Two Webinars for Italian Design Companies

The IACCSE has planned two interesting webinars dedicated to the furniture industry and the interior design market in the US.
On September 21st, the furniture distributor ‘The Linea Studio’ and an architectural firm ‘One Design Build’, both located in South Florida, will share with the attendees their expertise and views about the US market and how it is evolving. The event has been organized in collaboration with Centro Estero of the Piedmont Region within the “Made in Piemonte Luxury & Design” campaign, a project focused on assisting furniture manufacturing companies located in the area around the city of Turin that want to expand their horizons to the US market. Subsequently to the event, the two South Florida design experts have arranged virtual one-on-one b2b meetings with a group of selected Italian furniture producers.
On October 8th, the IACCSE has invited three prestigious speakers from the furniture and design industry who will discuss their perception of opportunities after the Covid-19 crisis, dispensing valuable advice and practical tips on how to approach the US market. The webinar will be held in collaboration with Unioncamere, the association of Chambers of Commerce in Italy, as part of the project ‘Stay Export’.
The speakers are representatives from well known brands, and they will be announced soon.

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