The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast has an extensive membership network of over 300 Italian and U.S. companies from all kinds of industries and sizes.

With headquarters in Miami and chapters in Atlanta, Charleston and Tampa we support our members in building important transatlantic business relationships.

Why join us?

By becoming a member of our Chamber you will enjoy a large variety of membership benefits like:

  • Multiplying your NETWORKING opportunities through events and workshops
  • Receiving exposure in our MEDIA TOOLS
  • Reaching out to a SELECTED TARGET of entrepreneurs and managers
  • Enhancing the CREDIBILITY of your company through an affiliation to a prestigious bi-national organization which benefits from established collaborative relationships with US and Italian public entities
  • Access EXCLUSIVE programs and services to market your business in the US Southeast at a discounted rate or for free
  • Receive PEER TO PEER ADVICE from other entrepreneurs about the best business
    practices in the USA

We offer three different membership levels:


Entry level that gives you access to our network


Increasing exposure through our media tools


To be recognized as a “pillar” of our organization

watch the video “join our business community”