Visa Business Plans Sponsors the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Santa Fe Conference

By Visa Business Plans

Visa Business Plans recently partnered with the Latin America and Caribbean Chapter (LACC) of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) to present the “Righting the Ship – The Path Forward” conference held December 2-3 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Marco Scanu, founder and CEO of Visa Business Plans, attended the event, which marked Visa Business Plan’s first face-to-face conference in nearly two years, and was delighted to be able to meet with friends in the business immigration world again.

Conference participants enjoyed presentations covering a variety of areas including what consular officers are really looking for, extraordinary ability and nationality interest visas, and post-COVID lessons, among other relevant topics.

Attendees benefited from various interactive presentations and panel discussions among some of the leading immigration lawyers and experts in the United States. They also made new connections with other professionals sharing the common goal of helping immigrants successfully navigate legal issues in the country.

The LACC addresses the needs of immigration attorneys whose work focuses on legal issues in the Latin America and Caribbean jurisdiction. Its mission is to educate, network, and create a cohesive membership throughout the jurisdiction.

Visa Business Plans, under Marco Scanu’s leadership, has been supporting AILA chapters worldwide since the company’s inception in 2010. Participating in these conferences allows Visa Business Plans to stay up-to-date on immigration trends that allows it to constantly adopt its business plans to make sure they cover the latest immigration requirements while remaining rock-solid to confront any challenge.

Marco Scanu is the founder of Visa Business Plans, a Miami-based boutique consulting firm. Visa Business Plans has composed over 6,000 business plans for visa seekers looking to enter the United States. Visa Business Plans also provides consulting services to businesses and entrepreneurs.


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