Brainwise launches in Miami the “Company Intelligence™ platform” with the new Kimonus® product!

Kimonus®, a product of BrainWise, was originally launched in Italy as a project management platform to accommodate the needs of the internal team. Eventually, they launched the platform to some of the company’s valued customers, grew to have over 5000 users in Italy, and they are now launching the US subsidiary of the organization: Kimonus Inc.

With a promise to empower teams to make better decisions and to receive better insights, Kimonus® is going to revolutionize the way companies work. It’s not just about doing tasks faster: it’s a completely new way of approaching how a team collaborates to develop a project. The platform introduces the idea of Company IntelligenceTM, a revolutionary concept that has a great impact on every business.

The official Miami launch will take place on Tuesday, Sept 18, at 6pm, at WeWork Security Building (Downtown). This event is a great opportunity to learn more about the benefits of Company IntelligenceTM and the features of Kimonus. Attendants will also receive a 90-days trial version of the platform.

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