Magniflex and The Zanotta Home Partneship

by Magniflex USA

Magniflex is proud to partner up with Casa Zanotta in New York, the house designed as a project place that gives tremendous value to authentic Italian luxury designs. The Zanotta House will be opening on September 24, and Magniflex will feature some of their top-quality mattresses and pillows for the house for their exclusive selection.

The Zanotta House is an unprecedented meeting point for designers and architects and is open to professionals, world of school, art, and theatre. It is the occasion for thematic events, demonstrations, and projects to be shared with the community. Zanotta and their partners will be able to host several events, throughout the year to give them the privilege to experience first-hand the design of the house and create endless business and networking.

Magniflex has partnered with the Zanotta House by offering luxury sleeping products from their exclusive selections of mattresses such as the; Toscana Cotton Grande Dual 12, and the Dolce Vita Comfort Dual 10. Pillows from the Toscana and Superiore Collection will also be offered.

Magniflex wants to give people different sleeping experiences to choose from. The Zanotta house has two bedrooms, each of them will have a different king mattress, and guests will not only be allowed to pick their preferred comfort level in the mattress but will also get to choose from five different pillow styles.

The Zanotta house is focused on strengthening the connection between a company and its network while bringing awareness to the Italian brands. It is presented as a “new sign” in a historical moment in which relationships between home and the city needs to be rethought with a more fluid approach.

Respecting people and evolving this connection between the home and city is what the Zanotta home will enhance during its time in New York.




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