Returning to Work After COVID-19

Although many jobs may remain remote, certain jobs may eventually return to a traditional workspace environment.
According to the American Psychological Association, returning to work will be challenging for both businesses and employees. Many workers will enjoy returning to the workforce and being surrounded by colleagues while other employees will be apprehensive. Employees may be concerned with health, getting back to a routine, or personal issues outside the workplace.
Organizations should prepare for these concerns and provide guidance, coaching, and special programs to allow employees to adjust to returning to the workplace. Even with a structured plan and policies in place, some businesses may need assistance. One consideration would be to bring in an outside party that is skilled in solving complex problems in the workplace. Industrial-Organizational Psychologists, also known as I-O Psychologist are trained professionals that study human behavior in the workplace.
I-O Psychologists assist leaders in developing effective management skills and methods to improve employee engagement. They can assist in helping employees adjust to new work protocols and mediate issues with work-life balance.
I-O psychologist can assess the workplace to develop a plan that can ensure that is aligned with the specific needs of the organization. The anticipated result is a healthy work environment that provides engagement and job satisfaction to the employee while accomplishing organizational outcomes.
If you are interested in learning more about Industrial-Organizational Psychology and finding out how the practice can assist your business, contact Dr. Cynthia Kelly with Genesis Professional Services in Atlanta. Email: Phone: 770-704-6701 Web:

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