The following are the committees that are currently active:

The Executive Committee – in charge of developing strategies for the Chamber and implementing the resolutions of the Board. The Executive Committee will meet periodically, as it deems appropriate, to carry out its duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Bylaws.


  • Tommaso Cardana – Tomson Hospitality Boutique (President)
  • Antonello Di Giovanni – Trend Group (Vice-President)
  • Fernando J. Rodriguez – A Customs Brokerage (Vice-President)
  • Giovanni Rivera – Fincantieri Services USA (Treasurer)
  • Stefania Poli – JAS Forwarding USA (Secretary)

The Compliance Committee – in charge of developing regulations for the Chamber and recommending the Board on how to resolve disputes among members.


  • Lorenzo Arca, Esq. – Fleitas PLLC
  • Giacomo Bossa, Esq. – Secure Title and Trust, LLC
  • Fabio Giallanza, Esq. – Salcedo Attorney at Law PA
  • Luciana Salinas, Esq. – Simply Legal


If you are interested to be part of a committee and/or propose the creation of a new one, please feel free to contact us at