Introducing Hy-C® Energy Booster: Rejuvenating Your Skin from Within

By Eye Pharma

Eye Pharma has recently partnered with the  former Italian tennis champion Flavia Pennetta to promote their latest products, Hy-C®. This cutting-edge dietary supplement, meticulously crafted by Eye Pharma, aims to revolutionize skincare, providing protection against the inevitable signs of aging and shielding the skin from the detrimental effects of UV rays.

Hy-C® is an energy booster designed to replenish what the aging process tends to take away – the vitality of youth. This “ready to use” antioxidant booster is presented in convenient single dose vials, delivering a powerful combination of ingredients to revitalize your skin. 


Hy-C® stands out with its unique blend of ingredients, carefully selected to combat the effects of aging. The booster contains hyaluronic acid, derived from bacterial fermentation (not from animal sources), and an extract of red oranges sourced from the Mount Etna in Sicily. 

How to Use:

The Hy-C® booster is incredibly user-friendly, it can be consumed directly from the vial or diluted in water, making it convenient for those on the go. This booster provides a direct infusion of essential nutrients, working in harmony with the body to counteract the signs of cellular aging, photoaging, and chrono-aging.

Nutricosmetics Trend:

Hy-C® is at the forefront of the nutricosmetics trend, emphasizing the importance of systemic care that addresses internal deficiencies. Paired with Hy-C® Cream, a specialized eye contour product, this duo embraces the concept of providing the body with what it naturally loses over time. The booster goes beyond the surface, enhancing the efficacy of the cream. 

Replenishing Lost Components:

One of the key components in Hy-C®, hyaluronic acid, experiences a physiological decline starting around the age of 25, and we cannot replenish it through diet alone. By working deeper than traditional creams, Hy-C® not only amplifies their effectiveness but also speeds up recovery times, augmenting the outcomes of aesthetic treatments.

Hy-C® is readily available for purchase online or at your local Med Spa.

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