The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is pleased to give its support to  an innovative charity arts initiative, presented by our Member 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery (Rome – Miami).
This promising initiative is called Art4breath, a global live-streaming charity auction from international artists in quarantine whose  whose proceeds will go towards the purchase of respiratory devices for as many hospitals worldwide on the front line in the fight against coronavirus.
These will be:
  • 1 Hospital in Europe
  • 1 Hospital in US
  • 1 Hospital in India
  • 1 Hospital in Africa
Art 4Breath is at the same time a unique collective, conceptual art work on a global scale created by Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal with 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery.
The project features inspired artists that will create an artwork from their studios and everyone canfollow on the YouTube Channel “Art4breath” and on Instagram #Art4breath and have a chance to see the artwork(s) from birth to conclusion.
The auction will take place on May 11th, 2020 online on the Artprice platform.
All profits will be directed toward research activities and toward the purchase of respiratory devices to support the COVID-19 emergency.


Your support can make a difference!

 For more information visit:


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