Strengths & Weaknesses of Italians at Work

By Yer USA

Cultural differences could impact the workplace. Understanding your own cultural strengths and weaknesses can positively improve collaboration among diverse teams.

The strengths of Italians at work:

Creative problem solving: Italians are creative by nature. They are excellent in providing solutions especially when there is no process or procedure in place!

Work & Play: Italians work long hours. They are committed employees and generally care about their workplace. Italians nature encourages personal relationships and exchange. Coffee breaks are frequent, and they are almost never taken alone because they are about enjoying an espresso while exchanging few words or jokes with coworkers.

Sense of the Aesthetic: Italians have a great sense of beauty. It might be ingrained in their DNA. They produced some of the most important artists of all times.

Interpersonal skills: Italian culture is relationships-based. Trust is earned slowly. A referral can make a world of difference when starting a new business relationship.

The weaknesses of Italians at work:

“Italians have weaknesses?” asked a client when I told him about my new article.

“Should I put conceited under strengths?”, I replied with a smirk. No further comment needed!

Discipline: Italians tend to lack structure. It is not uncommon to prepare an agenda for a meeting and end up discussing other topics. They have visions and ideas, but they may get lost during execution.

Bluntness: Italians can be confrontational and openly criticize others. They do it with good intentions, though. To them directness is a synonym of honesty and transparency. However, others may perceive their bluntness as rudeness.

Decision-making: Italians are slow decision-makers. During a meeting everyone is encouraged to express an opinion but after an animated discussions there is only one person that makes the final decisions. This is because Italian society is still hierarchical.

Ivana Lodovici is an international headhunter, interviewing coach, resume writer, and cross-cultural recruiting consultant. 

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