Funding your Investment in the U.S. with SIMEST

SIMEST is the government-owned Italian organization which has supported the internationalization of small and medium Italian companies since 1991. It brings together all the instruments to sustain Italian enterprises that wish to compete and grow internationally. In particular, SIMEST supports its clients through its whole expansion cycle abroad, from the initial assessment of opening up to a new market, to the growth and expansion through direct investments. SIMEST offers loans, characterized by 40% block grant that goes up to $100,000, which can be used for multiple purposes:

·        Feasibility studies

·        Entry programs on foreign markets

·        Capitalization for exporting companies 

·        Temporary Export Manager (TEM)

·        E-Commerce

·        Participation in fairs and exhibitions

·        Technical assistance programs


SIMEST’s loans, with an interest that, today, is as low as 0,089%, vary from €150.000 up to €4.000.000, according to the Italian headquarter’s investment strategy towards foreign markets.

Are you a member of the Chamber with an Italian company’s subsidiary in the U.S. and you would like to obtain more information about how to obtain these funds?

The IACCSE can help you process your application and follow up with SIMEST throughout the procedure with little effort required on your part.

For more info, send an email to

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