A Renaissance of e-Learning and Digital Training

by Digital Tales

Like most industries, Learning and Development is struggling in the current environment, having to cope both with severe budget constraints and challenges connected to remote work. Yet training employees and growing their skills has never been more critical for companies across the board, not only to support their staff out of office but also to ease them back to a potentially different workplace.

Every cloud has a silver lining, though, since these distressed conditions have provided opportunities to test or further acknowledge the advantages of distance and digital learning. It is not just a matter of facilitating social distancing in these troubled times, but rather a chance to experience alternative or complementary approaches to training, which are proving as effective as traditional classroom learning or even more, as is the case with Virtual Reality: a recently-published study by pWC (The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training in the Enterprise – June 25, 2020) has shown that VR training, already known to be effective for developing and practicing hard skills in a safe and dynamic environment (equipment operation, maintenance, etc.), is also great for teaching soft skills. As a matter of fact, it is both more effective (4 times faster) and more cost-effective (52%) than traditional training methods.

Other trends, such as A.I. or Gamification applied to learning, are also disrupting the L&D industry, and solution providers like Digital Tales constantly strive to improve the conversion of information into knowledge through active engagement and cutting-edge technologies. That is why it is now launching on the US market its gamified and VR-ready Learning Management System, eLearningtales.com: leveraging over 10 years of experience at the side of companies like Bulgari or Vodafone, Digital Tales blends the well-known Italian creativity and attention to detail with tailor-made execution, delivering a bespoke platform to make training truly memorable.

An image illustrating the graphical user interface for Digital Tales’ VR Soft Skills Simulator

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