Why Businesses Need to Embrace Video Content

By Axford Creative

In the world of online marketing, you’ve probably heard that “Content is King.”

Content certainly is king. Content ranges from text contents on blogs, info graphs, eBooks, case studies and videos. We feel many businesses have yet tapped into the immense resource this offers for your customers, but also broadens your sales reach.

Why You Need to Tap into the Video Content Goldmine

Video content has a huge share of what attracts the attention of people online. We know that today human beings have a very short attention span. Those who can capture and retain other’s attention for more than 3 seconds thrive.

As a business owner using the internet to attract customers (organically or other), you need video content. And here’s why:

1. Videos help with Sales & Conversions

Some marketers record 49% faster increase in revenue than others. Do you know why? The former use video content and the latter don’t. There is no easier way to drive home your point, relate with your customers on an emotional level, and build trust than through a video. In the end, this will translate to more online sales.

2. Videos make people trust you (better)

A key factor to businesses growing their online sales is by establishing trust. In the absence of a regular brick and mortar office or store front, people find it harder to trust unknown online businesses. Videos establish credibility, and a personal connection to a person, going beyond a company name.

57% of customers said they felt more comfortable making a purchase after viewing a video.

3. Google gives preferences to video content

When optimizing your content for search engine, videos gives you an edge. Video gets people to spend more time on your web page. If people spend longer times on your page, it means you have engaging and relevant content. Eventually, Google recognizes this and ranks you higher on search results.

There’s no reason your company should ignore the influence of videos on the internet. YouTube now records 2 billion users, and 75 million people in the U.S. watch videos every day. You should tap into this goldmine for your business.

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