The surge of italian citizenship requests

By Italian Citizenship Assistance

The year 2020 witnessed an an unprecedented surge of citizenship applications, which increased by 400% compared to 2019, as observed by the company Italian Citizenship Assistance, an international firm that helps hundreds of Americans with Italian heritage apply for Italian citizenship jure sanguinis (by descent). Although there are several paths to acquiring Italian citizenship (by marriage or by residency/naturalization), citizenship by descent remains one of the most popular paths.

You can apply for Italian citizenship by descent if your ancestor who was born in Italy was still alive in 1861 (which is when Italy was unified as a nation) and if he/she was never naturalized, or if he/she became a U.S. citizen after June 14, 1912 and after the birth of the child who was born in the U.S. Nevertheless, there are also a number of exceptions and other specific eligibility requirements for U.S. citizens. In order to apply for Italian citizenship by descent you need certified copies of your family’s vital records (i.e., birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates) and your ancestor’s naturalization records or proof that he/she was never naturalized. The records need to be authenticated with an Apostille, translated into Italian and submitted to the Italian consulate that covers the jurisdiction where you reside. When the consulate approves your application, you will be registered with the AIRE and you will be issued an Italian passport.

Some argue that the unprecedented surge of citizenship applications has its roots in the environmental, health and political issues worldwide in 2020, however, it must be said that Italian citizenship is also attractive for a number of reasons, namely low cost and high-quality universal health care, affordable university tuition fees, a competitive real estate market and the right to work, study and reside in any EU member state.

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