradition, and flavor unite in a cup of coffee that’s nothing short of divine.

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