PANEL DISCUSSION: “The future of Real Estate market in South Florida” Seminar

On March 3rd, following the launch of the new .IT magazine “Real Estate Investments in South Florida for Italian Buyers”, took place a panel discussion with over than 60 attendees on the future of Real Estate market in South Florida at the Bank of America conference room in Brickell.
The seminar was focused on the changing that are currently happening in the Miami Dade County.
Nowadays, the real estate market in Miami is a hot topic and all the people and potential investors right now have a question mark about the real estate in Miami and they don’t know if they should sell or buy or just wait. In fact, big changes are happening in the city, new skyscrapers are built, revaluation of some neighborhoods, construction of new commercial center, and the real estate can big a sector with a huge mark-up if a proper investment is made as well as it could turn in a big loss of money with the wrong purchase or investment. There is not an answer if it is better buying or selling right now in Miami and often also within the same neighborhood there could be totally different prospective.
The panel discussion covered different topics, closely real estate market information as well as legal aspect associated involved in purchasing a property in Florida, and it was aimed to give an overview of all the changing in the city in order to have a complete overview before doing an investment. New and upcoming constructions and initiative in the Miami have been discussed during the seminar, such as the Skyrise Miami in Dowtown Miami, the Miami Central Station, and the Underline project that interest the part of Miami in which there is the Metromover.
The panel discussion was followed from a networking reception in which the participants had the opportunity to talk with the speakers and networking whileenjoying Italian hors-d’oeuvre and prosecco.
Special thanks to GC Global Realty, David Siddons Group, Piero Salussolia P.A., Galgano Miami and Pathman Lewis, and Finley & Bologna, International that shared with the public their precious insights.


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