CD Italia Launches M&M Italian Design: Merging Italian Elegance with American Craftsmanship

By CD Italia

CD ITALIA is pleased to announce the launch of a significant economic development project specifically related to the Italian Design sector in the Unites States. With the recent establishment of M&M Italian Design, Moreno Modolo, CEO of CD Italia and M&M Italian Design, will merge Italian elegance with American craftsmanship, revolutionizing the furniture landscape. By partnering with top American manufacturers, M&M will offer premium Italian-design pieces, locally crafted in the U.S. – Modolo’s vision will ensure luxury accessibility, with a curated selection combining Italian sophistication and American reliability.

Through a multi-channel distribution network, involving a range of industry operators and ambassadors of Italian design, as well as a new network of franchise distributors, M&M will bring Italian Design to the American Design Society, significantly reducing logistics times and costs from Italy to the USA. The project aims to become an authentic Italian version of the acclaimed French model Roche Bobois.

With almost thirty years of experience in the Italian furniture industry, we are proud to join forces with the productive expertise of American artisans in what we like to call “A strongly Italian-inspired project” made in the USA.

Moreno Modolo, CEO of CD ITALIA since 2015, has been operating in the United States since the year 2000, when he began his professional career within the Italian design production sector. After a rapid career rise, he concluded his executive journey at the helm of Club House Italia with the Fendi and Kenzo Maison brands. From there, he started his entrepreneurial journey, first in Italy with Corte Diamante, a strategic consulting and internationalization company in the furniture sector, and then with CD Italia in Miami. Today, CD Italia represents famous Italian and European furniture brands in the United States, for which Moreno Modolo has opened distribution with over 500 partners across the USA.”

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