Prosecco DOC Rosè

by Valdo USA

In 2020 a modification of the disciplinary rules that define the Prosecco DOC appellation was approved, allowing the production of the most popular sparkling wine in the world in a Rosé version. The only two grapes allowed are Glera (85-90%) and Pinot Nero (15-10%) harvested in the Prosecco DOC region which is an area in the North East of Italy encompassing 9 provinces:

Treviso, Venezia, Vicenza, Padova, Belluno in the Veneto region and Pordenone, Udine, Gorizia, Trieste in the Friuli region.

It is mandatory to display the vintage year on the label (Millesimato) and this wine will only be available “Spumante” version (therefore not semi-sparkling, or Frizzante).

In terms of sweetness level, Prosecco DOC Rosé can be made Brut (which means dry, 0-12 grams/liter of Residual Sugar) or Extra Dry (which is more sweet, 12-17 g/l RS)

Wines must follow the Charmat/Martinotti production method, in which the second fermentation that produces bubbles happens in pressurized steel tanks, rather than in individual bottles, as in Champagne.

Prosecco Rosé ages minimum 60 days in tanks to gain more flavor.

Valdo, leader of the Prosecco Spumante market in Italy and Germany, has launched the new Marca Oro Prosecco DOC Rosè Brut in the US market. Glera blends with Pinot Nero giving rise to a fresh and lively sparkling wine with elegant fine bubbles obtained after 90 days Martinotti Method and a refined silky pink colour.

It features a persistent mousse and inviting aromas reminiscent of apple and small red fruits

The flavour is delicate, interwoven with fruity sensations, pleasantly harmonious and with a lingering finish.

With a moderate alcohol of 11%, it is perfect as an aperitif wine and it can also be paired througout the whole meal with white fish and Mediterranean cuisine.

It should be served in a large-stem glass, at a temperature of 4-6°C.


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