Studio Dodo Arslan brings creativity to “The Best of Italy Gala night.”

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is pleased to reveal the contributions from Studio Dodo Arslan as a Silver sponsor.

Dodo Arslan is an italian designer with armenian origins, living and working between Miami and Milan.

His eclectic creativity gave birth to unique pieces as well as serial productions, ranging from electronic devices to bronze fusions.

He has been included in Taschen’s book Design Now!, an in-depth exploration of contemporary design collecting the latest works by 90 of the world’s leading designers and manufacturing companies, and in Design/Art Limited Editions, a complete overview of designart creations by 70 international designers.

Arslan has been awarded the Young&Design prize, as well as the Mini Design Award, the Pirelli Pzero competition and the Art Directors Club award.

His works have been exhibited at the National Science and Technology Museum in Milan for the Welltech Award, at the Inside Art event held at the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro and in various museums around the world: Berlin, Beijing, Bibao, Cape Town, Gwangju, Istambul, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Beijing, San Francisco, Santiago del Cile, New York, Shanghai.

The Triennale Design Museum of Milano dedicated him the personal exhibition “Le Attrazioni della Materia” presenting his designs through his most interesting works, collected in an Electa catalog.

dodo arslan

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