How to secure your title in real estate transactions

by Secure Title and Trust

When you buy real estate in the United States, you need title insurance to protect against lawsuits or claims that result from disputes over the title of your property. 

The title insurance will allow you to recur to the deep pockets of an underwriter when you find that there are claims on the property. The services of a title company help you also to prevent claims to occurand to eliminate exceptions to the title policy.

Secure Title and Trust, LLC is an attorney-owned and operated title company serving Florida. The attorneys at Secure Title and Trust, LLC have the experience to navigate every commercial and residential real estate transaction and prevent the bumps on the road from contract to closing.

In preparation of the closing, Secure Title and Trust, LLC will search the property records to make sure that the Seller legally owns the property and that there is no claim of third parties on Seller’s ownership. 

Secure Title and Trust, LLC will provide a title commitment, that is a report of the matters to be addressed on or before the closing, and coordinate all the closing process.

At the closing, the attorneys at Secure Title and Trust, LLC prepare the necessary documents, explain them to the Seller and the Buyer, and ensure that the deeds are properly recorded. Also, Secure Title and Trust, LLC can act as an escrow agent to collect and disburse the proceeds for the real estate transaction.

Secure Title and Trust, LLC is an agent of Attorneys Title Insurance Fund and issues title insurance policies through Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.

If you want a review of a real estate contract, have an answer to any question you may have, or order title services you can email a copy of your contract to

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