Zonin: Italian bubbles at “The Best of Italy Gala Night.”

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the commitment of “Zonin 1821” as a Gold Sponsor at “The Best of Italy Gala Night”.

With its close ties to the land for the past seven generations, the Zonin family heads the largest private vine growing and winemaking company in Italy.

Domenico Zonin, CEO of ZONIN 1821, since 2014, took over from his father Gianni Zonin, who has run the Company since 1967 for forty years, transforming it from a local dimension to being one of Italy’s most important wine producers and an established, well- known brand all over the world.

The heart of the company is located in Gambellara, in the province of Vicenza, an oasis of lush green hills, meticulously arranged vineyards, and also the ancestral home of the Zonin family.

The wooden wine press, located at the entrance hall of the Zonin’s headquarters in Gambellara, dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. In fact, the construction of wine presses, the way they work, and the system they use for pressing the grapes have essentially remained unchanged since early Roman times.

Zonin will bring their admirable excellence to “The Best of Italy Gala Night” as they will be the providers of Prosecco during the cocktail reception that will take place inside the Historic Alfred Dupont Building in the North Ballroom from 6 to 8pm.


To learn more about Zonin visit their official website: http://zoninusa.com/about-us/

Or visit them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/zonin.america?fref=ts

For more details about “The Best of Italy Gala Night” visit: http://www.iaccse.com/the-best-of-italy-gala-night/

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