Clients & Partners

Over the years, the Italy America Chamber of Commerce Southeast has developed important business relationships with prestigious public partners and private sponsors including:

Public Partners

Private Sponsors


“The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast supported our company through activities of matchmaking and provided us with useful contacts of American distributors of cosmetic products. Thanks to their professional work, we were able to find one distributor that then became our reference point in the American market.”

Roberta Fiorentini, Export Manager of Bioline-Jato’ (Trento, Italy)

“The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast helped us in the organization of virtual b2b meetings between Italian design and furniture manufacturing companies and American professionals from the industry. Upon completion of these meetings, we received many positive feedbacks from the Italian companies who took part in the event. They were extremely satisfied with the professionalism and the industry knowledge of the American buyers that were invited from the Chamber.”

Annalisa Gamba, Manager – Foreign Markets and Business Development Manager – Clothing, Design, Luxury of Centro Estero per l’Internazionalizzazione (Turin, Italy)

“I had the opportunity to participate as one of the exhibitors of “The Authentic Italian Table Food & Wine Festival” where I had the chance to present my family’s Prosecco and Italian sparkling wines to many professionals of the hospitality industry located in Florida. Even during the difficult time due to Covid-19, the Chamber continued to organize digital events and educational campaigns on a virtual platform to keep us engaged and informed while giving us the opportunity to expand our business networks. In particular, the Prosecco DOC Masterclass has been extremely well-organized and the counterparts we met have always been highly professional.”

Matteo BollaBusiness Development Manager of Valdo USA (Valdobbiadene, Italy)

“In 2019, I took part of the Florida Road Show organized by the IACCSE in 4 different cities in Italy. Thanks to this event, I got in contact with many Italian companies that were interested in expanding their business in the US and that were looking for legal guidance. During this event, I was able to retain 4/5 clients that I would have not met without the support given by the Chamber in organizing that business education event.”

Alberto Polimeni, Lawyer of Barakat + Bossa (Miami, USA)