The IACC presents in Miami Consorzio Vini Lugana DOC

The Lugana Tutelage Consortium has been pursuing its mission to monitor, defend and promote Lugana D.O.C. wines ever since it was founded in 1990. As a promoter, the Consortium also seeks to raise awareness and add value to the Lugana brand by participating to the most important national and international trade fairs, and by organizing events apt to educate and enhance the public’s recognition of the image and quality of Lugana wines.

Consorzio Vini Lugana will present their wines during two events that will be organized in Miami with the support of the Italy America Chamber of Commerce.  On November 17th wine importers and distributors will be invited for a tasting of Lugana D.O.C. wines and food pairings at the Miami Culinary Institute in Downtown.

On November 18th atStrada in the Grove Restaurant in Coconut Groove will take place an event open to wine collectors and connoisseurs. It will be an unique opportunity for visit, meet, taste and smell the wines from one of smallest Italian wine regions, with a one and only indigenous grape: Turbiana. Lugana territory is located between Verona (Veneto region) and Brescia (Lombardy) areas around the south portion of the wonderful Lake Garda.

RSVP for the events at specifying to which event you will attend.


Wine Tasting of Lugana DOC from Italy (Only for Trade – Nov 17th)


Wine Tasting of Lugana DOC from Italy (Nov 18th) 


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