PMI2USA PRESENTS THE [Business in a Week USA™] (By PMI2USA)

WHAT IS THE [Business in a Week USA™] ?

PMI2USA has created the [Business in a Week USA™] as an event for Italian investors who are interested in entering the US market with their preexisting business or by creating a new one.
Specifically, the Business Week aims at helping them to get to know the USA from a business point of view, understanding the market and meeting qualified professionals in different fields, such as lawyers, franchising experts, realtors, accountants and CPAS.

Taking part in the [Business in a Week USA™] is a great chance to explore different topics and face issues that are relevant to whoever wants to do business in the USA, including:

  • Visa Issues: you will have the chance to understand which visa is the most appropriate for your case
  • Tax Issue: you will get to know the American Tax System along with its implications
  • Franchising: you will learn how the US Franchising System works and how to open a Franchise in the USA
  • Import/Export: you will understand the process of importing Italian food and beverage into the United States exploring the Food & Drug Administration
  • Real estate: you will be given an overview of the Miami Real Estate Market and its trends


WHEN WILL THE [Business in a Week USA™] TAKE PLACE?

The first session of the Business Week will take place in Miami from June 12th to 18th.
But, if you are not able to take part in it, don’t worry, there will be many other sessions!
The second one will be in Miami again, from October 9th to 15th.
Moreover, we are planning further sessions in other USA cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Las Vegas, etc.



If you are interested in collaborating with us, in sponsoring the Business Week or in participating as a speaker, contact us at

Don’t miss this great opportunity!


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