Dear IACCSE members and friends,

We are pleased to present to you today the commemorative logo celebrating the 30th anniversary of our organization that will stay with us throughout 2021.

Since 1991, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast supported hundreds of Italian entrepreneurs in approaching the American market. Through its initiatives, the Chamber has opened the path for many companies that eventually created subsidiaries in the United States and generated several hundred jobs over the course of the last 30 years.

We have stayed always true to our mission of helping the “Made in Italy” exports in this strategic area of the World as well as in creating a professional environment where entrepreneurs, managers and institutional partners can meet and discuss new opportunities.

As for most nonprofit organizations, our work has not always been easy, but we are proud of what we have achieved and of the progresses made since our beginning.

Hopefully 2021 will mark the resurgence for many companies and for both US and Italy economies. We are ready to backing these efforts with interesting and innovative initiatives.

To celebrate this milestone the IACCSE is preparing a rich program of events that will culminate in December 2021 with the long awaited Italic Award Gala.

Should you be interested in being a partner of our 30th anniversary celebrations, please see more info here: www.iaccse.com/iaccse-30-years-anniversary-1991-2021

Thanks to Man Super! ( www.man-super.com/usa/ )  for designing our commemorative logo.

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